What are lightning sprites? How to photograph them

Lightning sprites - aka red sprites - are electrical discharges that happen above thunderstorms. Learn how to see and photograph them here.

What is bioluminescence? It’s a living light

Bioluminescence is living light. From plankton to jellyfish to fireflies, many creatures around the world can glow in the dark. Learn more here.

Mount Everest climbers leave their germs behind

Researchers found microbes, including those from humans, within the death zone of Mount Everest. This has implications for our future in space.

Asteroid 2023DW won’t hit Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046

Astronomers have now said asteroid 2023DW will most likely not hit Earth on Valentine's Day 2046. In fact, there's a 99.972% chance that 2023DW will miss us.

How fast is daytime growing? Guy Ottewell explains

How fast is daytime growing? A table in this post shows differences in the time of sunrise as we approach the March equinox.

What is a sun pillar, or light pillar? They’re beautiful!

A sun pillar, or light pillar, is a shaft of light from the sun or other bright light source, caused by ice crystals under the right atmospheric conditions.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy sets world record for longevity

Tropical Cyclone Freddy has easily set a new record as the world's longest-lived cyclone. It has killed more than 200 people in Africa.

Another atmospheric river is slamming California

Another atmospheric river will slam California today, March 14, 2023, bringing dangerous rainfall amounts and additional flooding.

Carbon dioxide emissions by country: See the map

A new study breaks down carbon dioxide emissions by country, revealing a map of which nations contribute the most of the greenhouse-warming gas.

Wildfires turn world’s largest forests into carbon emitters

The world's largest forests, such as in northern Canada and Russia's Siberia, may soon release more carbon than they historically stored.