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Artemis 1 Orion craft has left moon orbit, now headed home

The Artemis 1 Orion moonship left lunar orbit on December 1, and is now headed back to Earth. Splashdown in the Pacific is due December 11.

NASA sets busy crew schedule for ISS in 2023

We'll have a busy crew schedule for ISS in the coming year. NASA has scheduled 3 commercial crew flights to the International Space Station in 2023.

The Space Force orbital plane finally lands

The U.S. Space Force X-37B orbital plane - an uncrewed and reusable craft - returned to Earth on November 12, 2022, after 908 days in orbit.

SpaceX resupply mission November 22. Watch here

The next SpaceX resupply mission to ISS is scheduled to launch at 3:54 p.m. ET (20:54 UTC) on November 22, 2022. Watch the livestream at EarthSky.

SpaceX launching comsats Saturday

A SpaceX launch on Saturday (November 12, 2022) will orbit a pair of communications satellites that will improve the U.S. 5G network.

ISS resupply run delayed by Hurricane Nicole

Launch of a resupply run to the ISS has been delayed until Monday, November 21, 2022, at the earliest. The mission was put off because of Hurricane Nicole.

NASA’s new heat shield passes its test

It might look like it, but it's not a UFO. It's an innovative, inflatable, new heat shield - called LOFTID - successfully tested in early November 2022.

Crippled S.S. Sally Ride cargo ship docks safely at ISS

The uncrewed cargo resupply ship - the S.S. Sally Ride - reached the ISS on schedule despite a faulty solar array.

Australia’s new launch complex plans 1st liftoff

Australian companies plan a suborbital rocket launch in November 2022 from Australia's new launch complex, Whalers Way. It'll be a 1st launch fron this site.

Ticket to the moon for billionaire and wife

Billionaire Dennis Tito and wife Akiko Tito will be among the first space tourists to visit the moon. Read more about their ticket to the moon on Starship.