The deep ocean is warming as climate warms

The oceans have absorbed about 90% of Earth's warming. Researchers found much of the excess heat is stored in the deep ocean of the subtropical North Atlantic.

Tonga volcano blasted winds to the edge of space

Just after the Tonga volcano erupted, hurricane winds and wild electric currents formed high above Earth, at the edge of space.

Dust and high winds rip Midwest and Great Plains

Dust and high winds battered the U.S. Midwest and Great Plains during the day on Thursday. Yes, it was a derecho.

Fire season in US Southwest is early and intense

The 2022 fire season started early and is intense. Using prescribed burns and thinning can help reduce how quickly and far a wildfire spreads.

Twin cyclones mirror each other in Indian Ocean

Twin cyclones Asani and Karim swirled in opposite directions on each side of the equator in the Indian Ocean. Both storms are weakening.

Storm chasing: A picturesque Texas tornado

Meteorologist Peter Forister spent the first week in May on the Great Plains, witnessing eight tornadoes over three days. Read his storm chasing account.

Water scarcity ahead for 80% of croplands, but farming methods can help

With a possible water scarcity looming, scientists say farmers can use different techniques to conserve rainwater in soil and crops.

Below Antarctic ice, a giant groundwater system

Scientists just announced hundreds of interconnected liquid lakes and rivers below Antarctic ice, with implications for climate change.

Did alien technology crash in Pacific in 2014? Harvard astronomer says ‘maybe’

Did alien technology crash into the Pacific Ocean in 2014? Despite disagreement from colleagues, Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb says it's possible.

Two new giant dinosaur species solve a mystery

Two new species of dinosaur - the largest predators in their ecosystems - solve the mystery as to why herbivore populations didn't expand unchecked.