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Kelly Kizer Whitt

1st ocean drone video from inside a hurricane

An ocean drone entered a powerful hurricane churning in the Atlantic Ocean on September 30, 2021, sending back the first video from a drone inside a hurricane.

Lacerta the Lizard, home to a blazar

Lacerta the Lizard is a small, dim constellation in the fall sky that contains a blazar, or an active galactic nucleus with a jet pointed toward Earth.

Circumtriple planet suspected: a planet orbiting 3 stars

Scientists believe a planet (or more) orbits the triple star system GW Orionis. This would be the first circumtriple planet discovered.

Daylight fireball tracked to Earth

Scientists tracked a daylight fireball to Earth using images from video of the event that occurred over countries near the Adriatic Sea.

Great Red Spot winds accelerating on Jupiter

Data from the Hubble Space Telescope shows that the Great Red Spot winds have been increasing on Jupiter over the past decade.

Solar superflares hit Earth multiple times

Scientists found evidence for solar superflares thousands of years ago from evidence in tree rings. Could a solar superflare happen again in the future?

Satellites versus stars: Which will dominate the sky?

In the battle of satellites versus stars, the motion of constellations of satellites will draw the eye and drown out the quiet background stars.

Sounds of space: Jingle, pluck and hum

Hear the sounds of space. The videos in this post are what happens when scientists turn astronomical data into sound, via a process called sonification.

September deep sky: Cygnus Loop and Bode’s Galaxy

EarthSky readers shared two amazing September deep sky photographs with us: the Cygnus Loop, a nebula that stretches into Vulpecula, and Bode's Galaxy, aka M81.

Auroral tails for Jupiter’s moons

The Juno spacecraft observed footprint tails of aurora on Jupiter’s atmosphere. Three of Jupiter’s closest large moons create these auroral tails.