Lightning safety: Here’s what you need to know

Read up on lightning safety tips. Do you know whether it's safe to be at the beach in a lightning storm? How about a golf cart? Do rubber tires make you safe?

Large wildfires create fire weather: A vicious loop

Large wildfires create fire weather, resulting in a vicious loop. The fires create dark clouds of soot that increase temperatures and dry out the atmosphere.

It’s summer. What’s noon to you? Midday? High noon?

What do you mean by noon? Do you define it by your clock or wristwatch? Or the gnawing in your stomach? Here's how astronomers think about noontime.

Katmai bear cam season begins now! Livestream here

The world-famous Katmai bear cam season begins June 20, 2024. Find the livestream here and learn more about brown bears and Katmai National Park.

Heatwave in U.S. East as 2024 summer begins

Heatwave in U.S. East! It's scorching the eastern half of the U.S. as summer sets in. More on the heatwave and a new heat risk map, here.

New pterosaur species found in Queensland, Australia

A fossil unearthed in western Queensland, Australia, is a new species of pterosaur. Scientists named it Haliskia peterseni.

What is the equation of time? And what is noon, for you?

The difference between apparent solar time (the actual time between noons) and mean solar time (the average time between noons) is called the equation of time.

Incredible sea rays: Lifeform of the week

Sea rays are descendants of sharks. They have strong teeth and some can be dangerous with stingers or electric discharges.

Carbon capture is controversial, but it may be crucial

Carbon capture - first used in the 1920s - has a critical role in reaching net zero emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

What does summer mean to you?

What does summer mean to you? Here are some of the answers you shared on social media. And tune in to our livestream on June 17, at 12:15 p.m. CDT.