How to see Earth’s shadow at sunrise and sunset

Just before sunrise and after sunset, you can spot Earth's shadow. Look west at sunrise and east at sunset. Learn more about Earth's shadow here.

Are some modern earthquakes aftershocks from the 1800s?

Scientists examined modern-day earthquakes in 3 regions of North America and found that some are aftershocks from the 1800s.

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds look like ocean waves

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds - aka billow clouds or shear-gravity clouds - can sometimes look like ocean waves. Check out these photos of them!

What’s a green flash and how can I see one?

Have you ever seen the green flash from a setting sun? Learn how to see one here, plus how they appear, and enjoy some great photos!

Are 2 huge blobs inside Earth due to an ancient impact?

A new study from an international team of researchers says that 2 huge blobs inside Earth came from the collision with the planet Theia billions of years ago.

Iceland braces for eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano

Iceland declared a state of emergency on November 10, 2023, near Fagradalsfjall volcano, dormant for 800 years until 2021. Now it looks poised to erupt again.

Bird names poised for a change, say ornithologists

The American Ornithological Society announced that it will be changing the bird names for some 70 to 80 bird species. Here's why they're doing it.

A fogbow is cousin to a rainbow

A fogbow is like a white rainbow. It's made by much the same process as rainbows but with a fog's smaller water droplets instead of larger raindrops.

Anticrepuscular rays: How to see them

If you want to see anticrepuscular rays, look carefully opposite the direction of the sun. They are most often seen at sunrise or sunset.

Bats, a spooky season icon, are our lifeform of the week

Bats might be spooky, but they pollinate flowers, control insect pests, and have inspired scientists to improve human lives in many ways.