Milky Way photos from the 2021 season

Milky Way season is wrapping up as September and October approach. Enjoy this gallery of some of the best photos of our galaxy from our readers.

Best Milky Way pics of 2021

Capture the Atlas announced its 2021 Milky Way Photographer of the Year. This annual edition showcases 25 of the best Milky Way photos from around the world.

Rare lunar halo – an odd-radius halo – over India

A common halo around the sun or moon has a radius of 22 degrees. It's called a 22-degree halo. But here's a rare lunar halo: an odd-radius halo.

A-74 iceberg near collision with Brunt Ice Shelf

Antarctica has been in 24-hour darkness in recent months. But satellite images show that the A-74 iceberg near collision with the Brunt Ice Shelf is ongoing.

Perseid photos 2021: A week of shooting stars

2021 Perseid photos from this year's favorite summertime meteor shower. Thanks to all who are contributing at EarthSky Community Photos!

The Mediterranean heatwave goes on

The Mediterranean heatwave is featuring land surface temperatures of over 50 C (122 F) and air temperatures in triple digits as well.

Parhelic circle and 2 halos over Alberta, Canada

Beautiful photo from an EarthSky community member showing showing portions of a 22-degree halo, circumscribed halo and parhelic circle.

Russia’s Nauka module en route to ISS

Russia's Nauka module reportedly had some issues after reaching orbiting. It's due to dock with the International Space Station on July 29.

Visualize the Perseid meteor stream in space

This visualization by Ian Webster and Peter Jenniskens uses NASA data to render the Perseid meteor stream in space. Don't miss this!

Wildfire smoke blankets North American skies

Wildfire smoke from Canada and the western United States has blanketed North America this week. See photos and video.

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