Zubenelgenubi is alpha star of Libra the Scales

Zubenelgenubi - Alpha Librae - is a double star, and is the second brightest star in the constellation Libra the Scales.

Massive ruby red Antares is the Scorpion’s Heart

Red Antares, Heart of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpius, is a massive red supergiant star in the last stages of its lifespan.

Rastaban and Eltanin, the Dragon’s Eyes, on June evenings

Look in the northeast on these June evenings, near the star Vega. You'll see Rastaban and Eltanin, the eyes of Draco the Dragon.

Is Zubeneschamali in the constellation Libra a green star?

Professional astronomers can explain to you why stars can’t look green. Yet many stargazers insist that Zubeneschamali proves otherwise.

Alphecca, a jewel in Corona Borealis the Northern Crown

Alphecca. Gemma. Alpha Coronae Borealis or simply Alpha Cor Bor. They're all names for a single star, the brightest star in the Northern Crown.

Spica, the bright beacon of Virgo, is 2 stars

Spica is a scorching-hot pair of stars, whirling very closely around one another. One of them may go supernova someday. It's the brightest star in Virgo.

Meet Regulus, Leo the Lion’s Heart

The bright star Regulus in Leo the Lion is prominent in the evening sky in May. It looks like a single point of light, but is really 4 stars.

Mimosa, 2nd-brightest star in Crux, the Southern Cross

To see Mimosa, you need to be in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is a prominent star, or at the latitude of New Orleans, Hawaii, Cairo or New Delhi.

Tonight’s young moon emerges into the evening sky

The young moon will compete in brightness with several bright stars on the evening of May 9, 2024. Which will shine most brightly?

Polaris is the present-day North Star

Many people think Polaris is the brightest star, but it's only 48th in brightness. Still, Polaris is famous because the entire northern sky wheels around it.