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Algae bloom covers half of Florida’s largest lake

An algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee - Florida's largest freshwater lake - covered more than half the lake in June and July. Learn more about the algae here.

Astronomers see time moving in slow motion in early universe

Astronomers have observed quasars "ticking slowly" in the early universe. Seeing time moving in slow motion is another confirmation of special relativity.

99% of the world’s population in sunlight July 8 … and other dates

Fact-checkers at discovered 99% of the world's population experiences some sunlight at 11:15 UTC on July 8 ... along with many other dates!

How do fireworks get their beautiful colors?

The red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colors exploding in the night sky during a fireworks festival are created by the use of metal salts.

1st Saturn image from Webb highlights glowing rings

Webb has taken its 1st Saturn image! This infrared view shows Saturn's rings shining bright in a golden light. You can also spot some of Saturn's moons.

What is a derecho? A destructive, bow-shaped storm

A derecho tore across the Midwest on June 29, 2023. These dangerous storms pack strong winds and race over large areas of land. Learn more about derechos here.

Found! Long-sought gravitational wave background

Found at last! For the 1st time, researchers using pulsar timing arrays have found evidence for the elusive gravitational wave background.

What is a heat dome? Southern U.S. feeling its effects

What is a heat dome and how does it affect those who are living under one? Learn more about this meteorological phenomenon here.

Uploading our minds to a computer may someday be possible

Scientists say that uploading our minds to a computer might one day be possible. But how soon will it be a reality? Learn more here.

Geminid meteor mystery solved? It was a collision!

Data from the Parker Solar Probe helped scientists discover that the Geminid meteor shower is most likely the result of a violent event on asteroid Phaethon.