Lake-effect snow: New York smashes records

Learn more about what conditions create lake-effect snow and how Buffalo, New York, could see up to 6 feet (1.8 m) of snow by the end of the weekend.

What is the Brocken Spectre? A misty figure in the fog

The Brocken Spectre is your own shadow cast on mists below you from high on a mountain. The shadow may appear enormous and has a rainbow ring around it.

Why don’t we feel Earth’s spin?

We don't feel Earth spin on its axis because Earth's spin is steady - and moves at a constant rate in orbit around the sun - carrying us as passengers right along with it.

Hurricane Nicole strikes Florida, delays Artemis

Hurricane Nicole dropped to tropical storm status after its landfall in Florida south of Cape Canaveral. Artemis 1's launch has been delayed yet again.

Emperor penguins added to ‘threatened’ list

Emperor penguins are joining the list of threatened species from the Endangered Species Act. Will humanity be able to keep emissions low enough to save them?

Climate change will produce more rainbows

Researchers from the University of Hawaii found that climate change will bring more rainbows to higher latitudes and higher elevations.

Ozone hole continues shrinking in 2022

Earth's ozone hole over Antarctica was biggest between September 7 and October 13. The depleted area was smaller than last year and continued a shrinking trend of recent years.

Longest nonstop bird flight: A new world record

A bar-tailed godwit has flown 11 days and 8,425 miles from Alaska to Tasmania, Australia. This sets the new world record for longest nonstop bird flight.

Mississippi River hits record low levels

The Mississippi River has hit all-time lows in some areas. A hot, dry summer has led to lower water levels, revealing bones and boats. Read more here.

Why were prehistoric insects so big?

Hundreds of millions of years ago, giant insects were common on Earth. In fact, prehistoric insects were here before the dinosaurs!