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Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Calendar 2024 is here

The popular and information Astronomical Calendar for 2024 by Guy Ottewell is available. It comes in either electronic or printed form. Learn more here.

Guy Ottewell asks, is there a smile across the sky?

Guy Ottewell explores and explains the different view of the current objects near the western horizon from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Equation of time: Why times vary for your high noon

The difference between apparent solar time (the actual time between noons) and mean solar time (the average time between noons) is called the equation of time.

How bright is our sun from other stars?

How bright is our sun from other stars? Famed astronomer Guy Ottewell explores the perspective from Alpha Centauri A, Sirius and Deneb.

Comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon is sweeping through southern skies

Comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon was discovered at Mount Lemmon Observatory in 2021. It's currently in the southern skies and might become bright enough for binoculars.

How many red dwarf stars in nearby space?

Astronomer Guy Ottewell uses 2 charts - showing 2 different volumes of space - to contemplate and question the density of red dwarf stars in our Milky Way.

Artificial intelligence: Thoughts by astronomer Guy Ottewell

Renowned astronomer Guy Ottewell weighs in on artificial intelligence. Plus, apparently what AI says about him isn't accurate.

The Drake Equation and the late planet

Astronomer Guy Ottewell discusses how the recent discovery of a star swallowing a late planet can help refine an estimate for part of the Drake Equation.

The attitude of the Swan and the Northern Cross

Guy Ottewell answers the question: Since the Northern Cross is vertical as it sets in the west, why is it not also vertical as it rises in the east?

How fast is daytime growing? Guy Ottewell explains

How fast is daytime growing? A table in this post shows differences in the time of sunrise as we approach the March equinox.