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Planetary conjunction photo gallery, spring 2022

View images of the planets lined up in the morning sky from this spring, 2022. The planetary conjunction of Venus and Jupiter draws the eye.

April’s deep sky: Galaxies, supernovas and more

Get to know April's deep sky with these amazing photos taken by members of the EarthSky community. Did you take a great photo? Share it with us!

Sun activity: CMEs and a solar tsunami

Sun activity for the week of March 21 to 27, 2022. An M-class flare on March 26, 2022, sent out a "solar tsunami" aka as an EIT wave. Read more and see images here.

Sun activity: Possible CME sideswipe weekend of March 18

A filament, a long rope of solar material, snapped free of the sun's magnetic field to release a CME, which may cause auroras this weekend. Stay tuned!

Sun activity: Glorious auroras from CME direct hit March 13

Sun news. A CME from a March 10 solar flare struck Earth directly on March 13. It caused a glorious display of auroras at mid- to high latitudes.

Thinking of buying a telescope? Read this 1st

Tips for beginners: how to choose binoculars or your 1st telescope. Different types and purposes, price ranges, and general advice.