A black hole jet aimed at Earth

An international team of astronomers says it has detected a powerful jet of material coming from a distant black hole. And it's pointed right toward Earth.

Artemis 1 Orion craft has left moon orbit, now headed home

The Artemis 1 Orion moonship left lunar orbit on December 1, and is now headed back to Earth. Splashdown in the Pacific is due December 11.

Did Mars have 1st life in our solar system?

A new study said that Mars once had enough water, largely brought by asteroids, for a deep global ocean. Those asteroids also brought organic molecules.

Europa Clipper gets its wheels for space journey

NASA engineers and technicians have installed 4 reaction wheels on Europa Clipper. They will keep the spacecraft oriented as it explores Jupiter's ocean moon.

Bright BlueWalker 3 satellite concerns astronomers

BlueWalker 3 is a new satellite in our skies. The IAU has raised the alarm over this satellite and others that could interfere with astronomical research.

Life on Venus? New paper explores possibilities

Is there life on Venus? Specifically, its atmosphere? Researchers in the US and UK make the case for ammonia, phosphine and other biological anomalies on Venus.

November deep sky: Nebulae, clusters and more

The EarthSky community shared amazing photos of the November deep sky. See diffuse nebulae and a beautiful galaxy beyond our own!

Webb telescope 1st close look at exoplanet atmosphere

For the 1st time, the Webb telescope has analyzed the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet. It probed the atmosphere of Saturn-sized WASP-39b in fantastic detail.

Comets are icy balls of gas and dust

Comets are diffuse balls of ice and dust orbiting the sun. They're sometimes visible in our skies. A comet's tail can stretch millions of miles across space.

Stars and planets grow rapidly together

An international team of researchers has released a new study of "polluted" white dwarf stars showing that stars and planets likely form simultaneously.