Florida’s bleached corals get emergency sunshades

Scientists constructed sunshades over bleached corals in two of Florida's national parks in an effort to protect them from further damage.

Ants, little but tough: Lifeform of the week

Ants are common insects with unique capabilities. They can harvest, herd, milk, and build amazingly complex and stable underground cities.

Antarctica experienced wild weather in 2022

Antarctica experienced wild weather in 2022, from heatwaves to an increase of snow and ice on its eastern side, thanks to atmospheric rivers.

International Cloud Appreciation Day is September 15

The international Cloud Appreciation Day is September 15, 2023. Learn how to participate here and see a gallery of beautiful clouds.

Kilauea is erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island

Kilauea is erupting, following a 2-month pause. The volcano - on the Big Island of Hawaii - began erupting Sunday, September 10.

Morocco earthquake aid is complicated. How to donate

The New York Times reported that Morocco earthquake aid has been slow in coming in some areas. AP put together a great list of places to donate now.

Earth just had its hottest 3 months on record

The World Meteorological Organization said that the last three months were the hottest on record for Earth. See charts and hear what officials have to say.

Starlink satellite disintegrates over the Caribbean

Watch as a Starlink satellite disintegrates on video over the Caribbean on September 6, 2023. See 3 angles of the satellite burning up here.

Space junk is increasing, and no one’s in charge of clean up

Space junk is an increasing problem. With more countries and private companies entering space, more junk is accumulating and no one is in charge of cleaning up.

4.5-billion-year-old space rock shares solar system secrets

A space rock that came to rest in the Sahara desert is more than 4.5 billion years old. It helps scientists understand the conditions of our early solar system.