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Visible planets and night sky for September

Mars is going into the sun. Jupiter and Saturn are evening objects. Morning planets are Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Visible planets, here.

Photos of Comet Nishimura from around the world

Check out these great photos of Comet Nishimura from the EarthSky community. The comet is going into the sun's glare now, it might still be visible.

Full Blue Moon near Saturn: It’s a supermoon on August 30-31

Look for the full moon near Saturn - it's a supermoon and a Blue Moon - overnight on August 30-31, 2023. They're both at their biggest and brightest in 2023.

Moon near Mars after sunset on August 18 and 19

Look for a thin crescent moon near Mars after sunset on the evenings of August 18 and 19, 2023. The moon will pass as close as four full moon widths from Mars.

How DART deflected an asteroid (but released a boulder swarm)

Thanks to DART, we minutely deflected the asteroid from its path in the name of planetary defense. But we also released a boulder swarm.
Favorite Star Patterns

Teapot of Sagittarius points to Milky Way center

As you gaze toward the famous Teapot asterism in the constellation Sagittarius, you're looking toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

The largest freshwater wind farm in the world

Windpark Fryslân is the largest freshwater wind farm in the world and can generate enough power to run about 500,000 homes in the Netherlands.

August 1 supermoon: Fav photos from our community

The August supermoon was the 2nd of 4 supermoons in a row. Coming up ... supermoons in late August and September. Enjoy these photos!

Mercury and Regulus form a close pair on July 28

Mercury and Regulus will be close to each other on July 28. In fact, they'll be 1/5 the diameter of the moon from each other. Wow! Don't miss this lovely pair.

Moon near the Pleiades before dawn on July 13 and 14

Watch for the moon near the Pleiades - a beautiful open star cluster - on the mornings of July 13 and 14, 2023. Nearby you'll find the bright star Aldebaran.