The Tunguska explosion, 114 years ago today

The Tunguska explosion on June 30, 1908, is the largest asteroid impact in recorded history. It flattened 830 square miles of Siberian forest.

Geomagnetic storms: Will you lose power where you live?

Scientists studied past geomagnetic storms to learn more about how strong storms affect the power grid. The maps here show areas most at risk.

Ozone layer damage due to rocket launches?

A new study by NOAA says that with the increase in rocket launches over the next 20 years, the soot emitted from these launches could damage the ozone layer.

Baby woolly mammoth – beautifully preserved – found in Yukon

Miners in Yukon, Canada stumbled upon a well preserved, 30,000-year-old baby woolly mammoth. She's beautiful, geologists said.

Wow! Giant bacterium is largest ever discovered

Scientists say they have discovered the largest species of bacteria ever found. The giant bacterium is 0.4 inches (1 centimeter) long.

Better ice tower reservoirs for farming

Automation can build bigger and better ice tower reservoirs that use less water and last longer for farming use in dry, high-altitude locations.

Yellowstone partially reopened this week after June 13 closure

Historic Yellowstone flooding temporarily closed the park. The park reopened on a limited basis on June 22. Learn why the flood happened here.

Lightning storm largest in California in 5 years

A 2-day lightning storm pummeled California this week with more than 66,000 lightning events, bringing little rain but sparking wildfires.

Summer solstice, cycles of nature and Chinese philosophy

In Chinese thought, the summer solstice is associated with the color red, the sound of laughing, the fire element and a red phoenix.

Wildfire reaches Kitt Peak. Telescopes safe

A wildfire reached Kitt Peak on July 17, 2022. All of the 20+ telescopes at the site are now reported safe, although outbuildings burned.