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Hercules the Strong Man and a great globular cluster

Hercules the Strong Man is a great constellation to view in June. With only a pair of binoculars you can see the globular cluster M13 in the Keystone.

Magnetic pole flip on Earth? Probably not soon

Is the South Atlantic Anomaly a sign that a magnetic pole flip on Earth is imminent? No, say researchers who analyzed 9,000 years of magnetic field history.

A meltwater imbalance from Earth’s 3rd Pole

An imbalance in runoff from melting glaciers at Earth's 3rd Pole - aka the Asian Water Tower - may mean more water in the north and less in the south.

Lupus the Wolf, a constellation in southern skies

Lupus the Wolf is a constellation that lies between Scorpius and Centaurus. You have to be farther south on the globe to see the Wolf.

Ocean rings’ mystery stems from shape of seafloor

Researchers explain why some ocean rings, or eddies, last for months, while other last for years. The secret is the seafloor, they said.

Could homeless aliens hitch a ride on rogue planets?

An astronomer explains how homeless aliens might hitch a ride on rogue planets, to travel through interstellar space and colonize new planetary systems.

Westerlund 1: Our galaxy’s most massive young star cluster

Scientists have gotten a better look at Westerlund 1, the most massive cluster in the galaxy. They learned more about its size and distance.

Mars and Jupiter conjunction on May 29

The Mars and Jupiter conjunction on May 29, 2022, will bring these 2 worlds about a full moon's width apart.

Sharkcano, an undersea volcano where sharks live

The underwater Kavachi volcano in the Solomon Islands is being called a "sharkcano" because scientists found sharks living in its crater.

See the best Milky Way photos of 2022

See 10 of Capture the Atlas's Best Milky Way photos of 2022. This annual edition showcases 25 of the best Milky Way photos from around the world.