Launches: Surprise rollout for Artemis 1 today

On today's Launches blog ... NASA will roll out the SLS for the Artemis 1 moonshot early, starting at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 16.

Dark matter halos missing in Fornax Cluster

A new study suggests dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster lack dark matter halos. This finding challenges the cosmological Standard Model.

Wow! See a galactic collision in stunning detail

Astronomers using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii have captured a stunning new image of a galactic collision of 2 galaxies 60 million light-years away.

SpaceX Starlink launches for August

SpaceX has seven Starlink launches scheduled for the month of August 2022. Watch the second one take place at 21:40 UTC on August 12, 2022.

Betelgeuse is recovering from blowing its top

Betelgeuse blew its top in 2019. The explosion kicked up a dust cloud, which made the star look dimmer from Earth. The star is slowly recovering.

Can meteors make a sound? Scientists say yes

Is it possible to hear a meteor? Some people report hearing meteors make a sizzling sound. Scientists explain how you can hear a meteor.

How do meteorites survive their fiery journey to the ground?

Asteroid 2008 TC3 entered our atmosphere and scattered meteorites over Sudan. Researchers found the resulting meteorites came from the back of the asteroid.

Mars Sample Return mission steps forward

The Mars Sample Return mission is changing a bit, including the addition of 2 new Mars helicopters. It will bring the 1st-ever Mars samples to Earth in 2033.

UFOs – Ultra-red Flattened Objects – revealed by Webb

Astronomers analyzing new Webb images have found UFOs, or Ultra-red Flattened Objects. These UFOs are disk galaxies that only become visible in infrared light.

Launches and spaceflight updates: Week of August 8, 2022

Looking for this week’s Launches blog? Click here. EarthSky’s Launches blog, with Dave Adalian and Lia De La Cruz, brings...