Wow! See Mars as ISS astronauts would see it

What if the International Space Station orbited Mars? Space engineers took 3 months to plan this amazing new view of Mars, as ISS astronauts would see it.

Wow! A rare waterspout over Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

An EarthSky community member caught this rare waterspout over Sun Moon Lake on November 16, 2023. What a catch! Thank you, Bob!

Photos of Venus and the moon November 9, 2023

EarthSky's global community shared fabulous photos of Venus and the moon from their close approach and occultation on November 9, 2023.

Jupiter as you’ve never seen it. Thanks, Hubble!

The giant planet Jupiter reached opposition this week, coming closest to Earth for the year. In celebration, NASA released this ultraviolet view of Jupiter.

Deep-sky photos October 2023: Editor’s picks

Enjoy this gallery of the best deep-sky photos of October 2023 from our EarthSky community. If you have a photo to share, send it in. We love to see them!

Hunter’s Moon eclipse photos October 28-29, 2023

The Northern Hemisphere's Hunter's Moon for 2023 was last night. It was near Jupiter. And some parts of the world saw an eclipse. Hunter's Moon eclipse photos here!

Solar eclipse in 2077 almost repeats last Saturday’s eclipse

Another annular solar eclipse - similar to the one on October 14, 2023 - will visit almost the same geographical region in 2077.

Best photos of the week, October 7-13, 2023

See our best photos of the week from October 7-13, 2023, in images and a video here! And learn how to submit your own images of the Earth and sky.

Bubble nebula: Why image an object again?

Astrophotographer Steven Bellavia captured images of the Bubble nebula in 2018 and 2023. Here, he explains why astrophotographers target the same object twice.

Caddisfly larvae are tiny rock masons. One built this case

A longtime contributor to EarthSky Community Photos, Sheryl R. Garrison, captured this cool image of a rock casing built by a caddisfly. Read Sheryl's story here.