Rippling ice and storms at Mars’ north pole

This image is part of a wider system of depressions that spiral outward from the very center of Mars’ north pole. Seen in context, you can see rippling troughs that curve and bend and slice outwards from the pole counterclockwise.

Taal Volcano in Philippines spews ash

So far, there’ve been no reports of casualties or major damage from the event that began Sunday. At this writing, the alert level has been raised to 4: “an imminent hazardous eruption.”

Pollen sunset over Austin, Texas

When you see concentric colored rings around a sunset, you might want to grab a tissue. This atmospheric phenomenon results from an abundance of uniformly sized pollen grains, drifting in the air.

Red sprites over the Andes

Photographer Yuri Beletsky captured red sprites flashing over the Chilean Andes Mountains.

Polar stratospheric clouds over Sweden

Northern Europe had an amazing display of these clouds this week.

Black sunspot and its orange halo, tiny Earth beside sun for scale.

Top 9 EarthSky images of 2019

Wow! This was a tough choice. Thank you to all who submitted photos in 2019! Here are a few of our favorites.

Thin partial eclipse with a woman and child standing on a hillside, pointing at it.

Photos of December 26 ‘ring of fire’ eclipse

The December 26, 2019, annular or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse was viewed across a narrow track that started at sunrise in Saudi Arabia and ended at sunset over the North Pacific Ocean.

Solstice sunrise over Monterrey, Mexico

Raul Cortes in Monterrey, Mexico, caught the solstice sunrise in a sequence of images on December 22, 2019.

Favorite EarthSky images of the season

These images are from members of our community. Thanks so much for sharing your images with us!

Spiral galaxy with yellow center

Hubble spots galaxy’s dramatic details

Hubble image of spiral galaxy NGC 5468.

Close-up of central peak of Bhabha crater.

Sunrise at the moon’s Bhabha crater

A day on the moon lasts about an earthly month, so dawn comes to each part of the moon only that often. In this view from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, you can see a crater’s central peak illuminated by sunlight, while the crater floor remains dark.

A moon just past 1st quarter, with Lunar X annotated.

What to look for on a 1st quarter moon

For those of you with telescopes, or telescopic lenses, here’s something to watch for on a moon just past 1st quarter.

Orion, the Bull, the Pleiades and a meteor

A long bright meteor, too, and on the night of the elusive Unicorn meteor shower … but not a Unicorn meteor.

Photos: This week’s moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

What a week it’s been for planets! Jupiter and Venus – the 2 brightest planets – were in conjunction last Sunday. Then the moon swept through the evening sky, passing Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Thanks to all in the EarthSky Community who contributed photos! A sampling here … Links to more in this post.

Composite image of SpaceX Starlink satellite swarm

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite project will eventually place an initial 12,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide worldwide internet access. This image is from the second batch of satellites launched November 11.

Aurora over Esjan

November aurora over Iceland.

Colorado moon

Photographer Matt Burt captured the full Beaver Moon over Gunnison, Colorado, on November 11, 2019.

Moon halo over Pikes Peak

This ring around the moon is called a 22-degree halo by skywatchers. The mountain below is Pikes Peak, in Colorado, the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rockies.

See it! Monday’s transit of Mercury

Click here for awesome photos from members of the EarthSky community of the November 11, 2019, transit of Mercury. It’ll be the last Mercury transit until 2032. A huge thank you to all who submitted to EarthSky Community Photos!

Stunning view inside a young moon crater

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has returned some amazing high-resolution photos of the surface of the moon, including these ones of steep cliffs and impact melt inside a young crater called Giordano Bruno.