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Big Dipper (Sky Bear) comes to Earth in November

Every year, the Big Dipper (Great Bear) descends to its lowest point in the sky on November evenings. This makes it difficult, or impossible, to see.

Carl Sagan born 88 years ago today

For many, for decades, Carl Sagan was the best-known astronomer on Earth. He popularized astronomy in a popular TV series. Today is his birthday.

Emperor penguins added to ‘threatened’ list

Emperor penguins are joining the list of threatened species from the Endangered Species Act. Will humanity be able to keep emissions low enough to save them?

Alien technology might signal extraterrestrial life

Our technology – from cell towers to fluorescent light bulbs – could signal the presence of life. Can we find life in the universe from alien technologies?

Ozone hole continues shrinking in 2022

Earth's ozone hole over Antarctica was biggest between September 7 and October 13. The depleted area was smaller than last year and continued a shrinking trend of recent years.

Meteor showers: Top tips for watching

There are several meteor showers each year. Meteor showers are unpredictable but always a fun and relaxing time. Maximize your viewing time with these tips.

Why were prehistoric insects so big?

Hundreds of millions of years ago, giant insects were common on Earth. In fact, prehistoric insects were here before the dinosaurs!

What causes ocean waves?

Energy passing through water creates ocean waves. Some are even hazardous. Here's what you need to know, in this 30 second video.

Why the Endangered Species Act keeps failing

The Endangered Species Act is a case of too little, too late. Only a tiny fraction of listed flora and fauna have recovered. Read more.

Why do leaves change color in the fall?

The vivid yellows, oranges and reds of autumn leaves are there throughout spring and summer, but hidden. Here's why leaves change color in the fall.