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Kelly Kizer Whitt

Giant Joro spiders … coming to your city?

The giant Joro spiders are not going anywhere ... except maybe to a city near you. The spiders continue to track up the East Coast.

Apollo 8 Earthrise photographer killed in plane crash

Apollo 8's William Anders captured the iconic "Earthrise" photo on Christmas Eve, 1968. Anders was killed Friday, when the plane he was piloting alone crashed.

Largest genome on Earth belongs to … a fern?

The new record holder for world's largest genome goes to a tiny fern that grows on a few islands in the South Pacific. Read more about the rare fern here.

Lineup of 6 planets in early June 2024

There's a lineup of 6 planets in the morning sky in early June. Will you see all of them? Find charts and observing tips here.

Heat dome kills people and animals in Mexico

A heat dome brought record temperatures to Mexico, Central America and parts of Florida and Texas in May. Mexico has been hit especially hard.

Meteor ducks artwork inspired by Portugal meteor

The meteor ducks - ducks caught on camera witnessing a fireball fall in Portugal on May 20 - have now been memorialized via art.

Stargazing in national parks around the world

Stargazing in national parks ... yes! Increasing light pollution in the United States makes national parks some of the last dark refuges.

See the best Milky Way photos of 2024

See 10 of Capture the Atlas' Best Milky Way photos of 2024. This annual edition showcases 25 of the best Milky Way photos from around the world.

Dark nebulae are obscuring clouds of gas and dust

Dark nebulae are clouds of gas and dust in space. They block the light of stars shining behind them. Often, they're locations where new stars are forming.

Portugal fireball captured on satellite and video

The Portugal fireball of May 18, 2024, was captured from the ground on video and from satellites in space. The fireball was most likely a comet fragment.