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Webb sees new feature in Jupiter’s atmosphere: a jet stream

The Webb space telescope revealed a jet stream in Jupiter's atmosphere above its equatorial region. The jet stream travels at about 320 mph (515 kph).

International Observe the Moon Night October 21

International Observe the Moon Night is October 21, 2023. It's a global event for celebrating the moon. Here's how you can participate online or in person.

Olbers’ paradox asks ‘Why is the night sky dark?’

Olbers' paradox asks why is space dark if the universe is filled with stars. The answer has to do with traveling light and red-shifting colors.

2023’s ozone hole is one of the biggest on record. Why?

Satellite images show 2023's ozone hole over Antarctica is one of the biggest on record. The reason could be the eruption of the Tongo volcano in January 2022.

Younger trees excel at capturing – and storing – carbon

New research indicates younger trees are better able to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere. Read more why this might help fight climate change.

Do solar eclipses affect Earth’s atmosphere?

Hear from a ham radio operator about how solar eclipses temporarily affect Earth's upper atmosphere, or ionosphere. Eclipses can disrupt radio signals and GPS in the region where the eclipse is passing.

Boo to a goose. Facial recognition used to study wildlife

Facial recognition software used to study the social behavior of individual geese in Europe will soon be used to monitor rare geese in South Australia.

Space is hard on the human body. Here’s what we’re learning

Space is hard on the human body and mind. Scientists are working to find ways to improve the lives and health of astronauts in space and back at home.

Avi Loeb and ‘Oumuamua. Why the controversy?

Astronomer Jason Wright, of the blog AstroWright, explains why the recent work of Avi Loeb is seen as outrageous by some.

Extreme rainfall and flooding as Earth warms

Global warming puts more water vapor in Earth's atmosphere. The water vapor will fall out of storms in extreme rainfall and flooding.