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Are the December solstice and January perihelion related?

December solstice 2021 comes on December 21. Earth will be closest to the sun just 2 weeks later, on January 4. Coincidence?

Moon and 4 planets after sunset January 3 to 5

See the moon and four planets after sunset January 3 to 5, 2022. It'll be tough to spot Venus and Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn will be much easier.

What is a supermoon? And when, in 2022?

There will be a full supermoon on May 16, June 14, July 13, and August 12 for 2022. This year also has 3 new supermoons.

Visible planets, stars, the moon and more in January

Visible planets, stars and more in January 2022.

Mars in 2022! What to expect from the red planet

Mars alternates years in appearing bright and faint. In 2021, Mars was faint, but it will brighten in 2022. Opposition will be December 8, 2022.

Watch for Mercury, too, as 2021 ends

Watch for Mercury, the sun's innermost planet, as 2021 ends. Bright Venus will be falling into the sunset glare. Mercury will be nearby.

Moon, Mars and Antares as 2021 ends

Moon, Mars and Antares: Start watching the east a few days before December 31, 2021, for red Mars and red Antares. On December 31, the moon will join the show.

Why are stars so bright as the year turns?

In December, January and February, we look away from the Milky Way's cloudy core toward the Orion arm, with stars so bright they capture our attention.

How to catch the elusive green flash

It's not hard to see a green flash with the eye alone, when sky conditions are right, and when you're looking toward a very clear and very distant horizon.

Apollo 8 Earthrise photo anniversary, December 24

The iconic "Earthrise photo," taken Christmas Eve, 1968, from Apollo 8 during its orbit of the moon, helped launch the environmental movement.