Smokehouse Creek wildfire now #1 in size, in Texas history

A Texas wildfire is now the largest in the state's history. Plus, Oklahoma and Australia are also battling wildfires. See more here.

Sandhill cranes migrating in record numbers in U.S. Midwest

Sandhill cranes are arriving in record numbers during their annual spring migration in the U.S. Midwest. The annual sandhill crane count is critical work.

Charlotte the Stingray is pregnant without a male

Charlotte the stingray is pregnant in a North Carolina aquarium. The stingray has not had a male ray in her tank. Learn more about Charlotte and her babies.

Lost bird rediscovered in African mountain range

During an expedition into mountains in Africa, researchers rediscovered a 'lost bird' - a yellow-crested helmetshrike - that had not been seen in decades.

Cumulus clouds disappear quickly during a solar eclipse

New research out of the Netherlands says that cumulus clouds disappear quickly during a solar eclipse as air temperatures drop. Good news for eclipse chasers!

Dead satellite enters atmosphere over Pacific Ocean

A dead satellite - ESA’s ERS-2 satellite - reentered Earth's atmosphere yesterday. ESA said: The entry was uncontrolled or "natural".

Death Valley – driest spot in North America – has a new lake

Heavy rain in August 2023 and February 2024 created a new, ephemeral lake in Death Valley National Park, the hottest, driest and lowest place in North America.

Whales are the biggest living animals: Lifeform of the week

Whales are not just the biggest animals on the planet, they have smashed other records, too. And they way they communicate and eat ... Wow!

Cicadas by the TRILLIONS emerging this spring!

Trillions of cicadas will emerge in the Eastern U.S. this spring. The song of the cicadas may be loud, but the insects are basically harmless.

We heart the Earth and sky! PHOTOS

This Valentine’s Day, we find so much to love in the many heart shapes right here on Earth or all the way to the deepest reaches of the sky.