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See Orion’s Belt as a celestial bridge

Many know Orion's Belt, a short straight row of 3 stars. To the Aymara - indigenous people in the Andes and Altiplano regions of South America - Orion's Belt is seen as a Celestial Bridge between the sky's Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Pleiades – or 7 Sisters – shine in November

The Pleiades star cluster - aka the Seven Sisters or M45 - is visible from virtually every part of the globe. It looks like a tiny misty dipper of stars.

Algol is the Demon Star

What's the scariest star in all the heavens? Look for Algol the Demon Star on autumn evenings. It's a great choice for a driveway telescope night on Halloween.

Cassiopeia and Perseus on October evenings

Cassiopeia and Perseus are neighbors in the fall sky. Use Cassiopeia's distinctive W or M shape to locate the dimmer Perseus on autumn and winter evenings.

Halloween is an astronomical holiday

The 4 cross-quarter days fall between equinoxes and solstices. Halloween is the spookiest one. It comes from a festival of ancient Celts and Druids.

Double Cluster in Perseus on October evenings

The Double Cluster in Perseus is a breathtaking pair of star clusters, easy to see in October. How to find it in your sky.

Bright star Deneb transits at dusk around October 24

The Summer Triangle shifts westward in our sky, and Deneb transits about 6:30 p.m. to mark the shift toward winter - or summer in the south.

Deneb Kaitos marks the tail of Cetus

Deneb Kaitos is the brightest star in the constellation Cetus the Whale. It's at its highest in the sky on October and November evenings.

What are star trails, and how can I capture them?

What are star trails? Photographers point cameras skyward and take long-exposure photos. You see streaks caused by Earth's rotation.

Draconid meteor shower 2021 will peak October 8

October's Draconid meteor shower - sometimes called the Giacobinids - is expected to peak at nightfall or early evening on October 8, 2021.