Map shows extreme heat hammering U.S. coasts

Extreme heat has hammered the U.S. already this summer. Take a look at a map of the states and read more about the heat on the East and West Coasts.

Denisovans coexisted with modern humans on Tibetan plateau

Scientists reported that an extinct species of humans, known as Denisovans, coexisted on the Tibetan plateau with modern humans.

Death Valley to break all-time Earth heat record?

The National Weather Service is forecasting a high of 131 F (55 C) for Death Valley National Park in California on Thursday. Will it set a new record?

Dead man’s fingers are our creepy lifeform of the week

Zombies are not awakening (as far as we know) ... If you see what looks like dead man's fingers in the forest, you probably saw a creepy type of fungus.

Can sharks smile? It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

Dogs, monkeys and dolphins all show expressions akin to human smiles. But can sharks smile? They may look as if they're smiling, but are they, really?

Hurricane Beryl regaining strength, heading to Texas

Tropical storm Beryl - predicted to become Hurricane Beryl before it makes landfall - is now in the Gulf of Mexico, heading toward the Texas coastline.

Did a comet burst crash Earth’s climate 12,800 years ago?

Evidence suggests a celestial body exploded in Earth's atmosphere 12,800 years ago. The comet burst may have cooled the climate for around 1,200 years.

Why did woolly mammoths go extinct?

It was long thought that the last woolly mammoths on Wrangel Island died out 4,000 years ago due to inbreeding. New DNA analysis refutes this assumption.

See NASA images of the 2 large asteroids that passed Earth

When 2 large asteroids passed our planet in late June, NASA captured images of these near-Earth space rocks. And 1 was hiding a tiny moon.

Dog days of summer: Hottest in July and August

The dog days of summer are named for the Dog Star Sirius - the brightest star in the sky - in the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog. Learn why here.