Asteroid 2021 SG came from the sun’s direction

Asteroid 2021 SG - 4 times the diameter of 2013's Chelyabinsk meteor - passed near Earth without being previously detected on September 16, 2021.

U.S. and China: Cooperation or competition in space?

Between the U.S. and China: Will it be collaboration or competition that defines international space science and exploration in the 21st century?

Planets are born in cosmic organic soups

Astronomers have found that planets form in cosmic soups of organic molecules. These soups have different ingredients, leading to a wide diversity of planets.

Sex in space: Time to talk about it?

Sex in space has been a taboo subject for decades. But, these authors point out, it'll be necessary for the survival of the human race.

 Inspiration4: 1st all-civilian crew goes to space

SpaceX made history again on September 15, 2021, as it successfully launched Inspiration4, "the world’s first all-civilian mission."

SpaceX lasers define next era of Starlink technology

SpaceX lasers launched this week with a new batch of Starlink satellites marks a transition in tech for the satellite broadband network.

Rerun of a supernova blast expected 2037

Astronomers expect to see a rerun of a supernova blast, whose light traveled 10 billion years to reach us, in about the year 2037.

Impact on Jupiter surprises skywatchers

An impact on Jupiter has stargazers looking skyward to see if they can spot any lingering evidence of the September 13, 2021, event.

Missing impact debris mystery solved?

Where is the missing impact debris from the early solar system? A new study says it was probably vaporized into gas that subsequently escaped the solar system.

Dog-bone asteroid Kleopatra makes a fetching portrait

ESO released new images of Kleopatra, the dog-bone asteroid. The images helped astronomers uncover its size and composition, revealing that it's a rubble pile.