Watch 1,000 Lego astronauts soar to the edge of space

A high-altitude balloon carried a mini space-shuttle with 1,000 Lego astronauts to the edge of space. Watch the fun video here.

Manhattanhenge in 2023: When and where to see it

New Yorkers will have a few opportunities in 2023 to watch for Manhattanhenge, an alignment of the sunset along city streets. Get your cameras ready!

Frank Drake, SETI visionary, born on this date

May 28, 2023, would be the 93rd birthday of Frank Drake. He formulated the famous Drake equation in 1961, as a tool for contemplating alien civilizations.

2023 Atlantic hurricane outlook and list of names

On May 25, 2023, NOAA released its Atlantic hurricane outlook for the upcoming season. Read more here and get the list of 2023's hurricane names.

World’s oldest human footprint identified in South Africa

Scientists have identified a footprint in South Africa as the oldest human footprint currently known. A member of Homo sapiens created it 153,000 years ago.

John F. Kennedy moon landing speech made 62 years ago

On May 25, 1961, John F. Kennedy addressed the U.S. Congress, inspiring a nation to a moon landing. The Apollo missions, and the dream of a return to the moon.

How AI is helping astronomers

AI is helping astronomers process the staggering amounts of data they receive from observatories. It's even making new discoveries based on theoretical objects.

Help spot asteroids! The Daily Minor Planet needs you

NASA's new project, the Daily Minor Planet, is asking for you to help spot asteroids. Find out how to help here and learn more about the project.

What are hole-punch clouds, aka fallstreak holes?

Jets create hole-punch clouds. They're a type of cloud with a flat layer interrupted by a big hole, often with wisps at the center.

Media we love: The Doomsday Book

In this installment of Media we love, EarthSky editor Kelly Kizer Whitt recommends The Doomsday Book by Marshall Brain.