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Have a tornado tale? NOAA wants to hear from you

NOAA wants to hear your tornado tale. They're trying to learn more about how people react in a tornado. Learn more and find a link to their survey.

Tinnitus seems to be linked to sleep

Around 15% of the world’s population suffers from tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears. Scientists believe there is a link between tinnitus and sleep.

The sun as you’ve never seen it

ESA's Solar Orbiter reached perihelion, its closest point to the sun, in March. Here are stunning closeup images as never seen before.

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil

Scientists were able to grow plants in lunar soil. They weren't quite as robust as those grown in earthly soil. But it's a key step for future space missions.

Fire season in US Southwest is early and intense

The 2022 fire season started early and is intense. Using prescribed burns and thinning can help reduce how quickly and far a wildfire spreads.

Water scarcity ahead for 80% of croplands, but farming methods can help

With a possible water scarcity looming, scientists say farmers can use different techniques to conserve rainwater in soil and crops.

Below Antarctic ice, a giant groundwater system

Scientists just announced hundreds of interconnected liquid lakes and rivers below Antarctic ice, with implications for climate change.

Two new giant dinosaur species solve a mystery

Two new species of dinosaur - the largest predators in their ecosystems - solve the mystery as to why herbivore populations didn't expand unchecked.

Earth images from space: Our top 10

Happy Earth Day! As a celebration of Earth on this fine day, enjoy these photos, a collection of the 10 best Earth images from space. What are your favorites?

Tornado Alley is shifting toward Dixie

Tornado outbreaks are more frequent and intense, and the activity has shifted from being centralized in Tornado Alley toward the Southeast.