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Insights on Jupiter at opposition

Like so much in astronomy, Jupiter's opposition happens in a way that's cyclical. And the cycle of oppositions for Jupiter is especially pleasing to the mind. Astronomer Guy Ottewell offers his insights - and chart-making skills - to you during this 2020 opposition of our solar system's largest planet.

Where is Proxima Centauri?

You probably know the very nearest star to our sun is Proxima in the triple star system we call Alpha Centauri. Guy Ottewell shows you where in space Proxima is.

Watch for Jupiter, Saturn and the moon

Watch for the moon, Jupiter and Saturn around June 7, 2020. The moon is very bright now, so Jupiter and Saturn are specks in its glare. Jupiter is a brighter speck than Saturn.

The difference between ‘signs’ and constellations

When - astrologically - the sun enters the "sign" of Gemini, it is still nearly one month away from entering the constellation Gemini in the sky. Astronomer Guy Ottewell illustrates and discusses this difference.

Don’t miss Tuesday’s moon-Jupiter-Saturn trio

The planets Jupiter and Saturn are exceedingly near each other now on the sky's dome, heading for a 20-year conjunction later this year. See them with the moon on May 12!

Cheery thoughts for a scary time

Some astronomy thoughts to distract you from quarantine life under the coronavirus plague, from Guy Ottewell.

Valentine Venus

Talk about an awesome Valentine's Day activity! Go outside and show your sweetie Venus, the planet of love. Astronomer Guy Ottewell provides a chart and more.

Get ready for the Venus-Saturn conjunction

Venus and Jupiter had a spectacular conjunction last month. Soon, Saturn and Venus will meet in the west after sunset. Guy Ottewell offers insights and charts to prepare you for this encounter between worlds.

What’s a node?

Venus passes its descending node on Friday at 2 UTC. What is it? And why does astronomer Guy Ottewell say that nodes "shape the orbits of the moving bodies and set them up for whatever else happens" ... ?

Early this week, watch for the Orionids

Charts and insights about this week's Orionid meteor shower from astronomer Guy Ottewell.