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Weather-watching on Jupiter and Uranus with Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope keeps an eye on the planets in space, watching the weather and seasons change on planets such as Jupiter and Uranus.

Carbon dioxide emissions by country: See the map

A new study breaks down carbon dioxide emissions by country, revealing a map of which nations contribute the most of the greenhouse-warming gas.

Wildfires turn world’s largest forests into carbon emitters

The world's largest forests, such as in northern Canada and Russia's Siberia, may soon release more carbon than they historically stored.

La Niña climate pattern has ended. What’s next?

La Niña has ended and neutral conditions are now in play. Will El Niño come next, possibly by fall? Learn more about climate conditions here.

What is a galaxy? All you need to know

What is a galaxy? We live in a galaxy called the Milky Way. But there is so much more to know about these grand and glorious star islands in space!

What are X flares? Can they harm us?

X flares on the sun are the most powerful explosions in the solar system. We're likely to see more of them as we approach solar maximum, due around 2025.

A supermassive black hole has astronomers talking

Fast star formation - and a central supermassive black hole obscured by dust - characterize a new, very distant galaxy labeled COS-87259.

Detecting asteroids near the sun with NEOMIR

NEOMIR - an early asteroid warning system - will target asteroids near the sun. It will look for and monitor asteroids 65 feet (20 m) and larger.

Leonardo da Vinci studied gravity, too

A new look at the notes of Leonardo da Vinci show that he studied and understood much about gravity centuries ahead of his time.

Making art from ocean plastic to raise awareness of trash

Pam Longobardi creates art with ocean plastic to raise awareness of the garbage accumulating in the world's oceans. See her art here.