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Meet Regulus, Leo the Lion’s Heart

The bright star Regulus in Leo the Lion is prominent in the evening sky in May. It looks like a single point of light, but is really 4 stars.

Polaris is the present-day North Star

Many people think Polaris is the brightest star, but it's only 48th in brightness. Still, Polaris is famous because the entire northern sky wheels around it.

Comet Halley, parent of 2 meteor showers

The famous comet Halley spawns both the May Eta Aquariid meteor shower and the October Orionid meteor shower. It'll return to the inner solar system in 2061.

Draconid meteor shower 2024: All you need to know

In 2024, the Draconid meteor shower - also called the Giacobinids - will probably produce the most meteors on the evening of October 7-8.

Eltanin and Rastaban, the Dragon’s eyes on summer evenings

These 2 famous stars shine down from the northern sky. Eltanin and Rastaban represent the fiery eyes of the constellation Draco the Dragon.

Massive ruby red Antares is the Scorpion’s Heart

Red Antares, Heart of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpius, is a mighty star, a red supergiant in the last stages of its life span.

Circumpolar stars never rise or set and depend on latitude

Circumpolar stars stay above the horizon all hours of the day, every day and every night of the year. In the north, they circle around Polaris in Ursa Minor.

Big and Little Dippers in the northern sky on June evenings

How can you see both the Big and Little Dippers? On June evenings, the Big Dipper is high in the north. Let it be your guide to the Little Dipper.

Deneb: How astronomers know how far away it is

The star Deneb - part of the Summer Triangle - is one of the most distant stars you can see with your eye alone. But why don't we know its distance precisely?

Which moon phase is best for stargazing? That depends.

Which moon phase is best for stargazing? Most astronomers would tell you that the best moon is no moon. But it depends on what you want to see.