ESA screens a record number of astronaut hopefuls

Astronaut hopefuls are being asked for their patience as ESA processes over 23,000 applications to its astronaut recruitment; a number that far exceeds the agency’s most optimistic forecasts.

Pluto became a dwarf planet on today’s date

Pluto is the largest of many small bodies in the outer solar system. That's partly why it was demoted from major planet to dwarf planet in 2006.

Blockchains work like DNA in cells, scientists say

Blockchains work like DNA, says a new study. Its instructions are replicated across thousands of "nodes," much as DNA is replicated in cells.

Happy Friday 13th, y’all

A Friday 13th has to fall in a calendar month that starts on a Sunday. In 2021, August 1 is on a Sunday. So August 13 must fall on a Friday!

A year with 13 Friday the 13ths?

If we adopted the International Fixed Calendar, we'd have 13 months. And each month would contain a Friday the 13th.

New odds on asteroid Bennu. Will it strike Earth?

At a press conference August 11, 2021, planetary scientists released new odds on asteroid Bennu and its potential to strike Earth.

A 1967 solar storm nearly caused a nuclear war

The U.S. Air Force began preparing for war on May 23, 1967, thinking that the Soviet Union had jammed a set of American surveillance radars. But instead the powerful 1967 solar storm was to blame.

A Dyson sphere harvests the energy of stars

Dyson spheres are named after inventor Freeman J. Dyson. A Dyson sphere is a megastructures that civilizations could use to harness the power of stars.

Caroline Herschel Medal to honor women astronomers

Learn about the Caroline Herschel Medal, meant to honor the contributions of women astronomers. And meet the women who helped shape astronomy.

Major 8.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska

Sirens sounded across Alaska's Kodiak island last night, after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake prompted tsunami warmings.