Egyptian pyramids new finding: Just add water

Egyptian pyramids are marvelous constructions. But how could the ancient Egyptians transport the tons-heavy blocks there? Now, a new explanation.

Portugal fireball captured on satellite and video

The Portugal fireball of May 18, 2024, was captured from the ground on video and from satellites in space. The fireball was most likely a comet fragment.

Warm-blooded dinosaurs emerged 180 million years ago

Warm-blooded dinosaurs arose about 180 million years ago, during the Jurassic Period, in response to changes in climate, according to a new study.

Killer whales take 1 breath between dives

Killer whales take 1 breath between dives. New data from tags attached to the animals and observations from unmanned aerial vehicle drones have verified it.

Colorful iguanas are our lifeform of the week

Iguanas are formidable, armored reptiles that can change color and detach their tails. Plus, they have a third eye! All you need to know about iguanas, here.

Crepuscular rays are sunrays in twilight skies

Crepuscular rays form around twilight when particles in the atmosphere reflect the sun's light beams toward our eyes. See photos of the phenomenon here.

Giant hummingbirds with backpacks help discover a species

Giant hummingbirds with tiny backpacks helped discover a new species of hummingbird, as they were tracked up high in the Andes.

Auroras on May 10-11 wowed millions! Pics here

Auroras last night from "extreme" geomagnetic storming - which came after a week of very high activity on the sun - wowed millions around the globe.

Canadian zombie fires reigniting, sending smoke to US

The Canadian zombie fires simmering below ground all winter are reigniting with spring. Some raging fires are sending smoke southward into the US.

Hoofed animals’ earliest ancestor discovered in Colorado

A new ancient mammal species, that lived 65 million years ago, is thought to be the earliest known ancestor of hoofed animals like deer, pigs, and horses.