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Earth’s magnetic field shields us. But it can move and flip

Earth's magnetic field helps protect life on Earth. But the magnetic poles wander, and they flip polarity every 100,000 to 1,000,000 years.

World’s largest optical telescope – the ELT – going up in Chile

The world's largest optical telescope will be the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), currently under construction in the Chilean desert.

Winter meteor showers are here: Top 10 tips for watching

Meteor showers are unpredictable but nothing beats them for a fun and relaxing time under the stars. Maximize your viewing time with these 10 tips.

Mars spacecraft fall silent as red planet goes behind sun

Mars passed behind the sun from Earth yesterday, November 18, 2023. Between now and early December, data exchange between Earth and Mars spacecraft is limited.

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts. Scientists are trying to come up with new models to explain what the standard model of cosmology can't.

1st science images from Euclid! Dr. Becky explains why we love them

See the first images from Euclid, a dazzling assortment of galaxies, clusters and nebulae that will help us understand dark matter and dark energy.

Record-breaking black hole found in the early universe

NASA has discovered a supermassive black hole that is at an early stage of growth in the early universe. Its mass is about the same as its host galaxy's.

Space vehicle reentries shed exotic metal particles to Earth’s atmosphere

NOAA studies made of Earth's stratosphere suggest that space vehicle reentries shed exotic metal particles in Earth's atmosphere.

Webb sees new feature in Jupiter’s atmosphere: a jet stream

The Webb space telescope revealed a jet stream in Jupiter's atmosphere above its equatorial region. The jet stream travels at about 320 mph (515 kph).

International Observe the Moon Night October 21

International Observe the Moon Night is October 21, 2023. It's a global event for celebrating the moon. Here's how you can participate online or in person.