Best deep-sky photos of May 2023

Enjoy this gallery of the best deep-sky photos of May from our EarthSky community. If you have a great photo to share, send it in. We love to see them!

New supernova! M101 explosion is closest in a decade

An amateur astronomer discovered a new supernova in M101 (the Pinwheel Galaxy) on May 19, 2023. See stunning images of the explosion here.

New Pillars of Creation and more: Video and images

NASA released a new Pillars of Creation image, a composite from Chandra and Webb. Plus more new images. And a video showing them all.

Moon analemma over Egypt’s Great Pyramids

A moon analemma follows the path of the moon over the course of a lunar month. Read how to create a moon analemma here.

Aurora photos, night of April 23-24, 2023

The night of April 23-24, 2023, featured a wonderful auroral display. Aurora photos from our community, and some tweets, here.

Dragon bones on Mars? Curiosity spies weird rocks

Did NASA's Curiosity rover find dragon bones on Mars? Nah. But these wonderfully weird spiky rocks are some of the strangest formations the rovers have seen.

See Mercury’s sodium tail in specially filtered photographs

The closest planet to the sun, Mercury, has a tail much like a comet. See Mercury's sodium tail in photographs through special filters and learn more about it.

Supernova remnant Cas A is focus of new Webb image

On April 7, 2023, ESA shared this new image from the James Webb Space Telescope of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. Learn more about it here.

New Uranus image from Webb shows rings, polar cap

NASA released a new Uranus image, highlighting its stunning rings, dynamic atmosphere and brightest moons. Learn more here.

Aurora photos from Thursday’s geomagnetic storm

A geomagnetic storm produced aurora visible from even southern states on March 23, 2023. See some of our best aurora photos here.