Moonlit night in Yosemite

Moonlit rainbow over cascading Yosemite waterfall.

Spiral galaxy NGC 2903

Meet an iconic spiral galaxy

This is a particularly photogenic spiral galaxy, called NGC 2903. You can see its pinwheeling spiral arms, scatterings of stars, glowing bursts of gas, and dark lanes of cosmic dust.

It’s twilight time: 15 favorite photos

“Love prefers twilight to daylight”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Best photos of the Mercury-Mars conjunction

It was the closest conjunction of 2 planets in 2019, between Mercury and Mars. It happened low in the evening twilight – and was best seen from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere. Check out these photos from EarthSky Community members.

Airglow over Halcottsville, New York

The Milky Way rising over a silo.

The fish are biting

John Ashley caught these fish – with a camera – fighting and mating during a late May/early June spawning season in Montana.

Asperitas clouds ahead of the rain

Kent Reinhard captured these rare asperitas clouds on June 10. They’ve been described as “… as if viewing a roughened sea surface from below.”

Venus at sunrise from ISS

From the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Christina Koch snapped this image of the planet Venus at sunrise on May 31.

Distant lighthouse against bright yellow sunrise.

Montauk lighthouse

An old lighthouse stands out against the sky in Montauk, New York.

Wide, symmetrical image of Milky Way arcing above a river.

Andromeda, Jupiter, Milky Way over Montana

We’re now in the middle of the best time of year to see Jupiter, and it’s near the starry arc of the Milky Way. Enjoy this panoramic image from John Ashley in Montana.