Epic solar storm effects seen by Mars rovers

The sun lobs its particles into the solar system, and studying this space weather on Mars helps us understand what future astronauts might face there.

The last Milky Way galactic collision was a recent event

The Milky Way has collided with many other galaxies. The Gaia space telescope found the most recent galactic collision happened later than we thought.

Goodbye Vulcan: Real-life Star Trek exoplanet doesn’t exist

Astronomers thought there might be a real-life version of the famous Star Trek exoplanet Vulcan orbiting the star 40 Eridani A. But a new study says no.

Phoenix exoplanet’s puffy atmosphere survives red giant star

Astronomers have discovered a Neptune-sized world orbiting close to a red giant star. And surprisingly, the exoplanet's puffy atmosphere is still intact.

Apollo 8 Earthrise photographer killed in plane crash

Apollo 8's William Anders captured the iconic "Earthrise" photo on Christmas Eve, 1968. Anders was killed Friday, when the plane he was piloting alone crashed.

Blaze Star to go nova soon! Here’s how to see it

A recurring nova in Corona Borealis - nicknamed Blaze Star - should appear bright enough to see with the unaided eye sometime in 2024.

The North Star: Does it ever move?

The North Star is a symbol for constancy. But, a video of it overnight, reveals that it makes its own little circle around the sky's north pole every day.

Webb finds most distant galaxy known so far

Astronomers using the Webb space telescope have discovered the most distant galaxy yet known. It existed 290 million years after the Big Bang.

Asteroid’s double moon points to a complex history

A new study of asteroid Dinkinesh and its moon Selam, based on data from the Lucy mission, shows a complex history of Dinkinesh and the asteroid's double moon.

New exoplanet catalog unveils 126 exotic worlds

A new NASA exoplanet catalog unveils 126 newly discovered worlds ranging from scorched wastelands to ones that may be able to support life.