How to photograph a solar eclipse, with Alan Dyer

Get tips on how to photograph a solar eclipse with author and astrophotographer Alan Dyer. Use these tips for the October 14, 2023, annular eclipse as well!

How many stars can you see on a moonless night?

Have you ever wondered how many stars are visible on a given night? It all depends on how dark your sky is, what your age is, and other limiting factors.

Morocco earthquake aid is complicated. How to donate

The New York Times reported that Morocco earthquake aid has been slow in coming in some areas. AP put together a great list of places to donate now.

Transparency? New UFO website for military reports

The Department of Defense has unveiled its new UFO website. It will make information available to the public as well as receive reports from military personnel.

Myths of the northern and southern lights through history

For millennia, humans have viewed the northern and southern lights and created myths and folklore to explain the dancing lights they saw in the sky.

Labor Day: Learn its history and traditions

Labor Day is a federal US holiday that falls on the first Monday in September and is considered the unofficial end of summer.

Sapphire: September birthstone comes in many colors

Sapphire, the September birthstone, is typically blue, the color caused by small amounts of titanium and iron in the crystal structure.

Dim the lights for pollinators and plants at night

Scientists have found that excess light at night is a form of pollution that disrupts the natural rhythms of wildlife and plants. Learn to dim the lights, here.

Interstellar, a new book by Avi Loeb

Avi Loeb's new book, Interstellar, delves into UAP, retrieving artifacts, and examining the idea that we're more likely to encounter ET's AI than ET itself.

Does a supermoon have a super effect on us?

The extra pull of gravity from a supermoon creates higher-than-usual tides. But the moon doesn't pull a human body as strongly as an ocean.