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Paul Scott Anderson

More UFO hearings? Congressman weighs in

In a new interview with Event Horizon, congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi talks about the historic May 17 UFO hearing and the prospects for more UFO hearings.

Can binary-star planets support life?

A new study examines whether binary-star planets - planets orbiting 2 suns - can harbor life.

Hot, rocky exoplanets among Webb’s 1st targets

Two of the Webb telescope's 1st science targets will be hot, rocky exoplanets within 50 light-years of Earth: 55 Cancri e and LHS 3844 b.

Fire and ice: Moon water from ancient volcanoes?

A new study suggests that astronauts may one day drink moon water from ancient volcanoes. The water might exist as layers of ice beneath the surface.

How Webb will explore our own solar system

The greatly anticipated Webb telescope will be able to observe objects in our own solar system, as explained in anew NASA blog post.

InSight mission’s fate sealed by Martian dust

NASA announced on Tuesday that it is winding down the InSight lander mission on Mars, due to increasing dust on its solar panels.

New 5.0 marsquake is biggest yet detected

NASA's InSight lander has just detected the biggest marsquake so far in its mission. Insight felt "the big one," a record magnitude 5.0, on May 4, 2022.

1st UFO hearing in Congress in 50 years

Congress held first UFO hearing in over 50 years on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. It was the first such hearing since Project Blue Book. Read more here.

TESS finds 30 exocomets for Beta Pictoris

An international team of astronomers has discovered 30 exocomets orbiting the young star Beta Pictoris, 64 light-years away from Earth.

Webb fully aligned! See the new test images

NASA's Webb telescope has finished aligning all of its science instruments. The new test images are a taste of what's to come.