Photos of Comet Nishimura from around the world

Check out these great photos of Comet Nishimura from the EarthSky community. The comet is going into the sun's glare now, it might still be visible.

Night sky of Star Wars’ Tatooine, in Tunisia

Astrophotographer Makrem Larnaout journeyed to the desert of Tunisia to capture the night sky as seen from a movie set for Star Wars. Enjoy his amazing images.

Saturn closest and brightest for 2023: Best photos

Earth flew between the sun and Saturn on August 27. Then Earth was between the sun and moon, at full moon on August 30. Photos here of Saturn and the moon!

See Supernova 1987A in a new light from Webb

Webb has taken a new view of Supernova 1987A, a star that we saw explode nearly 40 years ago. The new view shows structures that we couldn't see before.

Want to see 2023’s brightest supermoon? Photos here

See some incredible photos of the year's brightest supermoon here. See the best shots of the unique opportunity when a supermoon and a Blue Moon coincided.

Best twilight photos from our community

Enjoy twilight in some of the best photos shared by the EarthSky community. Have a great photo of your own to share? Send it to us!

Perseid meteor photos from around the world, 2023

See these Perseid meteor photos from EarthSky community members from around the world. Thanks to all who contributed these great photos!

Iridescent contrails? Rainbow contrails? Something else?

They look like iridescent contrails. But, are they? We asked Les Cowley, an atmospheric optics expert, who gave a different opinion.

SpaceX launch punches a hole in the ionosphere

On July 19, 2023, astrophotographers captured a strange red blob in their images, which turned out to be a SpaceX launch punching a hole in the ionosphere.

Can 2 planets share an orbit? New image points to yes

Can 2 planets share an orbit? Astronomers have long believed they could, and a new image is finally providing photographic evidence of the possibility.