Earth images from space: 10 incredible photos of our planet

Happy Earth Day tomorrow! As a celebration of Earth, enjoy these photos, a collection of the 10 best Earth images from space. What are your favorites?

Is alien life purple? Researchers look beyond Earth’s green

Is alien life purple? Researchers from Cornell University think that as far as alien worlds go, purple may be the new green.

Venus’ atmosphere is leaking gases into space

The BepiColombo spacecraft, headed for Mercury, flew past Venus and found that carbon and oxygen ions are escaping into space from Venus' atmosphere.

Meet Gaia BH3, our galaxy’s most massive stellar black hole

Astronomers have discovered the most massive stellar black hole yet discovered in our home galaxy, the Milky Way. They call the object Gaia BH3.

How Pluto got its heart

The New Horizons spacecraft saw a heart-shaped feature on Pluto during its 2015 flyby. New computer simulations suggest an impact created Pluto's heart.

Large asteroid safely passed Earth: See pic here!

Check out the image of the large asteroid 2013 NK4 - which is about 2,000 feet (610 meters) wide - that safely passed Earth on April 15, 2024.

Did this Mars rock once lie along an ancient lakeshore?

NASA's Perseverance rover sampled an unusual Mars rock called Bunsen Peak. It is rich in carbonate and silica and likely came from an ancient lakeshore beach.

3 young planetary systems revealed by Webb telescope

NASA's Webb space telescope looked for baby planets in the protoplanetary disks in 3 young planetary systems. It didn't find any, and scientists explain why.

Enceladus hosting cell-sized particles, a hint of life?

A new study of Cassini data has revealed bacteria-sized particles in the plumes of Saturn's ocean moon Enceladus. Could they be evidence of microbial life?

Asteroid Apophis to sweep close 5 years from tomorrow

Five years from now, on April 13, 2029, the asteroid Apophis will zoom safely past the Earth. This much-anticipated event is a "must-see" for all.

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