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Deborah Byrd

Astronomer Michael Brown: ‘I killed Pluto. Now I’m searching for Planet 9’

Cool astronomy livestream on Monday, July 14! EarthSky's Deborah Byrd will be talking with astronomer Michael Brown, who calls himself "the man who killed Pluto."

Visible planets and night sky guide for July

Visible planets and night sky guide for July 2024. Tonight Mars will lie close to the dim planet Uranus in the morning sky. A binocular view is best.

Manhattanhenge in 2024: See it tonight and tomorrow night

Each year around May 29 and July 12, New Yorkers watch for Manhattanhenge, an alignment of the sunset along city streets. Get ready for it on July 12 and 13!

Summer Triangle star Deneb is distant and luminous

When you gaze at the bright star Deneb, you’re gazing across thousands of light-years of space at one of the bright stars of the huge Summer Triangle asterism.

World Population Day 2024 is today, July 11

Today is World Population Day, organized by the UN and observed on July 11 every year. This year's theme is "To leave no one behind, count everyone."

Summer Triangle star: Altair is variable and spins fast!

Altair, in the constellation Aquila the Eagle, is one of the closest stars to our solar system. It's variable in an unusual way, and it spins very fast!

Coathanger cluster: This star pattern looks like its name

The Coathanger cluster resembles its namesake and is easy to spot with binoculars, using the star Albireo - part of the Summer Triangle - to find it.

Hurricane Beryl regaining strength, heading to Texas

Tropical storm Beryl - predicted to become Hurricane Beryl before it makes landfall - is now in the Gulf of Mexico, heading toward the Texas coastline.

Earth farthest from sun – or aphelion – on July 5

Earth farthest from sun ... aka aphelion! It happened on July 5. That's despite the fact that it's summer now in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chinese rocket accidentally blasts off, then crashes

A Chinese rocket was undergoing a static fire test on Sunday, June 30, 2024, when it suddenly broke free of its hold-down clamps and launched.