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Comet Machholz rounds the sun, drops fragments

Comet Machholz made its closest approach to the sun on January 31, 2023. It left behind tiny fragments. Read more about this unusual comet.

Lucy spacecraft to visit an asteroid this year

The Lucy spacecraft has a new target! It will visit a main-belt asteroid at the end of 2023, two years ahead of schedule. Read more about its new target.

Moon occults Mars January 30-31, 2023

On the night of January 30-31, 2023, the waxing gibbous moon occults - or covers - the red planet Mars. Details here - how to see if - what to expect.

The moon’s terminator line divides night and day

The moon’s terminator line divides day and night on the moon. As we see it from Earth, it marks the line of lunar sunsets or sunrises. Read more.

Rubble pile asteroids are hard to destroy

Scientists discovered that rubble pile asteroids have been around since the beginning of the solar system and are very hard to destroy. Read more.

Meet ChatGPT, your new AI best friend

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to generate text in answer to questions or writing prompts. Read examples here.

How to find the Winter Hexagon or Winter Circle

The brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere's winter sky form the shape of the Winter Hexagon or Circle, that will help you locate 6 constellations.

Visible planets and night sky January and February

February 2023 visible planets including dazzling Jupiter and Venus in the west after sunset. Mars is high in the evening sky. Mercury is up before sunrise.

See the moon near Spica this weekend

See the waning moon near Spica in Virgo this weekend. The bright star is near the moon late at night January 13 and 14, and in early morning January 14 and 15.

Top 12 brightest objects in our solar system

Ready for some easy astronomy? How about the top 12 brightest objects in our solar system? You only need your eyes for 7 of them. Check 'em out here.