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Incredible visualization of hurricanes and aerosols

Take 2 minutes to watch this stunning NASA timelapse showing sea salt, dust, and smoke flowing around Earth during 2017’s active hurricane season.

Do dolphins get Alzheimer’s disease?

In many ways, dolphin brains are a lot like human brains. Researchers report on pathological signs of Alzheimer’s in these awesome creatures.

Messier 33: 2nd-closest spiral galaxy

Triangulum galaxy, aka Messier 33. is 2.7 million light-years away, and the 3rd-largest member of our Local Group, after the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

How to see the Great Square of Pegasus

It’s easy! The Great Square of Pegasus consists of 4 stars of nearly equal brightness in a large square pattern. Once you find it, you can star-hop to other well-known sights in the sky.

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A farewell to Saturn

Two days before it plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere last September 15, the Cassini spacecraft returned this final, full mosaic image of the planet.

Flowing sand, not water, on Mars

The dark streaks on Mars known as recurring slope lineae are likely the result of repeated avalanches of sand and dust, rather than seeping water, new research shows.

What monarch butterflies prefer

Will our survival strategy for monarchs work? Initiatives emphasize milkweed plantings along roadsides. New research shows egg-laying monarchs much prefer off-road farmlands.

Fern, contrail shadow, singing dunes

It was a beautiful day for natural phenomena in the sky, and on the ground.

It’s the 1st known interstellar asteroid

It swept nearest the sun in September, then sped away again, back to interstellar space. Astronomers named it `Oumuamua. It’s dark red, very elongated and unlike anything in our solar system.

Today in science: Edwin Hubble and the expanding universe

Learn why the Hubble Space Telescope is named for this astronomer.

Where’s the moon? Waxing crescent

Many photos of Sunday evening’s extremely thin and lovely young moon. A few glimpsed it near Mercury and Saturn, too. Watch for the waxing crescent in the evenings ahead.

Help astrobiologist find extreme rocks

A scientist launches a hunt for earthly extraterrestrials. Help her find them!

Venezuela is losing its last glacier

Venezuela’s last glacier is about to disappear, making it the first country in modern history to lose all of its glaciers.