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Visible planets and night sky guide for June and July
Visible planets and night sky guide for June 2024. Look for the star Zubenelgenubi in the constellation Libra the Scales in the south after sunset.
Sun news June 25: Filaments erupting across sun’s face today
Sun news for June 25, 2024. Filaments are flying from the sun's visible face today. They are ropes of solar material and magnetic fields, arcing upwards.

Shorelines of Titan’s seas likely shaped by waves

Saturn's largest moon Titan has seas and lakes of liquid methane/ethane. A new study from MIT suggests the shorelines of Titan's seas are shaped by waves.

The End of Everything, LIVE, with Katie Mack

Join EarthSky's Deborah Byrd and theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack at 17:15 UTC (12:15 p.m. Central) on Monday, June 24, as they discuss the end of everything!
Brightest Stars

Zubenelgenubi is alpha star of Libra the Scales

Zubenelgenubi - Alpha Librae - is a double star, and is the second brightest star in the constellation Libra the Scales.
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Meet an omega sunset and sunrise

An omega sunset or sunrise is an inferior mirage. It's produced by a layer of warmer and less dense air close to an ocean surface.

Lightning safety: Here’s what you need to know

Read up on lightning safety tips. Do you know whether it's safe to be at the beach in a lightning storm? How about a golf cart? Do rubber tires make you safe?
Favorite Star Patterns

Summer Triangle: Star pattern of the season

On June and July evenings, you’ll find the Summer Triangle in the east at nightfall. It swings high overhead after midnight and sits in the west at daybreak.
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Latest sunsets follow the summer solstice

Latest sunsets around now for 40 degrees north latitude. Latest sunrises around now for 40 degrees south latitude. Plus, a word about twilight.

Large wildfires create fire weather: A vicious loop

Large wildfires create fire weather, resulting in a vicious loop. The fires create dark clouds of soot that increase temperatures and dry out the atmosphere.