Photos of Venus-Saturn conjunction, January 2023

Photos of Venus-Saturn conjunction, via the EarthSky community, on and around January 22, 2023. Plus the young moon joined the show. Beautiful!

Antarctic sea ice in rapid decline this season

Recent images acquired via satellite on clear days in Antarctica. Antarctic sea ice decline in the 2022-2023 season has been the lowest in 45 years.

Winter wonderland on Mars

NASA captured fascinating images of the winter wonderland on Mars. When Mars thaws in the spring, the ice takes on new shapes and results in erupting geysers.

10 best northern lights photos of 2022

The blog “Capture the Atlas” announced its best northern lights photos of 2022. You can see 10 of the best aurora photos in the world here.

December’s deep sky: Nebulae, clusters and more

Amazing astrophotographers in the EarthSky community shared their photos of December's deep sky with us, including nebulae and clusters.

A wreath of star formation in Pegasus

The Webb Space Telescope captured the spiral galaxy NGC 7469 in Pegasus and its wreath of star formation in the ring around the galaxy's central black hole.

EarthSky’s top photos from 2022

Enjoy EarthSky's top photos from 2022. All these photos were taken by members of the EarthSky community from all around the globe. See our top 10.

Ghostly light in galaxy clusters revealed by Webb

The Webb has now been used to study the ghostly light in galaxy clusters - the light of stars wandering in intergalactic space.

Moon and Mars! Fav photos of December 7 occultation

The moon and Mars were spectacular on the night of December 7-8, 2022. Some saw the moon occult - or pass in front of - Mars. Wonderful photos here!

Saturn’s moon Titan occults star in new images

The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope captured amazing images of Saturn's moon Titan occulting a star on November 29, 2022. See the images.