International Dark Sky Week is April 2 to 8

Celebrate dark night skies and limit light pollution by raising awareness with International Dark Sky Week, April 2 to 8, 2024. Find global events here.

How to watch a solar eclipse safely on April 8

It's almost eclipse day! Here are some great tips to watch a solar eclipse safely with a variety of methods. Get ready for the April 8 eclipse.

Meteor shower guide 2024: Up next the April Lyrids

Meteor showers are back this month! The April Lyrids will be best before dawn on April 22. Your 2024 meteor shower guide here.

Why Easter is today

In 2024, Easter falls on March 31. It falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the March equinox. More about the date of Easter, here.

The moon: 5 myths about our natural satellite

There are plenty of myths that surround the moon. Here are 5 of the most popular myths. How many of these myths have you been led to believe?

See the zodiacal light now, before it’s gone

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon. During the months around the March equinox is a good time to see it. How to see it, here.

Penumbral lunar eclipse to pass quietly March 24-25, 2024

The 1st of this year's 4 eclipses will flit by like a ghost in the night between March 24 and 25. It's a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in North America. Charts and more from Guy Ottewell here.

Penumbral lunar eclipse March 24-25, 2024

A penumbral lunar eclipse happens overnight on March 24-25, 2024, bringing a subtle shading to the moon. See where it's visible and more, here.

Dark matter, a mysterious substance … What is it?

What is dark matter? It doesn't emit light. It hasn't been directly observed. Yet it appears to exist and to exert a major influence on galaxies.

Why is there no eclipse every full and new moon?

If the moon orbited Earth on the same plane that Earth circles the sun, we'd have an eclipse at every full and new moon. Here's why we don't.

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