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Visible planets and night sky December 2022

In December, the morning planet is Mars. In the evening, all five bright planets are visible, with Venus and Mercury climbing higher in the evening twilight.

Moon near Saturn November 28 and 29

Find the crescent moon near Saturn on the evenings of November 28 and 29, 2022. Saturn can lead you to the arrowhead shape of stars making up Capricornus.

Moon near Teapot – toward Milky Way center – tonight

On the evenings of November 25 and 26, 2022, you can see the very young waxing crescent moon near the Teapot of Sagittarius.

1st of 5 new supermoons in a row starting today

We will have 5 new supermoons in a row, starting on November 23, 2022. The January 21, 2023, new supermoon will be the closest new moon until 2145. Wow!

Moon and Spica on November 20 and 21

Catch the old crescent moon and Spica before sunrise on November 20 and 21, 2022. Also look for the beautiful glow of earthshine on the thin crescent moon.

Moon near Mercury on October 23 and 24

On the morning of October 23, 2022, the crescent moon points to Mercury near the horizon. Then on October 24, look for the moon near Mercury in the morning sky.

Moon near Regulus on October 20

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. You'll find the moon near Regulus on the morning of October 20, 2022.

Moon near Castor and Pollux, morning of October 17

On the morning of October 17, 2022, look for the last quarter moon near Castor and Pollux, the twin stars of Gemini. Bright Procyon is nearby as well.

Moon occults Uranus on October 12

The moon occults Uranus from some locations at 7 UTC on October 12, 2022. No matter where you are, the gibbous moon can help you spot Uranus that night.

Moon by Castor and Pollux September 20 and 21

On the mornings of September 20 and 21, 2022, look for the moon by Castor and Pollux, also known as the Twin stars of the constellation Gemini.