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Launches: The Owl Spreads Its Wings September 15

2 launches scheduled for today are Rocket Lab Electron and SpaceX Falcon 9. Both are attempting to create globe-spanning satellite networks.

Launches: Mammoth BlueWalker 3 satellite heads to orbit

AST SpaceMobile's BlueWalker 3 communications satellite successfully launched to orbit on September 10, 2022. Astronomers are concerned.

Launches: The Owl Spreads Its Wings on September 15

Rocket Lab's next launch - The Owl Spreads Its Wings on September 15, 2022 - will mark several milestones for the aerospace company.

Launches: A new northern spaceport, plus a tracking facility

A private Canadian company will build a new northern spaceport in Nova Scotia. And the U.S. will get a new satellite tracking facility in Alaska.

Launches: SpaceX gets 5 crewed missions to ISS

Today in Launches: NASA tapped SpaceX to provide 5 crewed missions to the ISS through 2030. The next crewed mission to the ISS is October 3.

Launches: SpaceX wraps up Starlink launches for August

SpaceX had five Starlink launches scheduled for August 2022. Starlink Group 3-4 took flight today, August 31, from the Vandenberg SFB in California.

Launches: Ashes of Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura and others to go to space

Launches for August 26: Remains of Star Trek celebrities, including Nichelle Nichols who played Lt. Uhura, will be part of a memorial spaceflight later in 2022.

Launches: Rocket Lab probe to look for life in Venus clouds

In 2023, the aerospace company Rocket Lab will launch a private mission to probe the atmosphere of Venus for signs of life.

Launches: We are going! Plus, a private space station

Launches blog for August 23: NASA tweets that Artemis 1 is still slated for launch August 29 ... And gives the nod to a private space station concept.

Launches: NASA solicits plans to deorbit ISS

Launches blog for August 22: NASA quietly asks companies their thoughts on deorbiting ISS. The mission end for the station is currently planned for 2030.