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More favorite Perseid meteor shower photos

2018 has been an exceptional year for the Perseids. Wonderful photos are still coming in. Thanks to all who submitted!

Potomac River sunrise

An early August morning in Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Photographer Greg Diesel Walck wrote, “Glorious beams this morning at sunrise over the Potomac River.”

Fire cloud over California, from space

A pyrocumulus cloud – sometimes called a fire cloud – forms when intense heat from wildfires causes air to rise. Californians have been seeing these towering clouds this July and August.

Sky-wide rays

Familiar crepuscular rays and less well known anticrepuscular rays are really one and the same.

Evening’s 2 arcs

Draw a line between the 4 bright planets up after sunset now, and you’ll see they make an arc across the sky. In this photo, Michael Seeley in Florida contrasted the arc of planets with that of the Milky Way.

Speck from an asteroid

Viewed under a microscope, it resembles a human hair. But this is actually an extremely precious speck of dust – a tiny sample from the Itokawa asteroid, brought back to Earth by Japan’s Hayabusa mission.

See it! Crepuscular rays

Those beams of light shooting out from the horizon or down from the clouds are called crepuscular rays, or sunrays. Beautiful, mysterious and very noticeable.

Reaching to the stars

Photographer Miska Saarikko titled this image Reaching to the Stars.

Every point is a galaxy

At first glance, it’s just a square filled with tiny grains of static. But incredible as it is to imagine, every single point of light in this image is actually a distant galaxy, as observed by ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory.

Beautiful photos! Full moon eclipse and Mars

Earth flew between the sun and Mars this week, so, during yesterday’s total lunar eclipse, the moon and Mars were close. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

Night-shining clouds over Estonia

Kairo Kiitsak captured an impressive display of noctilucent, or night-shining, clouds, in Simuna, Estonia on July 26, 2018. Noctilucent clouds are seen at high latitudes only from about mid-May to August. Wondrous, if you can catch them!

See it! Mars is very bright now

It’s the brightest Mars has been in our sky since since 2003. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

Tennessee double rainbow

Becky Gillum captured this double rainbow in Cherokee Lake, Tennessee. She said, “With all the storms we’ve been having, it was only a matter of time until a rainbow appeared.”

Dust storm rolls in on Mars

Forecast for Mars: dust! This smaller storm appeared on Mars in April 2018, prior to the planet-wide storm happening now.

Mars from the International Space Station

Astronaut photo of Mars from the International Space Station (ISS), In this image, Mars has been highlighted and enlarged 20 times.

Meteor, Mars and Milky Way

Night sky over South Korea’s Mount Seoraksan.

Volcanic mood rings

The crater lakes at the summit of Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia change colors from day to day. The colors can change from white, green, blue and brown to black.

See it! Last night’s moon and Venus

Photos from EarthSky friends around the world of Sunday evening’s spectacular moon and planet Venus, and Saturday’s moon and Mercury. Thanks to all who submitted or posted to our Facebook page! Miss then? Try again Monday.

Geyser and Milky Way

Milky Way over Biscuit Basin, in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park .

July sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise over the Potomac River at Fort Hunt, Virginia.