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What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The light our eyes can detect is only a sliver of the light out there. The electromagnetic spectrum describes all the wavelengths of light, seen and unseen.

July 8 … 99% of the world’s population in sunlight simultaneously?

Fact-checkers at discovered it's technically true that 99% of the world's population experiences sunlight at 11:15 UTC on July 8.

M6 and M7 in the Scorpion’s Tail

M6 and M7 are star clusters near Scorpius’ stinger. But you’ll need a dark sky to see these faint but stunning stellar aggregations.

Ozone layer damage due to rocket launches?

A new study by NOAA says that with the increase in rocket launches over the next 20 years, the soot emitted from these launches could damage the ozone layer.

Better ice tower reservoirs for farming

Automation can build bigger and better ice tower reservoirs that use less water and last longer for farming use in dry, high-altitude locations.

Speedy pulsar blazing through Milky Way

Astronomers compared images taken 10 years apart to learn that a speedy pulsar inhabits a known supernova remnant.

Top 10 space objects to see during the day

Love astronomy, but don't like to stay up late? Here are the top 10 space objects you can see - under the right conditions - during the day.

Sally Ride: 1st American woman in space

Sally Ride was the 1st American woman to go to space, flying on the STS-7 space shuttle Challenger mission in 1983, and later on another mission in 1984.

Rivers can suddenly change course, study says

Studying rivers from space using satellite imagery helps scientists see how rivers can suddenly change course, bringing the risk of flooding to communities.

A word about Earth’s water cycle

Earth's water cycle is vital to life. Although the amount of water on Earth is fixed, it continually cycles between the oceans, atmosphere and land.