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Last quarter moon and Spica, mornings of January 24 and 25

See the moon and Spica on the mornings of January 24 and 25, 2022. The last quarter moon sidles up to the bright star in Virgo on these dates.

January’s full moon: Wolf Moon and 1st full moon of 2022

January's full moon is on January 17, 2022, and is nicknamed the Wolf Moon. Enjoy the full-looking moon for a night or two on either side of that night.

Elnath is close to the galactic anticenter

Elnath, the 2nd-brightest star in Taurus, is the closest bright star to the galactic anticenter - the point in space directly opposite our Milky Way's center.

Lunar libration: January 7 moon maximum for 2022

One side of the moon always faces Earth. Even so, over time, it's possible to see as much as 59% of the moon's surface, due to lunar libration.

The star Sirius rings in the New Year

The Dog Star Sirius reaches its highest point in the sky around midnight every New Year's Eve. For this reason, it could also be called the New Year's star.

Longest days accompany the December solstice

The longest days accompany the winter solstice. In December, a day - a whole cycle of day and night - is about half a minute longer than the average 24 hours.

Mirfak is the brightest star in Perseus

Mirfak is the brightest star in Perseus and can be spotted even from light-polluted locations. This star is a member of the Alpha Persei Moving Cluster.

Menkar – a visual double – is the Whale’s alpha star

It's not the most famous star in Cetus the Whale, or the brightest. But Menkar is the Whale's alpha star and has its own claims to fame.

Say hello to Aries the Ram

How to see Aries the Ram in your night sky with its bright star Hamal, plus info about this constellation in astronomy history and mythology.

Earliest sunset comes before winter solstice

Earliest sunset at mid-northern latitudes are happening now. What if you're in the Southern Hemisphere? Watch for your earliest sunrise.