Virgo the Maiden in northern spring skies

Virgo the Maiden is the largest of the zodiac constellations. A handy mnemonic device - using the Big Dipper and its bright star Spica - make it easy to find.

Coma Berenices: How Leo the Lion lost his tail

Coma Berenices is the constellation of Queen Berenice's Hair. It used to be the tail of Leo the Lion before it became its own constellation.

Crater the Cup sits upon Hydra’s back

Crater the Cup is a dim constellation that sits upon the back of Hydra the Water Snake. You can see Crater best on April evenings from a dark-sky site.

Leo the Lion and its backward question mark

Leo the Lion - one of the zodiacal constellations - is a prominent fixture from April through June in the evening sky. It’s easy to spot by finding the Sickle.

Meet Cancer the Crab and its Beehive Cluster

Cancer the Crab is one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Learn how to find it in your sky, plus learn about its star cluster, mythology and more.

Meet Taurus the Bull in the evening sky

Taurus the Bull resides near the constellation Orion. It contains 2 famous star clusters that are easy to spot: the Pleiades and the Hyades.

Meet Gemini the Twins, home to 2 bright stars

The constellation Gemini the Twins is home to Castor and Pollux. Learn more about these bright stars, which you can see on northern winter nights.

Pictor and Reticulum, the Painter’s Easel and Net

Pictor and Reticulum, the Painter's Easel and Net, are two constellations in southern skies on either side of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Phoenix is one of the Southern Birds

The constellation Phoenix lies in Southern Hemisphere skies and contains one of the oldest stars yet found. Look for it on December evenings.

Meet Pisces the Fish, 1st constellation of the zodiac

Pisces the Fish is a zodiac constellation that is high in the sky on December evenings. Look for it and its asterism, the Circlet of Pisces.