Major 8.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska

Sirens sounded across Alaska's Kodiak island last night, after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake prompted tsunami warmings.

Why wildfires create red suns and moons

Red suns and moons have been seen all over North America in July 2021. The reason is drifting wildfire smoke. Here's why it happens.

Future sea level rise: When, where, how much?

Scientists have grown more confident about sea level rise projections for the next few decades, but competing factors make it hard to see far into the future.

Dinosaurs already in decline before asteroid?

Life was already getting harder for dinosaurs before an asteroid wiped them out.

Wildfire smoke blankets North American skies

Wildfire smoke from Canada and the western United States has blanketed North America this week. See photos and video.

Mares’ tails over the Pacific Northwest

Mares' tails - aka cirrus uncinus clouds - are found high above Earth's surface, where the air is very cold. They might mean rain is on the way.

Why and how fireflies light up

A firefly's familiar glow is caused by a chemical reaction. Why and how fireflies light up here, plus many wonderful firefly photos.

Fogbows are rainbows’ cousins

A fogbow is cousin to a rainbow. It's made by much the same process as rainbows, but with a fog's smaller water droplets instead of larger raindrops.

Love sea turtles? Here are 7 cool facts

Sea turtles are fascinating creatures. Learn some facts about these much loved marine reptiles.

Study sees surge in coastal flooding in 2030s

From NASA JPL. In the mid-2030s, the U.S. coast will experience increasing coastal flooding, when the lunar cycle will amplify already rising sea levels.