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Favorite Star Patterns

Teapot of Sagittarius points to Milky Way center

As you gaze toward the famous Teapot asterism in the constellation Sagittarius, you're looking toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

The largest freshwater wind farm in the world

Windpark Fryslân is the largest freshwater wind farm in the world and can generate enough power to run about 500,000 homes in the Netherlands.

August 1 supermoon: Fav photos from our community

The August supermoon was the 2nd of 4 supermoons in a row. Coming up ... supermoons in late August and September. Enjoy these photos!

Mercury and Regulus form a close pair on July 28

Mercury and Regulus will be close to each other on July 28. In fact, they'll be 1/5 the diameter of the moon from each other. Wow! Don't miss this lovely pair.

Moon near the Pleiades before dawn on July 13 and 14

Watch for the moon near the Pleiades - a beautiful open star cluster - on the mornings of July 13 and 14, 2023. Nearby you'll find the bright star Aldebaran.

Top 10 space objects to see during the day

Love astronomy, but don't like to stay up late? Here are the top 10 space objects you can see - under the right conditions - during the day.

Dog days of summer: Hottest in July and August

The dog days of summer are named for the Dog Star Sirius - the brightest star in the sky - in the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog. Learn why here.

Venus and the Beehive! Together June 12 and 13

Spot Venus and the Beehive star cluster together on June 12 and 13, 2023. Use binoculars to get a good view of the starry cluster and dazzling Venus.

New Pillars of Creation and more: Video and images

NASA released a new Pillars of Creation image, a composite from Chandra and Webb. Plus more new images. And a video showing them all.

Moon near Venus, Mars, Castor, Pollux, Beehive on May 24

Watch for the waxing crescent moon near Venus, Castor, Pollux, Mars, and the Beehive star cluster on the evening of May 24, 2023. Beautiful!