1st lunar lava tube discovered by NASA moon orbiter

An international team of researchers said it has found the 1st evidence for an ancient lunar lava tube on the moon. It is located in Mare Tranquillitatis.

Dark comets could make up 60% of near-Earth objects

Dark comets are icy bodies that likely come from the inner band of the asteroid belt. Approximately 60% of near-Earth objects may be dark comets.

JUICE mission to Jupiter to flyby moon and Earth

The JUICE mission will make a flyby of the moon and Earth on August 19 and 20, 2024. It'll be the 1st-ever double gravity assist. Read more here.

Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter 30 years ago

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter in 1994, 30 years ago, scarring the gaseous surface and leaving behind water that remained in the atmosphere for decades.

This desert moss could grow on Mars, no greenhouse needed

Scientists in China say a desert moss commonly found on Earth can survive the harsh conditions of Mars. Future astronauts could use it to grow other plants.

Astronomer Michael Brown: ‘I killed Pluto. Now I’m searching for Planet 9’

Cool astronomy livestream on Monday, July 14! EarthSky's Deborah Byrd will be talking with astronomer Michael Brown, who calls himself "the man who killed Pluto."

Eyeball ocean world? Webb reveals an intriguing super-Earth

NASA's Webb space telescope has revealed that exoplanet LHS 1140 b is a super-Earth ocean world. It may have an ocean on one side or a global ice-covered ocean.

Will the official definition of a planet change … again?

Astronomers will vote on a new definition of a planet in August 2024. The update would include exoplanets and set mass limits.

Comet 13P/Olbers will be closest to Earth on July 20

Comet 13P/Olbers is making its closest approach to Earth on July 20, 2024. Want to see it for yourself? Check out the finder maps here.

Falling Starlink satellites following Falcon 9 fail

A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched Thursday night exploded. It was carrying a Starlink satellites that failed to reach their proper orbit and are now expected to make a fiery reentry.