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Falling Starlink satellites following Falcon 9 fail

A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched Thursday night exploded. It was carrying a Starlink satellites that failed to reach their proper orbit and are now expected to make a fiery reentry.

Starliner return from ISS still on indefinite hold

In a press conference on July 10, 2024, NASA and Boeing again gave no return date for Starliner and its crew. The mission could extend to mid-August.

Do dark matter collisions on Jupiter glow in the infrared?

Researchers think dark matter collisions make Jupiter's atmosphere glow in infrared light. It would provide another way to detect the mysterious substance.

Dream Chaser spaceplane 1st launch delayed until 2025

The 1st cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station by Dream Chaser Tenacity, an uncrewed spaceplane from Sierra Space, is delayed until 2025.

Did a comet burst crash Earth’s climate 12,800 years ago?

Evidence suggests a celestial body exploded in Earth's atmosphere 12,800 years ago. The comet burst may have cooled the climate for around 1,200 years.

Artificial star to help probe a range of cosmic mysteries

The Landolt Space Mission will orbit an artificial star to aid with telescope calibration. Better data will lead to new insights on a range of cosmic mysteries.

Chang’e 6 moon mission returns 1st far side sample to Earth

Chinese moon mission Chang'e 6 brought to Earth the 1st sample of the far side ever taken on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. It reached the lunar surface on June 1.

Did colliding dark matter shape the El Gordo galaxy cluster?

Analysis of El Gordo galaxy cluster's behavior suggests it might be a result of self-interacting dark matter. It may give insight into dark matter's nature.

Cicadas are emerging across parts of the U.S.

The cicadas are here! Have you seen - and heard them - in your neighborhood? Cicadas may be plentiful and loud, but they're basically harmless.

SpaceX Starship 4th test flight: Lots of successes

The SpaceX Starship - the world's most powerful rocket - had a successful 4th test flight on Thursday, June 6, 2024. Watch it again here.