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Mars in 2022: Earth flies between Mars and sun December 7-8

Mars has brightened throughout 2022 as it draws near its opposition on December 8. Plus, the moon will occult - pass in front of - Mars. Read more.

Artemis 1 Orion craft has left moon orbit, now headed home

The Artemis 1 Orion moonship left lunar orbit on December 1, and is now headed back to Earth. Splashdown in the Pacific is due December 11.

2022 December solstice: All you need to know

The 2022 December solstice takes place on December 21. Northern Hemisphere's shortest day. Southern Hemisphere's longest day. Happy solstice to all!

Glacier calving in Antarctica: Video and science

Check out this dramatic video of a glacier calving in Antarctica. And read about how scientists' measurements revealed what was happening under the water.

Mauna Loa volcano: No evac orders, but residents on alert

Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii is erupting for the 1st time in 38 years. As of this morning, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports "no property is at risk."

Visible planets and night sky December 2022

In December, the morning planet is Mars. In the evening, all five bright planets are visible, with Venus and Mercury climbing higher in the evening twilight.

Tides, and the pull of the moon and sun

Expect higher-than-usual tides for a few days following the November 23, 2022, new supermoon, and the 4 more new supermoons through March, 2023.

Earth’s shadow: When can you see it?

Like all worlds orbiting suns, our planet Earth casts a shadow. Here are some times to look for it Earth's shadow and the Belt of Venus.

What is the Brocken Spectre? A misty figure in the fog

The Brocken Spectre is your own shadow cast on mists below you from high on a mountain. The shadow may appear enormous and has a rainbow ring around it.

A runaway star moves fast in an unusual direction

Stars in our Milky Way galaxy move in a more or less orderly way. But a star that moves differently from the general stream of stars is known as a runaway star.