Antarctic meteorites are sinking in melting ice

Warming temperatures are causing Antarctic meteorites to sink through melting ice. These samples of our solar system are keys to understanding earthly life.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day on April 22?

April 22 is the date of Earth Day in part because of Arbor Day, an earlier observance. The focus for 2024 is "Planet vs. Plastics."

The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming!

The first cicadas are starting to emerge this spring, with trillions more on the way. Cicadas may be loud, but they're basically harmless.

U.S. wildfire season outlook suggests a slow start

The wildfire season forecast is out. Learn what regions have a higher risk and which ones have a lower risk for April to July 2024. Maps here.

2024 Atlantic hurricane outlook and list of names

Colorado State University has released its Atlantic hurricane outlook for the upcoming season. Read more here and get the list of 2024's hurricane names.

Reforestation in US East helped keep it cool

According to new research, reforestation in the eastern U.S. helped counter rising temperatures in the 20th century. Learn more here.

Death Valley is in bloom, temporary lake still there

The heavy rains in Death Valley National Park over the past 6 months created a temporary lake and now a profusion of wildflowers.

Monday’s total solar eclipse from space

Earth-observing satellites captured imagery of the Moon’s shadow as it raced eastward over North America on the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse.

Seahorses are tiny, ravenous creatures: Lifeform of the week

Seahorses look like a blend of different animals, making them mysterious and efficient. With no stomach, they have to eat nearly constantly.

Media we love: The Big Ones, a book review

The Big Ones by Lucy Jones looks at some of history's most destructive natural events, how they changed our world and ways to prepare and recover.

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