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Kelly Kizer Whitt

New evidence for Planet 9 at the fringes of our solar system

Researchers said the bunching of small objects beyond Neptune fits perfectly with the existence of a Planet 9 hiding on the outskirts of our solar system.

Mars craters pop in new images from ExoMars

Mars craters pop in these new images showcasing the diversity of impacts across the red planet. ESA's ExoMars mission took these images. See them here!

Visible planets and night sky guide for May

Visible planets and night sky guide for May 2024. Tonight and tomorrow night (May 19 and 20), the waxing gibbous moon will visit the bright star Spica.

Lineup of 6 planets soon to grace our morning skies

There's a lineup of 6 planets in the morning sky in early June. But four of them aren't easy to see. Find charts and observing tips here.

Centaurus the Centaur contains nearby stars

Centaurus the Centaur is a constellation found in Southern Hemisphere skies that contains some of the closest stars to our sun. Read more here.

Canadian zombie fires reigniting, sending smoke to US

The Canadian zombie fires simmering below ground all winter are reigniting with spring. Some raging fires are sending smoke southward into the US.

Meet Crux, the constellation of the Southern Cross

Crux, the constellation of the Southern Cross, is a hallmark of southern skies and contains the open cluster known as the Jewel Box.

Giant sunspot region now visible in eclipse glasses

Did you save your eclipse glasses from the April 8 total solar eclipse? If so, grab them to check out giant sunspot region AR3664, now facing Earth!

Satellite data gives tiger conservation a boost

Researchers use satellite data to aid tiger conservation efforts. Tigers are losing their habitat, but there are still many areas they could expand into.

Ring the fish doorbell to help fish migrate!

Ring the fish doorbell to help fish migrating to their spawning grounds! The fish are stuck behind a lock in the Netherlands, but you can help.