Sun news July 15: SDO eclipse season begins today

Sun news for July 15. The Solar Dynamics Observatory starts an eclipse season with Earth eclipsing the sun! Sun activity is moderate with 4 recent M flares.

What is the heliosphere and how can we measure it?

The heliosphere is a bubble of solar gas that extends outward and protects the planets from interstellar radiation. Scientists would like a probe to study it.

Will solar flares destroy modern civilization? Nah

David Wallace of Mississippi State University talks to Deborah Byrd about solar flares and the impact a big storm from the sun would have on Earth today.

Among solar storms, the one causing the Carrington Event was BIG

Massive solar storms could damage the power grid, disrupt the internet, affect the ability of GPS and create auroras that reach toward the equator.

Auroras on May 10-11 wowed millions! Pics here

Auroras last night from "extreme" geomagnetic storming - which came after a week of very high activity on the sun - wowed millions around the globe.

Giant sunspot region now visible in eclipse glasses

Did you save your eclipse glasses from the April 8 total solar eclipse? If so, grab them to check out giant sunspot region AR3664, now facing Earth!

Monday’s total solar eclipse from space

Earth-observing satellites captured imagery of the Moon’s shadow as it raced eastward over North America on the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipses are due to a fantastic coincidence

Total solar eclipses are the result of a fantastic coincidence: The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun but also 400 times closer to Earth.

The April 8 eclipse will reduce solar power, strain the grid

The April 8 eclipse will impact solar power generation, straining the grid. But grid operators are ready to compensate for the loss of energy production.

The April 8 total solar eclipse could scramble bird behavior

Researchers will be studying the reaction of birds - which are in the midst of spring migration - during the total solar eclipse of April 8.