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Misty sunrise, happy dog

Misty and golden sunrise in England, with a man walking his very happy dog!

See it! Super Blue Moon eclipse photos

It was a Blue Moon, a supermoon and a moon in total eclipse. EarthSky community members around the world came through as always with awesome photos.

Double moon halo

A 22-degree lunar halo, with a 9-degree lunar halo inside it.

These clouds are called ship tracks

Ship tracks typically form among low-lying stratus and cumulus clouds. They form around exhaust particles released by ships.

ISS over Idaho’s Wood River Valley

On a cold January night, Nils Ribi captured the path of the International Space Station (ISS) in the southern sky over the Wood River Valley of Idaho.

Cartwheel Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope image of a rare ring galaxy in the direction of the constellation Sculptor.

Sun pillar over frozen lake, Sweden

Nature photographer J├Ârgen Andersson posted this photo to EarthSky Facebook on January 22, 2018.

Orion high in southern skies

Orion the Hunter is at its highest in the south in the evening now for the Northern Hemisphere. But the Southern Hemisphere has an even better view!

Sunrises this weekend

Enjoy these January sunrises, from EarthSky friends.

Jupiter’s swirling south pole

Juno spacecraft view of planet Jupiter’s southern polar region.