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Deborah Byrd

Gaia 3rd data release: Starquakes, star DNA, more

On June 13, 2022, ESA released the Gaia space observatory's 3rd data set. It contains data on "strange" starquakes and star DNA.

Alphecca, a jewel in the Northern Crown

Alphecca. Gemma. Alpha Coronae Borealis or simply Alpha Cor Bor. They're all names for a single star, the brightest star in the Northern Crown.

Draco the Dragon, and a former pole star

Let your eyes and imagination drift to see the winding shape of Draco the Dragon. And meet Thuban, a former pole star, between the Big and Little Dippers.

New UAP study: This one is from NASA

NASA is commissioning a new UAP study to examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs, aka UFOs) from a scientific perspective.

Video: Perpetual Ocean will wow you

To honor Earth's oceans on World Ocean Day (June 8), this beautiful NASA video, Perpetual Ocean, follows the currents and eddies around the world.

More UFO hearings? Congressman weighs in

In a new interview with Event Horizon, congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi talks about the historic May 17 UFO hearing and the prospects for more UFO hearings.

Which moon phase is best for stargazing?

Which moon phase is best for stargazing? Most astronomers would tell you that the best moon is no moon. But it depends on what you want to see.

Visible planets and night sky guide: June 2022

In July, you can still see the lineup of 5 planets in the morning sky for a short time. And don't miss the Delta Aquariids meteors. Your night sky guide, here!

Dazzling Venus goes behind the moon

Venus passed behind the moon on May 27, 2022. An astrophotographer on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean captured the scene.

Manhattanhenge: When to see it in 2022

New Yorkers will have a few opportunities in 2022 to watch for Manhattanhenge, an alignment of the sunset along city streets. Fun!