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Epic solar storm effects seen by Mars rovers

The sun lobs its particles into the solar system, and studying this space weather on Mars helps us understand what future astronauts might face there.

The last Milky Way galactic collision was a recent event

The Milky Way has collided with many other galaxies. The Gaia space telescope found the most recent galactic collision happened later than we thought.

Fastest carbon dioxide surge ever during year of extremes

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is accumulating faster than ever, accelerating to levels far above any experienced during human existence, say climate scientists.

Heatwaves: How animals adapt to cope with them

Evolution alone cannot protect animals from climate extremes like heatwaves and deep cold. Animals are adapting their behavior to help survive global warming.

Blaze Star to go nova soon! Here’s how to see it

A recurring nova in Corona Borealis - nicknamed Blaze Star - should appear bright enough to see with the unaided eye sometime in 2024.

D-day secret weapon: wetland science at Normandy

Wetland science and covert raids helped Allied forces gather critical information prior to the D-Day landing in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.

Webb finds most distant galaxy known so far

Astronomers using the Webb space telescope have discovered the most distant galaxy yet known. It existed 290 million years after the Big Bang.

The Egyptian sky goddess and the Milky Way

Learn how the ancient Egyptian sky goddess, Nut, is linked to the Milky Way. And read about other myths associated with the goddess Nut.

Scientists discover a nitroplast, the 1st of its kind

Scientists announced the discovery of the first nitroplast, a nitrogen-fixing organelle. It's just the 4th example in history of primary endosymbiosis.

Will solar flares destroy modern civilization? Nah

David Wallace of Mississippi State University talks to Deborah Byrd about solar flares and the impact a big storm from the sun would have on Earth today.