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A Dyson sphere harvests the energy of stars

Dyson spheres are named after inventor Freeman J. Dyson. A Dyson sphere is a megastructures that civilizations could use to harness the power of stars.

EarthSky’s 2021 meteor shower guide

New moon comes on August 8, leaving skies dark for the Perseids in 2021. EarthSky's meteor shower guide features dates and times. It can help you plan.

Scutum the Shield is named for a Polish king

Scutum has only has 4 stars that make up the constellation outline, but it's noticeable in a dark sky because a rich region of the Milky Way is behind it.

Major 8.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska

Sirens sounded across Alaska's Kodiak island last night, after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake prompted tsunami warmings.

Orion the Hunter returns late July or early August

Orion the Hunter returns to the east at dawn every year at this time. Here's how to watch for this most noticeable of constellations.

Russia’s Nauka module en route to ISS

Russia's Nauka module reportedly had some issues after reaching orbiting. It's due to dock with the International Space Station on July 29.

Perseid meteor shower 2021: All you need to know

In 2021, the peak mornings for the Perseid meteor shower - August 11, 12 and 13 - will be moon-free. Now all you need is a dark sky!

Delta Aquariid meteor shower 2021: All you need to know

Late July presents a nominal peak for the Delta Aquariid meteor shower, but this long and rambling shower is active from July 12 to August 23 each year.

Find Perseid and Delta Aquariid radiant points

Every late July and August, two excellent meteor showers overlap. Here's how to find the Perseid and Delta Aquariid radiant points.

Visualize the Perseid meteor stream in space

This visualization by Ian Webster and Peter Jenniskens uses NASA data to render the Perseid meteor stream in space. Don't miss this!