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Webb Telescope new launch date December 18

The Webb Telescope is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA said on September 8 that the new launch date is December 18.

Star collision triggers supernova explosion

Star collision triggers supernova! Dramatic evidence that a black hole or neutron star spiraled its way into the core of a companion star and ... boom!

Crepuscular rays: Photos from our readers

Those beams of light shooting out from the horizon or down from the clouds are called crepuscular rays, or sunrays. Beautiful, mysterious and very noticeable.

Orion’s Belt points to Sirius on September mornings

Sirius is the sky's brightest star. But sometimes brighter planets outshine it. Orion's Belt is your ticket to identifying Sirius.

Zodiacal light: All you need to know

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon before true dawn begins. Southern Hemisphere? Look after sunset!

Visible planets – and more – in September 2021

Visible planets in September 2021. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn bright in the evening from all of Earth. Mercury grand for the Southern Hemisphere.

Aurora alert! Pair of CMEs to jolt Earth’s magnetic field

Aurora alert! A pair of coronal mass ejections will reach Earth September 1-2, 2021. Though not dangerous to satellites or the grid, they might cause auroras.

What flows into a galaxy ‘cleaner’ than what flows out

Pure hydrogen and helium gas flows into a galaxy. It's used to make new stars. Those stars make new elements, which are later released back to intergalactic space.

Late summer 2021 fires, California, seen from space

NASA's Terra satellite caught images of streamers of smoke from late summer 2021 fires in California during its 115,254th orbit of Earth.

Rare lunar halo – an odd-radius halo – over India

A common halo around the sun or moon has a radius of 22 degrees. It's called a 22-degree halo. But here's a rare lunar halo: an odd-radius halo.