Deep-sky objects: Small telescope and binocular targets

Deep-sky objects - including bright and dark nebulae, star clusters and distant galaxies - are favorite targets for amateur stargazers.

Photosynthesis in Venus’ atmosphere?

Photosynthesis in Venus' atmosphere may be possible, according to a new study. The findings support the idea that microbes could exist and even thrive in the more temperate regions of the planet's cloud layers.

Pluto’s atmosphere is disappearing

Pluto's atmosphere is disappearing. The dwarf planet's atmosphere is freezing as it moves farther from the sun in its orbit and falling to the surface.

And … action! 1st movie in space underway with Russian crew

A Russian spacecraft launched to the International Space Station on October 5, 2021, carrying an actor and director for the 1st movie in space.

Comet or asteroid? This object is both

Comet or asteroid? Both! Some objects blur the lines, including (248370) 2005 QN173, which is active with a long tail but resides in the asteroid belt.

2 old open star clusters merging in the Milky Way

An astronomer in Brazil has looked toward a known open star cluster and found 2 old open star clusters, merging in our Milky Way galaxy.

Where are the water worlds? New tool to find out

Where are the water worlds? Since water means life (as we know it), scientists studying exoplanets want to know. A new tool might help find them.

Super-Earth, mini-Neptune or sub-Neptune?

The exoplanet community hasn't yet converged on the best name for exoplanets that are 1.7 - 3.5 Earth-radii. Super-Earth, mini-Neptune, sub-Neptune?

Hello, Mercury! BepiColombo speeds by

Hello, Mercury! BepiColombo is a Mercury mission, due to arrive in earnest in December, 2025. Along the way, it needs help to get there.

Circumtriple planet suspected: a planet orbiting 3 stars

Scientists believe a planet (or more) orbits the triple star system GW Orionis. This would be the first circumtriple planet discovered.