See the mysterious spiral over Hawaii observatory

Astronomers using the Subaru-Asahi Star Camera in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, captured a mysterious spiral in the night sky. Watch the video here.

Watch exoplanets orbit their star in new video

You can watch 4 exoplanets orbit their home star in this new video from Jason Wang of Northwestern University. See the video here.

Exoplanets are worlds orbiting other stars

Exoplanets are worlds orbiting distant stars. Learn the history of our knowledge of exoplanets, the various types, how astronomers find them, and more.

Lucy spacecraft to visit an asteroid this year

The Lucy spacecraft has a new target! It will visit a main-belt asteroid at the end of 2023, two years ahead of schedule. Read more about its new target.

Webb observes Chariklo’s rings during occultation

NASA's Webb telescope took its 1st look at tiny asteroid Chariklo's rings, showing they contain water ice. Webb used a stellar occultation to observe the rings.

New Milky Way survey reveals billions of objects

Astronomers at NOIRLab, using the Dark Energy Camera in Chile, have released a new Milky Way survey showing billions of objects in the galactic plane.

Rubble pile asteroids are hard to destroy

Scientists discovered that rubble pile asteroids have been around since the beginning of the solar system and are very hard to destroy. Read more.

Permanently shadowed crater captured by ShadowCam

NASA's ShadowCam instrument on the Danuri lunar orbiter has sent back its 1st image. It shows details inside a permanently shadowed crater on the moon.

Life on Io? An astrobiologist says it’s possible

Could there be microbial life on Io? Jupiter's hostile volcanic moon seems an unlikely home, but astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch says it's not impossible.

On Saturday … Closest new moon in 1,337 years

The new moon of January 21, 2023 will be the closest new moon to Earth in a period of 1,337 years. Read more about the closest new moon here.