Asteroid sample arrived safely at Earth

The spacecraft OSIRIS-REx dropped off an asteroid sample from Bennu on September 24, 2023, before continuing on a mission to Apophis as OSIRIS-APEX.

Europa’s carbon dioxide likely came from its ocean

Two new studies suggest that Europa's carbon dioxide deposits originate in the moon's subsurface ocean. The results support a habitable ocean environment.

Solstices and equinoxes in a video from space

See how sunlight falls on Earth's surface during the solstices and equinoxes, and get a better understanding of why Earth's tilt causes the seasons.

There may be less water ice on the moon than we thought

We know there is water ice on the moon. But a new study suggests there is less of it in the moon's permanently shadowed regions than we previously thought.

Psyche mission to explore priceless asteroid

The Psyche mission will launch on October 5, 2023, on a mission to explore the metal-rich asteroid Psyche. Learn more about the mission and asteroid here.

Closest black holes yet in famous Hyades star cluster?

Researchers in Europe say that they may have found the closest known black holes to Earth, in the Hyades open star cluster 150 light-years away.

Stunning new images from Chandra X-ray Observatory

Check out these new images from Chandra X-Ray Observatory. They show exploding stars, galaxies, the Milky Way's galactic center, and more.

Aliens on TRAPPIST-1e could find us by our pollution

Researchers show how an alien civilization on TRAPPIST-1e could find us by detecting our pollution. They simulated Earth as seen from 40 light-years away.

Guy Ottewell asks, is there a smile across the sky?

Guy Ottewell explores and explains the different view of the current objects near the western horizon from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Lucy spacecraft gets its 1st view of target asteroid

The Lucy spacecraft has its first asteroid target in sight. See Dinkinesh, a main belt asteroid that Lucy will have a close approach with on November 1, 2023.