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Smokehouse Creek wildfire now #1 in size, in Texas history

A Texas wildfire is now the largest in the state's history. Plus, Oklahoma and Australia are also battling wildfires. See more here.

Visible planets and night sky for February and March

Visible planets in February and March. Look at Venus approaching the horizon before it disappears from the morning sky in March. And see Mars climbing higher.

Is Sirius the most luminous star in the sky?

Sirius is the brightest star in Earth's sky because of how close it is to us. It's so bright you might see glints of different colors flashing from it.

Here’s the latest Artemis timeline: Humans to the moon!

NASA released the latest timeline for the Artemis missions in January 2024. The crewed Artemis 2 mission will happen no earlier than September 2025.

Dead satellite enters atmosphere over Pacific Ocean

A dead satellite - ESA’s ERS-2 satellite - reentered Earth's atmosphere yesterday. ESA said: The entry was uncontrolled or "natural".

Record quasar is most luminous object in the universe

Record quasar J0529-4351 is the current record holder for most luminous object in the universe, fastest-growing black hole and largest accretion disk.

Euclid space telescope begins dark universe survey

On February 14, 2024, Euclid began its mission of surveying the dark universe. The space telescope will observe about 1/3 of the sky.

We heart the Earth and sky! PHOTOS

This Valentine’s Day, we find so much to love in the many heart shapes right here on Earth or all the way to the deepest reaches of the sky.

New supernova explodes in a galaxy in Virgo

Steven Bellavia caught before and after images of galaxy NGC 4216, which is currently hosting a new supernova. Learn how he did it here.

Asteroid that exploded in German skies is rare aubrite

Scientists analyzing the meteorites left behind by the asteroid that hit Germany said that they are a rare type known as an aubrite.