Webb: Fully deployed and heading toward L2

The James Webb Space Telescope will take about a month to unfurl as it travels to L2. Some are calling it Webb's "30 days of terror."

The 1st known exoplanet magnetic field

An international team of astronomers has discovered a magnetic field on exoplanet HAT-P-11b, a Neptune-sized world 123 light-years away.

Ice on Earth-like worlds might be rare

Ice on Earth-like worlds orbiting other stars may be fairly rare at the planets' poles, according to a new study from researchers in the U.S. and Switzerland.

Rogue planets nearly double in number with new discovery

Astronomers have nearly doubled the number of known rogue planets with a recent discovery using archive images from the Upper Scorpius region.

10 months of Perseverance: New Mars discoveries

NASA announced exciting new results from the first 10 months of Perseverance exploring an ancient lakebed on Mars, from magma to organics.

2022 Quadrantid meteor shower to peak January 2-3

The Quadrantid meteor shower in 2022 coincides with a new moon, meaning there will be dark skies and a better chance of spotting meteors.

Juno spacecraft’s 4 latest discoveries at Jupiter

Juno has been studying Jupiter and its moons since it arrived at the giant planet in 2016. Here are 4 of its newest discoveries, courtesy of NASA.

‘We love it.’ Webb in arts and crafts

People kept busy while anticipating the James Webb Space Telescope launch by creating a huge array of inspiring arts and crafts.

Webb Telescope launch December 25: Success!

NASA now says that - due to adverse weather - the Webb Telescope will launch no earlier than Christmas Day, December 25.

Possible fossil spiral arms in our Milky Way

A team of scientists using Gaia data have examined filamentary threads in the disk of the Milky Way and think they might be fossil spiral arms.