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Astraphobia is a fear of thunder and lightning

If your heart starts to race when a thunderstorm comes near, and you want to hide from the thunder and lightning, you might have astraphobia.

Mysterious Milky Way filaments point to central black hole

Mysterious Milky Way filaments - found by the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa - appear to point to the supermassive black hole at our galaxy's heart.

2023 hurricane forecast: Busy Pacific, quieter Atlantic

The 2023 hurricane forecast is out! Due to El Niño, forecasters are calling for a busy Pacific basin and a quieter season in the Atlantic.

Hubble’s hunt for an intermediate-mass black hole

Scientists using the Hubble space telescope have found evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole in the closest globular cluster to Earth, M4.

World’s oldest human footprint identified in South Africa

Scientists have identified a footprint in South Africa as the oldest human footprint currently known. A member of Homo sapiens created it 153,000 years ago.

How wildfire smoke can harm your health, even from far away

Wildfire smoke can affect human health even from far away, taxing lungs and exacerbating existing health problems. Learn about how to reduce your risk.

How AI is helping astronomers

AI is helping astronomers process the staggering amounts of data they receive from observatories. It's even making new discoveries based on theoretical objects.

Space weather effects on Earth: Top 5 questions

NASA answers questions about space weather, from what does it do to Earth and how is it monitored to how can we prepare for a solar storm.

Blood Falls in Antarctica, what makes them red?

A recent study on Antarctica’s Blood Falls reveals the origins of its unique, bright red discharge. This might help in the search for life in our solar system.

Help spot asteroids! The Daily Minor Planet needs you

NASA's new project, the Daily Minor Planet, is asking for you to help spot asteroids. Find out how to help here and learn more about the project.