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Visible planets and night sky guide for June

Visible planets and night sky guide for June 2024. Mercury moves behind the sun on June 14th, reaching superior conjunction. Plus, the moon is reaching apogee.

Rastaban and Eltanin, the Dragon’s Eyes, on June evenings

Look in the northeast on these June evenings, near the star Vega. You'll see Rastaban and Eltanin, the eyes of Draco the Dragon.

Jupiter coming to June’s morning sky, opposition in December

Giant Jupiter is closest to Earth for 2024 on December 6. Then Earth will fly between the sun and Jupiter - bringing Jupiter to opposition - on December 7.

Apollo 8 Earthrise photographer killed in plane crash

Apollo 8's William Anders captured the iconic "Earthrise" photo on Christmas Eve, 1968. Anders was killed Friday, when the plane he was piloting alone crashed.

NASA’s Perpetual Ocean video will wow you

To honor Earth's oceans on World Ocean Day, this beautiful NASA video, Perpetual Ocean, follows the currents and eddies around the world.

The Crow, Cup and Water Snake in June skies

Use the bright star Spica to help you find the Crow, Cup and Water Snake. And learn the mythology behind these faint constellations.

Big and Little Dippers in the northern sky on June evenings

How can you see both the Big and Little Dippers? On June evenings, the Big Dipper is high in the north. Let it be your guide to the Little Dipper.

Lineup of 6 planets in early June 2024

There's a lineup of 6 planets in the morning sky in early June. Will you see all of them? Find charts and observing tips here.

Alphecca, a jewel in Corona Borealis the Northern Crown

Alphecca. Gemma. Alpha Coronae Borealis or simply Alpha Cor Bor. They're all names for a single star, the brightest star in the Northern Crown.

Manhattanhenge in 2024: When and where to see it

Each year around May 29 and July 12, New Yorkers watch for Manhattanhenge, an alignment of the sunset along city streets. Get your cameras ready!