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Giant hummingbirds with backpacks help discover a species

Giant hummingbirds with tiny backpacks helped discover a new species of hummingbird, as they were tracked up high in the Andes.

Carnivorous plants are our lifeform of the week

There are hundreds of species of carnivorous plants and they are deadly, but mostly to insects. The structure of their traps is foolproof.

Orangutan treats his wound with a medicinal plant

In a first, a Sumatran orangutan treated his wound with a plant with known medicinal properties. Read more about this new doctor in the forest.

Otters are cute! They’re our lifeform of the week

Otters are cute, fluffy, smart and good swimmers. Have you fallen in love with them yet? Here are some interesting facts about them.

Tyrannosaurus rex not so smart, after all

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs had huge skulls, but does that imply they were very smart? Were they as intelligent as monkeys? Crocodiles?

Vultures are the best clean-up crew: Lifeform of the week

One might think of vultures as animals that make you cringe, but, really, they win the gold medal for cleaning the environment and protecting us from disease.

Seahorses are tiny, ravenous creatures: Lifeform of the week

Seahorses look like a blend of different animals, making them mysterious and efficient. With no stomach, they have to eat nearly constantly.

Eclipse day comet Pons-Brooks! Favorite photos here

Have you seen Comet Pons-Brooks yet? If not, here are some beautiful images from our talented community of photographers. Enjoy them!

Moon and Jupiter. Our favorite photos here!

Did you see the moon and Jupiter close together on March 13, 2024? Check out the images our talented photographers captured, including the Galilean moons!

Photos of AR3590, biggest sunspot of Solar Cycle 25 so far

Did you get to see epic AR3590? If not, here's the story of a sunspot that has made history! And check out our YouTube videos as well.