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The Egyptian sky goddess and the Milky Way

Learn how the ancient Egyptian sky goddess, Nut, is linked to the Milky Way. And read about other myths associated with the goddess Nut.

Scientists discover a nitroplast, the 1st of its kind

Scientists announced the discovery of the first nitroplast, a nitrogen-fixing organelle. It's just the 4th example in history of primary endosymbiosis.

Will solar flares destroy modern civilization? Nah

David Wallace of Mississippi State University talks to Deborah Byrd about solar flares and the impact a big storm from the sun would have on Earth today.

Among solar storms, the one causing the Carrington Event was BIG

Massive solar storms could damage the power grid, disrupt the internet, affect the ability of GPS and create auroras that reach toward the equator.

Is AI to blame for our failure to find alien civilizations?

Is AI - artificial intelligence - the great filter that alien civilizations are unable to evolve beyond? The threat of AI and our own self-destruction, here.

Will La Niña pump up this year’s hurricane season?

Will the coming La Niña conditions mean this year's hurricane season will overperform? Find out how La Niña affects hurricane formation, here.

Rare neutrinos detected from under Antarctic ice

Scientists extract 7 rare neutrinos - energetic tau neutrinos - from about 10 years of data from the IceCube observatory at the South Pole.

Plunge into a black hole in this new video

Plunge into a black hole in this new video from NASA. See what it would look like to cross the event horizon of a supermassive black hole.

Arcturus, the brightest star of the northern sky

Arcturus is the brightest star north of the celestial equator. Near the handle of the Big Dipper, it's easy to find in spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Hurray! Voyager 1 has phoned home with engineering updates

Voyager 1 has again begun sending an intelligible signal back to Earth. Scientists hope they can prompt the craft to resume sending science data.