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Venus’ atmosphere is leaking gases into space

The BepiColombo spacecraft, headed for Mercury, flew past Venus and found that carbon and oxygen ions are escaping into space from Venus' atmosphere.

Did this Mars rock once lie along an ancient lakeshore?

NASA's Perseverance rover sampled an unusual Mars rock called Bunsen Peak. It is rich in carbonate and silica and likely came from an ancient lakeshore beach.

3 young planetary systems revealed by Webb telescope

NASA's Webb space telescope looked for baby planets in the protoplanetary disks in 3 young planetary systems. It didn't find any, and scientists explain why.

Enceladus hosting cell-sized particles, a hint of life?

A new study of Cassini data has revealed bacteria-sized particles in the plumes of Saturn's ocean moon Enceladus. Could they be evidence of microbial life?

Rainbow-like glory on an exoplanet is 1st-ever detected

For the 1st time, astronomers say they have detected a glory on an exoplanet. Glories are a natural phenomenon, but until now seen only on Earth and Venus.

Is Titan’s subsurface ocean habitable?

Saturn's largest moon Titan has an underground ocean of water. But is Titan's subsurface ocean habitable? A new study casts doubt.

Giant planets orbiting white dwarfs: 1st images?

Astronomers using NASA's Webb telescope have discovered and imaged two possible giant planets orbiting white dwarfs less than 75 light-years away.

Black hole is ‘underachiever,” despite jets and high radiation

A black hole in a quasar 3.4 billion light-years away is powerful but underachieving, according to astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Older brown dwarfs are more likely to be lonely

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has found older and less massive brown dwarfs tend to be alone with no companions, unlike younger and larger brown dwarfs.

How 2 billion craters on Mars were created by 1 asteroid

An asteroid created a large Martian crater called Corinto, about 2 million years ago. Debris from the impact also created 2 billion smaller craters on Mars.

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