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Kelly Kizer Whitt

Sharkcano, an undersea volcano where sharks live

The underwater Kavachi volcano in the Solomon Islands is being called a "sharkcano" because scientists found sharks living in its crater.

See the best Milky Way photos of 2022

See 10 of Capture the Atlas's Best Milky Way photos of 2022. This annual edition showcases 25 of the best Milky Way photos from around the world.

Mars and Jupiter conjunction on May 29

The Mars and Jupiter conjunction on May 29, 2022 will bring these 2 worlds about a full moon's width apart.

You can hear an aurora (even when you can’t see it)

A researcher recorded sounds of the aurora - cracks and pops - during moderate geomagnetic activity even when there was no aurora visible.

Meet Musca the Fly, a southern constellation

Musca the Fly is a constellation that lies deep in southern skies and circles the south celestial pole, making it visible any night of the year.

Voyager 1 mystery: Sending random data

Voyager 1, the most distant humanmade object from Earth, has been sending back strange data, a mystery scientists are trying to solve.

The deep ocean is warming as climate warms

The oceans have absorbed about 90% of Earth's warming. Researchers found much of the excess heat is stored in the deep ocean of the subtropical North Atlantic.

Virgo the Maiden in northern spring skies

Virgo the Maiden is the largest of the zodiac constellations. A handy mnemonic device and its bright star Spica make it easy to find.

‘Doorway’ on Mars has social media abuzz

Mars Curiosity rover took an image of what some people think looks like a "doorway." But it's just a natural feature on Mars' surface.

Dust and high winds rip Midwest and Great Plains

Dust and high winds battered the U.S. Midwest and Great Plains during the day on Thursday. Yes, it was a derecho.