Media We Love: The Merlin Bird ID app

In this installment of Media We Love, EarthSky editor Kelly Kizer Whitt recommends the Merlin Bird ID app. It's a free app! Learn how it works here.

How wildfire smoke can harm your health, even from far away

Wildfire smoke can affect human health even from far away, taxing lungs and exacerbating existing health problems. Learn about how to reduce your risk.

Canadian wildfires continue to rage with a smoky central US

Canadian wildfires continue to rage, with the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan producing smoke that is pouring into the U.S.

Blood Falls in Antarctica, what makes them red?

A recent study on Antarctica’s Blood Falls reveals the origins of its unique, bright red discharge. This might help in the search for life in our solar system.

Joro spiders are more afraid of you (if that’s possible)

The giant Joro spiders spreading up and down the East Coast are surprisingly shy, researchers found. Although venomous, the pose no threat to humans.

Mount St. Helens’ 1980 eruption still causing destruction

On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted, killing 57 people. Debris from the 1980 eruption caused a landslide that destroyed a road in 2023.

Jurassic-age giant reptile was twice as big as killer whale

Scientists have discovered that a giant reptile of the Jurassic period - a pliosaur - could have been up to 47 feet in length.

Cyclone Mocha weakens rapidly over Myanmar

Powerful cyclone Mocha made landfall on Sunday in Myanmar, near the border of Bangladesh, in a populous, low-lying and war-torn region.

What are hole-punch clouds, aka fallstreak holes?

Jets create hole-punch clouds. They're a type of cloud with a flat layer interrupted by a big hole, often with wisps at the center.

Stargazing in national parks in the U.S.

Stargazing in national parks ... yes! Increasing light pollution in the United States makes national parks some of the last dark refuges.