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June 2021 guide to the bright planets

Let the moon be your guide to the bright planets in June 2021. And learn how to find Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury when the moon has moved away.

Use the moon to find Jupiter and Saturn in late May and early June

In late May and early June 2021, use the moon to find Jupiter and Saturn.

‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse on June 10

The moon will sweep in front of the sun June 10 to stage 2021's first solar eclipse. A bright ring, the sun's outer rim, will surround the moon at mid-eclipse.

In late May, closest Mercury-Venus conjunction until 2033

Late May 2021 showcases the closest coupling of Mercury and Venus for years to come.

Virgo? Here’s your constellation

Learn about the constellation Virgo the Maiden, now fully up in the evening sky. Skylore, science and more.

Omega Centauri is the Milky Way’s largest star cluster

The Milky Way's largest globular star cluster, Omega Centauri, contains about 10 million stars, but probably no life.

What is lunar libration?

One side of the moon always faces Earth. Even so, over time, it's possible to see as much as 59% of the moon's surface, due to lunar libration.

Total eclipse of 2021’s closest supermoon on May 26

The May 26 total eclipse of 2021's closest supermoon can be seen from western North America and elsewhere. It has a very short totality. Don't miss it!

Moon and Spica on May 22 and 23

Spica is the brightest star in Virgo the Maiden. It's the star near the moon on May 22 and 23, 2021. Learn this star's place in starlore, here.

Jupiter at west quadrature on May 21

If you could look down on the solar system plane from above on May 21, 2021, you'd see that the sun, Earth and Jupiter form a 90 degree angle in space, with our planet Earth at the vertex of this angle.