Hera mission following after DART’s asteroid impact

The Hera mission will take over after DART impacts an asteroid. Hera will analyze the impact area and learn more about Didymos and Dimorphos.

False fossils on Mars might inhibit search for life

A new study from scientists in the UK says that false fossils on Mars could complicate the search for microbial life. They could be mistaken for real fossils.

Nearby habitable planets at Alpha Centauri?

A new custom-designed space telescope mission called TOLIMAN will search for nearby habitable planets in the closest star system to Earth, Alpha Centauri.

Hubble’s Grand Tour of the giant planets

NASA has released stunning new images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune from the Hubble Space Telescope. These annual observations are called Hubble's Grand Tour of the outer solar system.

James Webb Telescope: Preparations resume for December 22 launch

An unwanted vibration in the Webb Space Telescope caused launch preparations to cease temporarily two days ago. Now they have resumed.

DART mission will hit and move an asteroid

The DART mission is due to launch November 23-24, 2021. It'll head to the moonlet of asteroid Didymos, where it'll crash into and slightly push the moonlet.

November deep sky: Nebulae, clusters and more

The November deep sky holds beautiful sights that you can see with your own eyes, or enjoy through these amazing photos taken by our own EarthSky community.

Planet orbiting 2 stars discovered by TESS

NASA's TESS mission has just found its first planet orbiting 2 stars. It's a Jupiter-sized world that takes less than an Earth-year to complete one orbit.

Edwin Hubble and the expanding universe

In 2018, the International Astronomical Union voted to rename Hubble's law as the Hubble–Lemaître law to share credit between Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaître.

Piece of the moon? Asteroid might have lunar origin

Astronomers at the University of Arizona say that a peculiar near-Earth asteroid may actually be a lost piece of the moon that broke off in the ancient past.