A composite of Geminid meteors on December 14, 2020.

Favorite photos of 2020’s Geminid meteor shower

EarthSky community members from around the world share their photos and experiences of this year’s Geminid meteor shower, here.

The whole globe of Earth, with a dark blot in one area: the moon's shadow.

The moon’s shadow on Earth yesterday

During a total solar eclipse, the moon’s shadow sweeps across Earth. Those in the shadow’s path see the total eclipse. Those outside the path of the shadow may see varying stages of a partial eclipse.

Favorite photos: December 2020’s waning moon and Venus

A few of our favorite images of the waning crescent moon and dazzling planet Venus in the early-morning sky.

Woodpecker’s winter stash

Acorn woodpeckers can be found in the North American West, and in Mexico and Central America. They harvest acorns directly from oak trees, then store the nuts in individually drilled holes in one or more trees, known as “granaries.” A single tree may be carrying 50,000 stored nuts!

Gaia’s 3rd data release, in numbers

The much-anticipated 3rd data release from the Gaia space observatory happened today.

Sunspots on the December 1st sun.

Monster sunspot AR2786 swings into better view

The sun is becoming active again as it enters Solar Cycle 25. This week, scientists’ predictions of sunspots were proven via photos from astronomers around the world. Giant sunspot AR2786 can be viewed with proper filters and may create strong flares that reach Earth.

November 23 moon and ISS

The International Space Station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes To the eye alone, it looks like a bright, moving star. Various online tools can help you capture its fleeting pass in front of the moon or sun.

Photos of 2020’s Leonid meteor shower

EarthSky Community members around the world are sharing their photos of this year’s Leonid meteor shower. Beautiful! Thanks to all who contributed.

Diwali 2020 shone in this ashram, despite Covid-19

Images of Diwali 2020 from an ashram in India.

November butterflies!

Lovely photos of November butterflies from an ashram garden in India.