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‘Oumuamua was an outgassing comet, scientists say

Researchers have solved the mystery of the strange orbit of 'Oumuamua. Outgassing from hydrogen gave the interstellar comet its distinctive push.

Visible planets and night sky March 2023

March 2023 Planets. Venus is the "evening star." Catch Jupiter before it's gone. Mars is high in the evening sky. Look for the zodiacal lights from March 10-24.

ESA’s JUICE mission will explore Jupiter’s icy moons

The JUICE mission is an ESA program that will journey to Jupiter and its icy moons, learning more about the habitability of these worlds.

Noctilucent clouds on Mars spotted by Mars Perseverance

The Perseverance rover took this image of noctilucent clouds on Mars on March 18, 2023. These night-shining clouds also appear on Earth.

What is bioluminescence? It’s a living light

Bioluminescence is living light. From plankton to jellyfish to fireflies, many creatures around the world can glow in the dark. Learn more here.

Mount Everest climbers leave their germs behind

Researchers found microbes, including those from humans, within the death zone of Mount Everest. This has implications for our future in space.

Asteroid 2023DW won’t hit Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046

Astronomers have now said asteroid 2023DW will most likely not hit Earth on Valentine's Day 2046. In fact, there's a 99.972% chance that 2023DW will miss us.

Rho Ophiuchi is filled with glorious color

One of the most colorful regions of the sky, Rho Ophiuchi showcases clusters and nebulae galore. This region is a great target for August nights.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy sets world record for longevity

Tropical Cyclone Freddy has easily set a new record as the world's longest-lived cyclone. It has killed more than 200 people in Africa.

Globe at Night asks you to help study light pollution

Participate in the March campaign for Globe at Night by looking at Orion and reporting how many of its stars you can see.