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April 8 solar eclipse maps are wrong along the edges

Your April 8 solar eclipse maps are wrong! The new map shows a narrower path of totality (in some places) than previously calculated.

Japanese moon lander SLIM survives 2nd lunar night

Japanese moon lander SLIM - which set down sideways on the moon on January 20 - has survived its 2nd night on the moon. It has awoken and is transmitting data.

What are Hubble and Webb looking at right now?

The recently redesigned Space Telescope Live webapp gives up-to-the-minute information about what the Hubble and Webb space telescopes are observing.

Lunar lander Odysseus sends final image from the moon … for now

The Intuitive Machines IM-1 lunar lander - nicknamed Odie - landed on the moon February 22, 2024. Sadly, on Thursday, February 29, Odie powered down. But it may revive after the lunar night.

Sandhill cranes migrating in record numbers in U.S. Midwest

Sandhill cranes are arriving in record numbers during their annual spring migration in the U.S. Midwest. The annual sandhill crane count is critical work.

Webb sees a cat’s tail in Beta Pictoris

Astronomers using the Webb space telescope discovered a cat's tail in Beta Pictoris, one of the best-known and most fascinating star systems.

Would-be Peregrine lunar lander has come home

Peregrine was meant to be the 1st commercial lunar lander. Then controllers noticed a fuel leak. Yesterday, the spacecraft came home, making a fiery Earth reentry.

Can beavers revitalize California’s mountains and meadows?

Officials in California are relocating beavers (Castor canadensis) to help improve the state's mountain environment and waterways.

Why pee is yellow and how that keeps us healthy

A recent study revealed that bilirubin reductase is why pee is yellow. Learn more about the discovery and why yellow can be a sign of good health.

OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample container finally unstuck

After months of effort, NASA has finally removed two stubborn fasteners that prevented access to the asteroid sample from Bennu.