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Summer Triangle star: Vega is bright and blue-white

There's a noticeable star pattern called the Summer Triangle in the east on July and August evenings. Its brightest star is blue-white Vega.

Summer Triangle star Deneb is distant and luminous

When you gaze at the bright star Deneb, you’re gazing across thousands of light-years of space at one of the bright stars of the huge Summer Triangle asterism.

Summer Triangle star: Altair is variable and spins fast!

Altair, in the constellation Aquila the Eagle, is one of the closest stars to our solar system. It's variable in an unusual way, and it spins very fast!

It’s summer. What’s noon to you? Midday? High noon?

What do you mean by noon? Do you define it by your clock or wristwatch? Or the gnawing in your stomach? Here's how astronomers think about noontime.

Massive ruby red Antares is the Scorpion’s Heart

Red Antares, Heart of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpius, is a massive red supergiant star in the last stages of its lifespan.

Spica, the bright beacon of Virgo, is 2 stars

Spica is a scorching-hot pair of stars, whirling very closely around one another. One of them may go supernova someday. It's the brightest star in Virgo.

Meet Regulus, Leo the Lion’s Heart

The bright star Regulus in Leo the Lion is prominent in the evening sky in May. It looks like a single point of light, but is really 4 stars.

Mimosa, 2nd-brightest star in Crux, the Southern Cross

To see Mimosa, you need to be in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is a prominent star, or at the latitude of New Orleans, Hawaii, Cairo or New Delhi.

Beta Centauri is one of the Southern Pointer Stars

Beta Centauri isn’t as famous as Alpha Centauri, but together, these brilliant Southern Hemisphere stars have inspired legends and guided mariners.

The moon: 5 myths about our natural satellite

There are plenty of myths that surround the moon. Here are 5 of the most popular myths. How many of these myths have you been led to believe?