August 2021 has a Friday 13th

Any calendar month starting on a Sunday always has a Friday 13th. In 2021, August 1 is on a Sunday. August 13 must fall on a Friday!

A Dyson sphere harvests the energy of stars

Dyson spheres are named after inventor Freeman J. Dyson. A Dyson sphere is a megastructures that civilizations could use to harness the power of stars.

Caroline Herschel Medal to honor women astronomers

Learn about the Caroline Herschel Medal, meant to honor the contributions of women astronomers. And meet the women who helped shape astronomy.

Major 8.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska

Sirens sounded across Alaska's Kodiak island last night, after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake prompted tsunami warmings.

9 weird transients from 1950 still unexplained

Astronomers in Sweden want to solve the mystery of 9 weird transients, glimpsed in a photographic plate acquired at Palomar Observatory in 1950.

Astronomy art: Voices of Apollo 11

Voices of Apollo 11 is an image of the moon, made of the words transmitted from the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts. Astronomy artist J-P Metsavainio created it.

How to spot ISS in your sky

The International Space Station has been orbiting our planet since 1998. Click here to learn how to spot ISS in your sky.

Thank you, Eleanor Imster

Say good-bye to Eleanor Imster, a fixture at EarthSky since 1995.

The billionaire space race and the Karman line

The billionaire space race ramped up at Richard Branson's successful flight to the edge of space on July 11, 2021, as 2 spaceflight companies jostled for bragging rights.

NASA’s Mission Equity: Still time to participate

NASA's Mission Equity virtual public meeting on July 13, with the goal of including underrepresented and underserved communities.