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Cristina Ortiz

Kangaroo rats are desert dwellers: Lifeform of the week

Kangaroo rats are small rodents, but they are highly skilled and know how to defend themselves from different predators, including poisonous snakes.

Dead man’s fingers are our creepy lifeform of the week

Zombies are not awakening (as far as we know) ... If you see what looks like dead man's fingers in the forest, you probably saw a creepy type of fungus.

How the lynx beat extinction: Lifeform of the week

The lynx is a fascinating animal and an example of good conservation efforts. Here's how it managed to escape the list of critically endangered species.

Incredible sea rays: Lifeform of the week

Sea rays are descendants of sharks. They have strong teeth and some can be dangerous with stingers or electric discharges.

Sloths are our calm and smiley lifeform of the week

Are sloths really as slow as people say? Are they equally slow in all environments? Read slowly to find out more about these calm and smiling animals.

The praying mantis is a predator: Lifeform of the week

The praying mantis is a ruthless predator that eats any insect that comes its way. Not even its own mate is safe. More about this ferocious insect, here.

The adorable leaf sheep sea slug: Lifeform of the week

These sheep don't bleat or produce wool or milk. Instead, they live in the water and perform photosynthesis. Read more about the adorable leaf sheep sea slug.

Egyptian pyramids new finding: Just add water

Egyptian pyramids are marvelous constructions. But how could the ancient Egyptians transport the tons-heavy blocks there? Now, a new explanation.

Colorful iguanas are our lifeform of the week

Iguanas are formidable, armored reptiles that can change color and detach their tails. Plus, they have a third eye! All you need to know about iguanas, here.

Giant hummingbirds with backpacks help discover a species

Giant hummingbirds with tiny backpacks helped discover a new species of hummingbird, as they were tracked up high in the Andes.