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Emperor penguins: A report from the Antarctic

EarthSky friend Eliot Herman took a trip to the Antarctic, where he had the opportunity to see emperor penguins. Read his report and enjoy his amazing images.

Deep-sky photos October 2023: Editor’s picks

Enjoy this gallery of the best deep-sky photos of October 2023 from our EarthSky community. If you have a photo to share, send it in. We love to see them!

Bats, a spooky season icon, are our lifeform of the week

Bats might be spooky, but they pollinate flowers, control insect pests, and have inspired scientists to improve human lives in many ways.

Solar eclipse photos keep coming, and they’re awesome

Solar eclipse photos from October 14, 2023, still haven't stopped coming in. Here are a few more great ones! Thanks to all who contributed.

Ants, little but tough: Lifeform of the week

Ants are common insects with unique capabilities. They can harvest, herd, milk, and build amazingly complex and stable underground cities.

Water lilies, beautiful and colorful: Lifeform of the week

Water lilies are plants known worldwide. They are colorful and beautiful, and they are also important players in the aquatic ecosystem.

Iridescent contrails? Rainbow contrails? Something else?

They look like iridescent contrails. But, are they? We asked Les Cowley, an atmospheric optics expert, who gave a different opinion.

Tigers are the biggest cats: Lifeform of the week

Tigers are huge, fierce cats that are unique and beautiful. We tell you some curious facts about them here. Plus, watch a video about tigers.

Sea turtles are as old as dinosaurs: Lifeform of the week

All you need to know about sea turtles: as old as the dinosaurs, incredible navigators and natural survivors. But they need you. Learn what to do to help.

Hummingbirds, tiny and colorful: Lifeform of the week

Hummingbirds are tiny, fast and colorful. See some gorgeous photos of these birds and learn more about this fantastic lifeform of the week here.

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