Saturn at opposition on August 14

Don't miss Saturn at opposition on and around the night of August 14, 2022. That's when our planet Earth passes between the sun and Saturn.

What is a globular cluster?

A globular cluster is a spherical collections of stars, orbiting in the halo of spiral galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy has over 150 globular clusters.

Saturn’s rings: Top tips for seeing

If you want to see Saturn's rings, August 2022 is a great time to look. Grab a telescope, find a dark sky and read the tips found here!

Meteors in moonlight: 6 tips for 2022’s Perseids

Meteors in moonlight. It's not optimal, but it happens! Here's how to minimize the moon and optimize the Perseid meteor shower in 2022.

Perseid meteor shower: All you need to know in 2022

The 2022 Perseid meteor shower has already begun, and this weekend is a good time to watch!

Comet C/2017 K2 still slowly brightening

Comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) is a great telescopic object for the rest of summer, slowly brightening toward perihelion, its closest point to the sun.

Learn to shoot photos of meteors

Want to try to capture a meteor with your camera? The first step is planning. The next step is to gather your equipment. Then on to the capture process itself.

Delta Aquariid meteor shower: All you need to know in 2022

The nominal peak of the Delta Aquariid meteor shower is late July. But the shower rambles along steadily for weeks.

Why do meteor showers have a radiant point?

Meteors enter Earth's atmosphere on parallel paths. So, you'll see meteors appear to come from a single point in the sky: the radiant point!

Visible planets and night sky August 2022

Saturn reaches opposition in mid-August and is visible all night. Jupiter rises late in the evening and Mars continues brightening in the morning sky.