Big UFO hearing in Congress today

Congress will hold the first UFO hearing in over 50 years today, May 17. It will be the first such hearing since Project Blue Book.

Friday the 13th comes once in 2022

The calendar seems to have a life of its own when it comes to Friday the 13th and number play. Happy Friday the 13th!

SpaceX might be back on target with Starship in Texas

SpaceX Starship ready to fly in May? An optimistic tweet in March from SpaceX CEO Elon Musk – expressing hope...

‘Hobbits’ among us? An anthropologist says maybe

A professor of anthropology says a population of Homo floresiensis, nicknamed Hobbits, believed extinct for 50,000 years, may still exist in Indonesia.

How Pluto got its name

Eleven-year-old Venetia Burney named Pluto for a god of the underworld. The name also honored Percival Lowell, the pioneering astronomer.

Deborah Byrd to speak at Texas Star Party

Deborah Byrd, founder of EarthSky, will be giving a talk at the Texas Star Party on April 28, 2022. It will livestreamed on Facebook and available on YouTube.

International Dark Sky Week is April 22 to 30

Celebrate dark night skies and limit light pollution by raising awareness with International Dark Sky Week, April 22 to 30, 2022. Find global events here.

A new message to the stars? Beacon in the Galaxy

Scientists are planning a new message to the stars. The scientists would send binary code in radio waves of math, physics, our DNA, solar system and more.

Moon habitat project: Can we cope with the loneliness of space?

A simulation of a moon habitat in the Arctic shows how future lunar dwellers might cope with the psychological effects of extreme isolation.

Ax-1 with 1st all private crew reaches ISS

Ax-1 with the 1st all-private astronaut team ever flown to the International Space Station arrived at the ISS on April 9. The astronauts will conduct research during their stay.