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Paul Scott Anderson

There may be less water ice on the moon than we thought

We know there is water ice on the moon. But a new study suggests there is less of it in the moon's permanently shadowed regions than we previously thought.

Closest black holes yet in famous Hyades star cluster?

Researchers in Europe say that they may have found the closest known black holes to Earth, in the Hyades open star cluster 150 light-years away.

Aliens on TRAPPIST-1e could find us by our pollution

Researchers show how an alien civilization on TRAPPIST-1e could find us by detecting our pollution. They simulated Earth as seen from 40 light-years away.

Did Webb find signs of life on exoplanet K2-18 b?

NASA's Webb telescope looked at the sub-Neptune exoplanet K2-18 b. It found methane, carbon dioxide, a possible ocean, and even ... maybe ... a biosignature.

Most distant galactic magnetic field yet, in galaxy 9io9

Astronomers using the ALMA telescope have taken a close look at galaxy 9io9. The galaxy's magnetic field is the most distant that scientists have yet seen.

Transparency? New UFO website for military reports

The Department of Defense has unveiled its new UFO website. It will make information available to the public as well as receive reports from military personnel.

Wow! Whirlpool galaxy in stunning new Webb images

The James Webb Space Telescope just obtained incredible new infrared images of the famous Whirlpool galaxy, 27 million light-years from Earth.

Wait. How can this brown dwarf be hotter than our sun?

Astronomers have discovered a brown dwarf that is similar to a hot Jupiter exoplanet. It is hotter than any hot Jupiter seen before, even hotter than our sun.

Giant black hole rips out insides of massive star

Scientists have completed a detailed "forensic study" of a massive star destroyed by a giant black hole. The black hole ripped out the insides of the star.

Mars brain terrain resembles a human brain

So-called 'brain terrain' is one of the most unusual geological formations found on Mars, reminiscent of the surface of a human brain. What causes it?