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Dave Adalian

A new Earthlike planet in the distant Kuiper Belt?

A recent computer model predicts a new Earthlike planet that lies hidden in the outermost solar system. Will we search for it? Will we find it?

SpaceX Starship ready to fly again! But when?

SpaceX Starship appeared to be ready for another attempt at an orbital test flight late last week. But paperwork intervened.

Crew-7 to dock with ISS Sunday. Watch here

The Crew-7 launched the morning of August 26. It's now on the way to the ISS, arriving early Sunday, August 27, with 4 crew members aboard.

1st Russia moon mission in 47 years crashes into moon

The 1st Russia moon mission in nearly half a century reportedly spun out of control and has crashed into the lunar surface.

Can we predict earthquakes now? No, but there’s news

It hasn't been possible before now to predict earthquakes. But 2 French researchers now claim to have discovered a way to do it.

World’s biggest permafrost crater growing, as Earth warms

New drone footage has revealed details of the world's biggest permafrost crater - Batagaika Crater in Russia's far east - and its rapid growth.

Ivory-billed woodpecker isn’t extinct (again)

A recent paper presents evidence the ivory-billed woodpecker is not extinct. U.S. Fish & Wildlife will decide whether to remove the bird from the list of endangered species this year.

Save the Frogs Day is today, Friday, April 28

Save the Frogs Day - a global amphibian conservation effort - is today, Friday, April 28, 2023. Amphibian health is an important marker of ecosystem quality.

Goodbye, Rock Friend! Mars rover loses pet rock

Fans react as the Perseverance Mars rover loses its pet rock, Rock Friend, this week after more than a year together. Thanks for the ride, NASA!

Historic Starship launch, success. Explosive finale!

The SpaceX Starship launched successfully on Thursday, April 20. Details here, plus a place to rewatch the broadcast stream.