Total solar eclipses are due to a fantastic coincidence

Total solar eclipses are the result of a fantastic coincidence: The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun but also 400 times closer to Earth.

Is the rare New Jersey earthquake related to the eclipse?

Conspiracy theorists are imagining a connection between yesterday's New Jersey earthquake and Monday's solar eclipse. The quake and the craziness here. 

The threat of supernovas to life on Earth

The threat of supernovas to life on Earth is due to their intense radiation. Fortunately, they'd have to be fairly close to affect Earth.

The April 8 eclipse will reduce solar power, strain the grid

The April 8 eclipse will impact solar power generation, straining the grid. But grid operators are ready to compensate for the loss of energy production.

The April 8 total solar eclipse could scramble bird behavior

Researchers will be studying the reaction of birds - which are in the midst of spring migration - during the total solar eclipse of April 8.

Chimpanzees stayed in ‘invisible cage’ after zoo upgrade

A new study found chimpanzees in a zoo in South Africa stayed in tight groups in their previous territory even after their enclosure was enlarged and upgraded.

El Niño causes spike in 2023 global sea level

Scientists discovered a spike in sea level in 2023 as a result of El Niño conditions. This data comes from 30 years of satellite and ground-based observations.

Titanosaurs were the biggest land animals Earth’s ever seen

Titanosaurs thrived globally after the extinction of their more famous relatives. They had over 100 species ranging from massive to relatively small.

Interstellar signal linked to aliens was just a truck

New analysis of seismic waves recorded around the time the 2014 interstellar meteor hit Earth shows it was not an interstellar signal but a nearby truck.

Uncontrolled space junk hit Earth over the Pacific on Friday

Space junk jettisoned from the International Space Station in 2021 hit Earth on March 8, 2024. The space junk likely reentered over the Pacific Ocean.

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