The round disk of the sun, with sunspots crossing it in 2 bands, one in the northern and one in the southern hemisphere.

100 days of sunspots

A blend of a total of 100 images showing every sunspot that appeared on the sun from December 25, 2020, to April 3, 2021.

Square image with green background with a hummingbird in the centre, feeding off of white flowers on twigs.

Hummingbird having a spring meal

Hummingbirds can fly up to 20 miles (32 km) in a day and are now traveling north, some all the way from Central America to Canada and even Alaska. This beautiful hummingbird was captured feeding from blossoms in California this week.

Full moon with colors emphasized, and a band of the silhouette of the international space station passing by on the diagonal.

ISS passing a mineral moon

What’s a mineral moon? In this case, it’s a photo of our moon with the colors of its surface enhanced to reveal the moon’s mineral deposits. As an added bonus, here’s a mineral moon with the International Space Station passing by!

Striking new image of M106

This spectacular image features spiral galaxy Messier 106 and its diminutive neighbors, as well as a dense field of background galaxies and foreground stars.

Two bright stars, one large round star cluster, colorful wisps of gas clouds.

The beautiful abundance of Rho Ophiuchi

One of the most colorful regions of the sky, Rho Ophiuchi showcases clusters and nebulae galore.

Cattails and reeds backlit with a golden glow.

Golden hour at an Indiana lake

The golden hour – actually, more like 30 minutes – is that magical period of daylight shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when the brightness of the sky matches streetlights, signs and car headlights. Photographers love it!

The Milky Way stretches over background with bridge in foreground.

Spring Milky Way over Cape Cod

Dark skies let the Milky Way shine, and this stunning shot from Cape Cod exhibits our galaxy in its full glory, even reflected on the water!

An owl sitting in the opening of a tree, blending in with the same brown-beige color as the surrounding bark.

Owl keeps an eye out, in New York

This nocturnal owl wakes briefly during the day to have a quick look around.

Labeled starfield with box around the nova.

Nova brightens in Cassiopeia

Amateur astronomers across the globe have been watching a star brighten on the dome of our night sky. You can try to spot it, too. Use the photo here as a finder guide to locate the nova named V1405 Cas.

Close-up of the surface of Mars, in a beige hue. One large dark spot to the right in the image, Olympus Mons, and 3 other spots to its right, which are its sister volcanoes.

Olympus Mons volcano on Mars, from UAE’s Hope

United Arab Emirates’ Hope spacecraft has begun producing images of Mars’s surface, including a view of Olympus Mons, highest volcano in the solar system.

10 years after Japan’s big tsunami

See before and after satellite images of one coastal city from the March 11, 2011, Japanese tsunami. How it looked before, and how it looks today.

China’s largest dust storm in a decade hits Beijing

A satellite image shows an enormous plume of sand and dust that blanketed northern China on March 15, 2021.

Torrential rains drench Hawaii

A strong tropical depression picking up moisture from the warm ocean caused widespread flooding in the Hawaiian islands.

Animated photo of cloud developing as edge of day moves past the mountain.

A Martian cloud reveals its secrets

Clever camerawork allowed scientists to view an elusive cloud that streams away from Mars’ volcano Arsia Mons and determine how it’s formed.

Red dot on black background near cluster of stars.

Photographs of historic Mars and Pleiades conjunction

On March 3, 2021, the red planet Mars and Pleiades star cluster in Taurus will appear close together on the sky’s dome. The two won’t get this close again until 2038! See photos of the big event.

What are cloud streets?

Cloud streets are a manifestation of Earth’s atmosphere in motion. They’re normally seen by satellites looking down on Earth, but sometimes they can be seen from the ground as well. See cool images here!

Rocky surface with debris scattered, inset with plume of smoke.

Perseverance saw its own descent stage crash

The Mars rover images a plume of debris from the impact of the descent stage that helped the spacecraft land safely on the red planet.

Crisp white-edge orb with mottling on surface, scattered thin white lines.

Parker Solar Probe captures a glimpse of Venus

The Parker Solar Probe turned its camera on Venus as the spacecraft flew by during a gravity assist.

Penguin with yellow face and chest, cream body.

Photographer snags shot of yellow penguin

Yves Adams took this photo of a rare yellow penguin on South Georgia Island in December 2019. It went viral this month. “It seems we are in desperate need for some mellow yellow news!” Adams said.

New sights and sounds from the Perseverance rover on Mars!

Check out this amazing new video from NASA’s Perseverance rover, showing its own descent and landing on the surface of Mars last week. Truly, it’s like nothing seen before! Also, the first-ever audio from Mars …