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Map shows extreme heat hammering U.S. coasts

Extreme heat has hammered the U.S. already this summer. Take a look at a map of the states and read more about the heat on the East and West Coasts.

How do fireworks get their beautiful colors?

The red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colors exploding in the night sky during a fireworks festival are created by the use of metal salts.

Lava lakes on Io: Juno zooms in on Io’s volcanoes

NASA's Juno spacecraft flew in close to Io and studied lava lakes, gleaning new information on the volcanic processes on this active volcanic moon.

Pillars of Creation visualized in multiwavelength 3D

NASA has released a new 3D visualization of the Pillars of Creation using data from NASA's Hubble and James Webb space telescopes.

Star clusters found in the Cosmic Gems arc by Webb

Webb has discovered massive young star clusters in the Cosmic Gems arc. This can give astronomers insight on how galaxies and globular clusters formed.

Lightning safety: Here’s what you need to know

Read up on lightning safety tips. Do you know whether it's safe to be at the beach in a lightning storm? How about a golf cart? Do rubber tires make you safe?

Carbon capture is controversial, but it may be crucial

Carbon capture - first used in the 1920s - has a critical role in reaching net zero emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

What is the heliosphere and how can we measure it?

The heliosphere is a bubble of solar gas that extends outward and protects the planets from interstellar radiation. Scientists would like a probe to study it.

Epic solar storm effects seen by Mars rovers

The sun lobs its particles into the solar system, and studying this space weather on Mars helps us understand what future astronauts might face there.

The last Milky Way galactic collision was a recent event

The Milky Way has collided with many other galaxies. The Gaia space telescope found the most recent galactic collision happened later than we thought.