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Visible planets and night sky for May and June 2023

May's visible planets: Brilliant Venus and Mars are in the western evening sky. Morning planets are Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.

New Pillars of Creation and more: Video and images

NASA released a new Pillars of Creation image, a composite from Chandra and Webb. Plus more new images. And a video showing them all.

Moon near Venus, Mars, Castor, Pollux, Beehive on May 24

Watch for the waxing crescent moon near Venus, Castor, Pollux, Mars, and the Beehive star cluster on the evening of May 24, 2023. Beautiful!

Moon and Jupiter, May 17, 2023: Best photos here

On the morning of May 17, 2023, many were watching as the moon passed in front of the giant planet Jupiter. Best photos of the event here!

See 5 planets after sunset, in the sky or via video

This week you can see 5 planets arcing across the evening sky. They are Venus and Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury, and Mars. See charts here.

Bright planets Venus-Jupiter 2023: Great photos here

The March 1-2 conjunction of the bright planets Venus and Jupiter has ended. Great photos from EarthSky's community here.

Moon near Mars February 27 and 28

Watch for the moon near Mars from dusk until around midnight local time on the nights of February 27 and 28, 2023. The bright star Aldebaran is nearby.

Moon near Pleiades, and more, February 25 and 26

Watch for the moon near Pleiades - a beautiful star cluster - on the evenings of February 25 and 26. Nearby you'll find Mars and the bright star Aldebaran.

Green comet photos and video: Editors’ picks

Enjoy these photos of Comet 2022 E3 (ZTF) as it departs the inner solar system. It was closest to Earth on February 1 and 2, 2023.

Latitude and the stars: Location is key

Where you live determines what you see in the sky. Find charts here showing how the sky dome changes by latitude and the stars that are then visible in the sky.