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Guy Ottewell

Helioconjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on June 6

There will be a helioconjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on June 6, 2022. That is, as seen from the sun, Jupiter will overtake Neptune.

Constellations and signs: what’s the difference?

What is the difference between signs of the zodiac and constellations of the zodiac? Astronomer Guy Ottewell illustrates and discusses this difference.

Double star orbits: New charts of Sirius and Albireo

Learn more about the double star orbits of 2 famous stars - Sirius and Albireo - with these fascinating charts from Guy Ottewell.

Venus passages compared: 2017 to 2022

Venus will sweep near the sun in our sky (inferior conjunction) on January 8-9. Astronomer Guy Ottewell uses his great skill at illustration to compare this with past Venus passages.

The 5 petals of Venus and its 8-year cycle

Learn about the 8-year cycle of Venus in our sky and the petals of Venus, a rhythmic motion of Venus when viewed from an Earth-centered perspective.

Past-and-future Earths ring in New Year

Past-and-future Earths. A novel way of picturing ourselves riding on Earth, orbiting the sun, from astronomer Guy Ottewell.

The late June evening sky is rich

Here are charts showing the late June evening sky in 2021, from master chartmaker Guy Ottewell. One looks west after sunset. One looks from above.

Swimming up sky and up river

A couple of charts from master chart-maker Guy Ottewell, showing Mercury in the sky now and throughout 2021. Plus a word about a lost whale ...

A magnified view of Jupiter and Saturn at conjunction

On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 1/5 of a moon-diameter apart! Guy Ottewell offers insights and charts showing a magnified (telescopic) view of their once-in-20-years great conjunction.

Earth in the balance today

Guy Ottewell's insights on today's autumnal equinox.