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Kelly Kizer Whitt

Here’s what ‘habitable’ means to astronomers

When astronomers say a distant world is 'habitable,' what do they mean? Do they mean humans could live there? Do they mean we've discovered alien life?

New emperor penguin colonies discovered by satellite

Scientists using satellite images found brown poop stains that led to a surprise discovery of four emperor penguin colonies. But all is not well in Antarctica.

The universe may be younger than we thought

A new study analyzed the motions of satellite galaxy pairs around a large galaxy group and showed the universe may be younger than the standard model predicts.

Meet the Winter Circle, aka the Winter Hexagon

The brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere's winter sky form the shape of the Winter Circle, or Hexagon, that will help you locate 6 constellations.

Dorado and Mensa house the Large Magellanic Cloud

The constellations Dorado and Mensa are deep in southern skies. Between them, stretching across the border, lies the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Would-be Peregrine lunar lander has come home

Peregrine was meant to be the 1st commercial lunar lander. Then controllers noticed a fuel leak. Yesterday, the spacecraft came home, making a fiery Earth reentry.

Astronomers find a galaxy without stars by accident

Astronomers pointed a radio telescope at the wrong coordinates in space and ended up discovering a primordial galaxy without stars.

Lepus the Hare hops through the January sky

Lepus the Hare is a constellation that lies below Orion. You can best spot it on January evenings. It's home to globular cluster M79.

The moon hid Antares on January 8, 2024. Photos here!

The global community of EarthSky photographers captured the scene as the moon hid Antares on the morning of January 8, 2024. See pics here!

OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample container finally unstuck

After months of effort, NASA has finally removed two stubborn fasteners that prevented access to the asteroid sample from Bennu.