What the Chinese Zhurong rover found beneath Mars’ surface

China's Zhurong rover has found polygonal wedges below the surface in Utopia Planitia on Mars. Freeze-thaw cycles of water and ice likely created the polygons.

1st planet-forming disk discovered in nearby galaxy

For the first time, astronomers have discovered a planet-forming disk around a young star in another galaxy outside our own Milky Way galaxy.

Mysterious 3200 Phaethon – parent to the Geminids – revealed!

3200 Phaethon is the weirdly comet-like asteroid that spawns the Geminid meteor shower. Could fizzing sodium play a role? Read more about this rock-comet.

EarthSky’s lunar calendar: How to use this great gift!

Follow the moon! Here’s why you need an EarthSky lunar calendar, the top tips for using it, and where you can order one.

Space Force to track ‘abnormal objects of unknown origin’

The U.S. Space Force wants to track objects near Earth that exhibit 'abnormal observables' and are of 'unknown origin.' Could there be a connection to UAP?

Nearby exoplanet is Earth twin, but hot as a pizza oven

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope measured the exact diameter of a nearby Earth-sized exoplanet. The sizzling world is too hot for life, however.

Where is Voyager 2 going? And when will it get there?

Where is Voyager 2 going? It's not aimed for any particular star, but in 40,000 years it will pass within 1.65 light-years of the star Ross 248.

World’s largest optical telescope – the ELT – going up in Chile

The world's largest optical telescope will be the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), currently under construction in the Chilean desert.

Shrinking exoplanets? Here’s how it happens

Scientists say they may have solved the mystery of shrinking exoplanets. Radiation from the cores of less massive sub-Neptunes pushes away their atmospheres.

How to see Earth’s shadow at sunrise and sunset

Just before sunrise and after sunset, you can spot Earth's shadow. Look west at sunrise and east at sunset. Learn more about Earth's shadow here.