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Ancient ocean on Mars confirmed?

Scientists say they have confirmed an ancient ocean on Mars. The study uses new topographical maps that reveal traces of the shoreline that once existed.

Is Mars volcanically active?

Is Mars volcanically active? An international team of scientists says data from NASA's InSight lander suggests it is, below its surface.

Did life on Mars cause its own extinction?

Life on Mars may have initially thrived early on, but then ultimately caused its own extinction, a new study from researchers in the U.S. and France says.

Crash landing on Mars … on purpose

NASA has successfully tested a new Mars lander concept called SHIELD, which is specifically designed for intentionally crash landing on Mars.

Was Mars a blue water world before Earth?

Researchers say that early Mars likely had a thick hydrogen atmosphere that allowed water to exist for millions of years, even before Earth had oceans.

Secrets of Saturn’s rings revealed by the sun

A new study uses solar occultation data from NASA's Cassini mission to better understand the composition, formation and other secrets of Saturn's rings.

Liquid water on Mars beneath polar ice?

Is there liquid water on Mars? A new international study supports the initial reported discovery in 2018 of water beneath Mars' south polar ice cap.

Venus balloon aerobot completes 1st test flights

Engineers and scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory successfully conducted 2 test flights of a robotic Venus balloon prototype.

Earth-like ocean planets plentiful for red dwarf stars?

Researchers in Japan say that Earth-like ocean planets orbiting red dwarf stars may be fairly common. Up to about 10% may have oceans similar to our own.

Creating alien lava worlds in the lab

Scientists at Cornell University are creating alien lava worlds in the lab. They are replicating the surfaces of rocky exoplanets that are volcanically active.