See Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky

Spot Sirius in Canis Major the Greater Dog - the brightest star as seen from Earth. Learn the science and mythology of the Dog Star.

Betelgeuse will explode someday

Betelgeuse will explode as a supernova someday. It's close enough that it'll shine brightly during the day but not place us in danger.

Capella is sometimes called the Goat Star

The 6th-brightest star in the night sky, Capella, in the Northern Hemisphere constellation Auriga the Charioteer, is also a point of the Winter Hexagon.

Schedar shines brightly at the Queen’s heart

Schedar is the brightest star in the distinctive W-shaped northern constellation Cassiopeia and is visible most of the year from northern latitudes.

Bellatrix is Orion’s 3rd-brightest star

Orion's shoulder star Bellatrix has a name that means "female warrior." Bellatrix is one of the hottest stars you can see without optical aid.

Mirach is guide star to 3 galaxies

Mirach in the constellation Andromeda helps stargazers locate the Andromeda Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy, and "Mirach's Ghost" (NGC 404).

Algol the Demon Star of Perseus

What's the scariest star in all the heavens? Look for Algol the Demon Star on autumn evenings. It's a great choice for a driveway telescope night on Halloween.

Alpheratz belongs to Andromeda, but is part of the Great Square

Alpheratz, the brightest star in the constellation Andromeda, can guide you to the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest large spiral galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy.

Kochab and Pherkad: The Guardians of the Pole

Kochab and Pherkad are two stars in the Little Dipper that carry the nickname of the Guardians of the Pole. Here's how to find them and more.

Meet Delta Scorpii, aka Dschubba

Delta Scorpii, also known as Dschubba, is a variable star in the constellation Scorpius. With the eyes alone, you can check its brightness for yourself, and for science.