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Hell Creek evidence pinpoints month of dinosaur extinction

Scientists have pinpointed the exact month of dinosaur extinction to be June, by looking at sediment layers in North Dakota and fossil water lilies.

Australia ties its hottest temperature on record

Onslow, Australia, reached 50.7 C on January 13, 2022, tying its hottest temperature on record in the country and for the Southern Hemisphere.

1 of every 15 lights in the sky will be a satellite

Soon, 1 of every 15 lights in the night sky is going to be a satellite. Is the cost worth the gain, asks astronomer Samantha Lawler.

Space weather: Your 5 questions answered

NASA answers 5 questions about space weather, from what does it do to Earth and how is it monitored to how can we prepare.

5 weird things that happen in outer space

Here are 5 weird things that happen in outer space: the state of plasma, extreme temperatures, cosmic alchemy, magnetic explosions and supersonic shocks.

December tornadoes: What caused the deadly US outbreak?

December tornadoes in a historic outbreak overnight from December 10 to 11, 2021, may have produced the longest-track tornado on record.

Atmospheric river drenched British Columbia, caused floods and mudslides

Records rainfalls drenching British Columbia and causing severe floods and landslides, were caused by a phenomenon called an atmospheric river.

November 2021 partial lunar eclipse longest for 1,000 years

The partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021, will be the longest since the 15th century, around the time Machu Picchu was being built.

Virtual reality can combat isolation on Earth and in space

Virtual reality may help alleviate some of the negative feelings of isolation, and this has potential implications for space travel.

Ultra-hot exoplanet has a weird, wild atmosphere

The ultra-hot exoplanet WASP-76b is a good example of weird, broiling Jupiter-type planets that have metal rain and fiery temperatures.