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Notice the westward shift of Orion and all the stars

As Earth makes its grand tour around the sun each year, the constellations all shift westward in our sky. Orion is a good one to notice.

March equinox 2024: All you need to know

Happy equinox! The 2024 March equinox falls March 20 at 3:06 UTC. So many parts of the world will see the equinox arrive on March 19. All you need to know here.

Are solar storms dangerous to us on Earth?

Activity on the sun affects Earth's magnetic field. It can cause geomagnetic storms and can create beautiful auroras. Are these solar storms dangerous?

It’s aurora season. Why more auroras at equinoxes?

An aurora season occurs in March and October each year, due to the way the magnetic fields of the sun and the Earth work in conjunction with sun-Earth geometry.

Supermoons galore in 2024!

What is a supermoon? In 2024, there are 5 new supermoons in a row from January to May, and 4 full supermoons in a row from August to November.

Daylight saving time: 10 tips to make it easier

Do you think daylight saving time is a good idea? Whether you like it or not, here are some handy tips on how to cope with the time change in the spring.

The Beehive cluster: A swarm of 1,000 stars

The Beehive cluster is an open star cluster that lies near the center of the constellation Cancer the Crab. It goes by many names, including Praesepe and M44.

How to know your eclipse glasses are safe

Unscrupulous companies are printing ISO certification labels on fake eclipse glasses. Check here for reputable vendors from the American Astronomical Society.

Cassiopeia the Queen reigns in the February sky

Cassiopeia the Queen is an easy-to-find constellation. It has the shape of a W or M. Look in the northwest on evenings in late winter and early spring.

John Glenn 1st American in orbit 62 years ago today

John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth on February 20, 1962, 62 years ago today. His space capsule was called Friendship 7.

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