The sad fate of krill in the Southern Ocean

Krill in the Southern Ocean are projected to decline about 30% this century, due to human-driven climate change. But natural variability also plays a role. A new study tries to tease out the difference.

Poison mushrooms: How to tell

A popular adage among mushroom foragers is, “you can eat any mushroom ... once.” Some wild mushrooms are poisonous and will make you sick. A few can kill.

The 1st microsecond of the Big Bang

Researchers used the Large Hadron Collider to investigate the 1st matter formed in the 1st microsecond of Big Bang. They said it had liquid-like properties.

Why NASA sent tiny water bears into space

A new experiment aboard the ISS is studying tardigrades - aka water bears - to better understand how they tolerate extreme environments, including the one astronauts experience in space.

NASA and UFOs: Space agency to take closer look

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson wants the space agency to start taking a closer look at UFO reports like the ones coming from Navy pilots in recent years. He has directed NASA scientists to move forward with new ways of discussing the decades-old phenomenon.

Happy World Oceans Day 2021

World Oceans Day has been celebrated every year on June 8 since 1992. It's a day to raise awareness about how we're connected to the oceans - no matter where we live on Earth - and what we can do to protect ocean habitats.

Lucky strike: Space debris smacked ISS robotic arm

Space officials called it a "lucky strike" when space debris smacked into the skinny robotic arm on the space station, creating a hole now seen in images.

What are the 2021 hurricane names?

The World Meteorological Organization chooses hurricane names several years in advance. Find hurricane names for 2021 here.

Today in science: This solar eclipse proved Einstein right

During a May 29, 1919 solar eclipse, astronomers saw the sun bend starlight, proving Einstein's general relativity and catapulting him to rock star fame.

Happy birthday, Frank Drake

May 28, 2021 is the 91st birthday of Frank Drake. He formulated the famous Drake Equation in 1961, as a tool for contemplating alien civilizations.