Are Eris and Pluto different on the inside?

Dwarf planets Eris and Pluto are outwardly similar. But a new study suggests they are quite different on the inside, and that they evolved differenly.

Mars spacecraft fall silent as red planet goes behind sun

Mars passed behind the sun from Earth yesterday, November 18, 2023. Between now and early December, data exchange between Earth and Mars spacecraft is limited.

Edwin Hubble and the expanding universe

In 2018, the International Astronomical Union voted to rename Hubble's law as the Hubble–Lemaître law to share credit between Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaître.

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts. Scientists are trying to come up with new models to explain what the standard model of cosmology can't.

Are 2 huge blobs inside Earth due to an ancient impact?

A new study from an international team of researchers says that 2 huge blobs inside Earth came from the collision with the planet Theia billions of years ago.

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is coated in salts and organics

NASA's Juno spacecraft has found salts and organics on Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede. They suggest that watery brines came up to the surface from deep below.

Seasons of Uranus, a sideways world

The seasons of Uranus, each over two decades long, result from its tilted rotation axis, making for strange summers and winters on that planet.

Uranus discovered by accident in 1781 by William Herschel

William Herschel spotted Uranus in 1781 during a routine survey of the stars. It was the 1st new planet found since ancient times.

Rover spies rock features on Mars with odd circular shapes

NASA's Perseverance rover recently found odd circular rock features on Mars, similar to ones made by microbes on Earth in lakes. Evidence of life or geology?

1st science images from Euclid! Dr. Becky explains why we love them

See the first images from Euclid, a dazzling assortment of galaxies, clusters and nebulae that will help us understand dark matter and dark energy.