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Starship aced a critical fueling test this week

SpaceX's Starship completed a milestone fueling test this week: 10 million pounds (4.5 million kg) or so of liquid fuels loaded into the stacked spacecraft.

NASA, DARPA: Nuclear rocket to Mars and beyond

NASA and DARPA will build a nuclear rocket to Mars. An uncrewed prototype could launch as early as 2027, they said.

Korean moon probe grabs spectacular images

A Korean moon probe - the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter aka Danuri ("moon enjoy") - has captured iconic black-and-white images of Earth and the moon.

Replacement Soyuz to bring home stranded ISS crew

An uncrewed replacement Soyuz capsule will fly to the ISS in February to provide a safe way home for a trio of temporarily stranded crew members.

Virgin Orbit’s premiere UK launch fails

Virgin Orbit's premiere UK launch failed on Monday, January 9, 2023, as the rocket malfunctioned, and the satellites failed to reach their intended orbits.

SpaceX aims for 100 launches in 2023

SpaceX had set a record launch pace in 2022 and plans to double it in 2023. Meanwhile, traffic is getting heavy on orbit.

Leaky Soyuz at ISS in ‘good working order,’ NASA says

A leaky Soyuz at ISS sprang a coolant leak last week. It is now in "good working order," NASA said, but flight controllers continue to evaluate.

Splashdown! Artemis 1 Orion returns from its trip around the moon

The uncrewed Orion moonship has traveled around the moon and returned safely to Earth. The Artemis 1 splashdown was in the Pacific Ocean on December 11, 2022.

SpaceX launching competitor’s satellites Thursday

SpaceX will launch a set of communications satellites for rival OneWeb on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Find out how to watch the livestream here.

NASA sets busy crew schedule for ISS in 2023

We'll have a busy crew schedule for ISS in the coming year. NASA has scheduled 3 commercial crew flights to the International Space Station in 2023.