Spring versus winter

Alessandra Cailotto took this photo of flowers peeking through the snow in northern Italy on May 7. She wrote, “Spring vs winter: 1-0.”

Bound for Mars in 2020

The spacecraft for NASA’s next Mars mission – Mars 2020 – is really beginning to take shape now. Here’s the complete cruise stage, suspended in a cleanroom at JPL. It’ll power and guide the spacecraft on its 7-month voyage to Mars.

Waxing moon with Golden Handle

Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe, caught this photo of a waxing moon, setting, with what’s called a Golden Handle (the curved feature at top right, jutting up along the line between light and dark on the moon).

Stunning ISS pass above Rome

The International Space Station passing over Rome’s city lights on April 30, 2019.

Rainbow spokes over Pennsylvania

When dense rain showers are falling into a rainbow, you might see one or more dark spokes centered on the point exactly opposite the sun. These are called rainbow spokes, or rainbow wheels.

Sunrise video still from Hideto Shimizu in Japan.

Nature in Japan: Time travel

Hideto Shimizu hiked many miles across the mountains of Japan to capture the images in this gorgeous 90-second video. He wrote: “I hope it delivers you the feelings of the places I photographed.”

Eta Aquariid meteor over Indonesia’s Mount Bromo

Eta Aquariid meteors and the Milky Way over Mount Bromo.

Storm on the way

Developing storm in the sky over Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Milky Way over Lunar Crater, Nevada

This volcanic crater in Nevada – called Lunar Crater – was used to train Apollo astronauts in 1972.

Two airplane glories, half a world apart

Liz Dunster caught a photo of an airplane glory during a flight over North Carolina. Karthik Easvur caught a glory over India and provided a video!

The young moon returns

Casual observers rarely see a moon within 24 hours of new moon. But observers who have the right conditions, and are watching carefully – and those using telescopes or binoculars – can see much younger moons.

Insight lander captures sunrises, sunsets on Mars

Sunrises and sunsets on Mars, captured by the camera on NASA’s InSight lander.

Storm cell over Australia

Photographer Lynton Brown captured this magnificent storm cloud over Horsham, Australia, in the late afternoon of May 1.

Old moon, Venus, Mercury

The moon is sweeping past the planets Venus and Mercury in the morning sky now.

Milky Way and Jupiter

Maureen Allen captured the Milky Way and Jupiter over Lake Rousseau in Dunnellon, Florida, early in the morning of April 28, 2019.

Milky Way over Taylors Lake, Australia

The Milky Way is coming back into view for another observing season. Australia has a wonderful vantage point for it!

Uluru sunset

Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock – in Northern Territory, Australia, on April 19, 2019.

Moon and Jupiter beam on a lake

The moon passed Jupiter (and Saturn) this week.

Meteor over Colorado

Who saw Lyrid meteors this week? Chuck Mason captured this image on April 20. He said, “Lucky enough to have caught a Lyrid Meteor over the Dallas Divide, Ridgway, Colorado.”

Pink sky over Yosemite

Yosemite Valley in California is home to most of the park’s famous waterfalls. This photographer caught the valley at dusk.