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Marcy Curran

See Mars and Pleiades on August 10, morning

On the morning of August 10, 2022, look for Mars in the sunrise direction near the beautiful Pleiades star cluster. Nearby is reddish Aldebaran.

Raining fish and frogs … for real

Click here to read many recent, documented accounts of raining fish and frogs. Yes, it's a real thing! Discover the causes here.

Spica near the moon August 3, 4 and 5

Look for Spica on the evenings of August 3, 4 and 5, 2022, shining near the moon. Spica is the brightest star in Virgo the Maiden.

Learn to shoot photos of meteors

Want to try to capture a meteor with your camera? The first step is planning. The next step is to gather your equipment. Then on to the capture process itself.

Why do meteor showers have a radiant point?

Meteors enter Earth's atmosphere on parallel paths. So, you'll see meteors appear to come from a single point in the sky: the radiant point!

What are Messier objects?

What are Messier objects? They're a list of 110 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, compiled by comet-hunter Charles Messier in the 1700s.

Europa – a moon of Jupiter – to blot out a distant star

On June 19, 2022, Europa crosses in front of a star and causes it to disappear for about a minute. The occultation is visible from parts of Africa.

Moonlight Mojave: The desert under starry skies

Enjoy the timelapse video Moonlight Mojave that captures the beauty of the night sky and the surreal moonlit scenery and panoramas of the Mojave Desert.