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Penumbral lunar eclipse to pass quietly March 24-25, 2024

The 1st of this year's 4 eclipses will flit by like a ghost in the night between March 24 and 25. It's a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in North America. Charts and more from Guy Ottewell here.

Jupiter and Uranus meet in the sky

Jupiter and Uranus will be at heliocentric conjunction on March 14. Their conjunction as seen from Earth will be on April 21.

Observable comets in 2024, from Guy Ottewell

Here are predictions from Guy Ottewell for the observable comets in 2024. C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS might be a bright comet in October.

Sky trio for you, Southern Hemisphere friends

Here's a chart showing a delicate sky trio - as seen from Australia and New Zealand - on the evening of November 15, 2023. Look soon after sunset!

Where is Proxima Centauri?

The closest star to our sun is Proxima Centauri, in the triple star system Alpha Centauri. But where is Proxima Centauri in our sky and in space?

Solar eclipse in 2077 almost repeats last Saturday’s eclipse

Another annular solar eclipse - similar to the one on October 14, 2023 - will visit almost the same geographical region in 2077.

Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Calendar 2024 is here

The popular and information Astronomical Calendar for 2024 by Guy Ottewell is available. It comes in either electronic or printed form. Learn more here.

Guy Ottewell asks, is there a smile across the sky?

Guy Ottewell explores and explains the different view of the current objects near the western horizon from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Equation of time: Why times vary for your high noon

The difference between apparent solar time (the actual time between noons) and mean solar time (the average time between noons) is called the equation of time.

How bright is our sun from other stars?

How bright is our sun from other stars? Famed astronomer Guy Ottewell explores the perspective from Alpha Centauri A, Sirius and Deneb.

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