Sudden downpour in Paris floods metro stations

Paris floods inundated some metro stations on Tuesday evening, August 16. A sudden, torrential rain struck the city just as commuters were leaving work.

Raising monarch butterflies for release

Monarch butterflies face many predators on their way from egg to butterfly. You can help to safely foster them on their journey with the steps found here.

Freya the walrus killed, social media erupts

Freya, a young female walrus, had been lounging in the sun in an Oslo, Norway fjord for weeks. But, on August 14, Norway's fisheries directorate killed her.

Circumhorizon arc or iridescent cloud?

It's easy to confuse a circumhorizon arc with an iridescent cloud, and vice versa. Circumhorizon arcs are more commonly seen at this time of year.

Did giant meteorite impacts create the continents?

Scientists studying the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia have found evidence that the continents got their start from giant meteorite impacts.

Antarctic sea ice for July 2022 lowest on record

Antarctic sea ice for July 2022 was lowest in the 44-year satellite record. Arctic sea ice extent for July 2022 was 12th-lowest on record.

Raining fish and frogs … for real

Click here to read many recent, documented accounts of raining fish and frogs. Yes, it's a real thing! Discover the causes here.

Do bees die after they sting you?

Do bees die after they sting you? Only the honeybee dies after stinging you, and only female bees have stingers. The female honeybee dies protecting its home.

Tonga eruption may weaken ozone layer

The Tonga eruption of January 15, 2022, injected so much water vapor into the atmosphere that it may weaken our protective ozone layer.

Shrinking Lake Mead reveals bodies and boats

Lake Mead water levels continue to drop precipitously. People are finding things hidden underwater for decades, including human bodies.