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Astronomers spot largest rotation in the universe

Astronomers have found the largest rotation in the universe by analyzing red and blue shifts in galaxies funneling along filaments in the cosmic web.

The sad fate of krill in the Southern Ocean

Krill in the Southern Ocean are projected to decline about 30% this century, due to human-driven climate change. But natural variability also plays a role. A new study tries to tease out the difference.

Asteroid Psyche: $10,000 quadrillion or rubble pile?

Metal asteroid Psyche was estimated to be worth $10,000 quadrillion. But a new study suggests it's less metallic and more porous than thought. Scientists are calling it a "rubble pile."
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Photos of the moon and the Beehive

Photographers on opposite sides of Earth captured images of the moon and the Beehive star cluster as they paired up in mid-June 2021.
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Favorite photos of ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse

Stunning photos of the June 10, 2021 'ring of fire' solar eclipse photos.

‘Listening’ to save the North Atlantic right whale

The North Atlantic right whale is endangered. A new technology finds the whales as they approach harmful and noisy situations, with the aim of protecting them.

Giant planets live in the suburbs

The results of a 30-year survey of exoplanets show our solar system as "normal." That is, giant planets tend to orbit far from their stars.

Active seafloor volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Europa?

New research suggests active seafloor volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Europa. Are they linked to life? The planned Europa Clipper mission might provide answers.
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Curiosity sees rare clouds on Mars

Clouds on Mars are infrequent, but the Curiosity rover has captured some. Scientists are analyzing the images to learn about these elusive atmospheric delights.

Happy birthday, Frank Drake

May 28, 2021 is the 91st birthday of Frank Drake. He formulated the famous Drake Equation in 1961, as a tool for contemplating alien civilizations.