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A giant gamma-ray burst from the infant universe

A team of astronomers say they have discovered a new giant gamma-ray burst that originated from the infant universe when it was 880 million years old.

Moon’s wandering poles revealed in new study

A new study from scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center "erased craters" to better understand the moon's wandering poles over time.

The Wow! Signal: New search comes up empty

Scientists with Breakthrough Listen conducted a new search around a sun-like star for the famous Wow! Signal from 1977. Unfortunately, they heard nothing.

Life beyond Earth: A universe of possibilities

Several new reports and discoveries, including 5 new papers, support the possibility of life beyond Earth. Are we getting closer to finding alien life?

Water worlds common on red dwarfs? Maybe.

Scientists at the University of Chicago say that water worlds are likely common around red dwarf stars. Most of that water is probably underground, however.

InSight hears meteoroid impacts on Mars

NASA's InSight hears meteoroid impacts on Mars for the 1st time, scientists say. You can hear the impacts from these space rocks, too. Listen here.

Was Charon’s red cap formed by cryovolcanoes?

Why does Pluto's moon Charon look red on top? A new study from researchers at Purdue University suggests that cryovolcanic eruptions created Charon's red cap.

Webb detects sand clouds for brown dwarf

Webb detects sand clouds in the atmosphere of a star-planet hybrid object known as a brown dwarf. Another 1st! Read why it's important.

A rare Neptune-sized planet orbiting a giant star

Astronomers say they have found a rare Neptune-sized planet orbiting a giant hot star, providing clues about why these worlds often lose their atmospheres.

Dark matter mystery in Fornax Cluster

A new study suggests dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster lack of dark matter halos. This finding challenges the cosmological Standard Model.