Storm in a cosmic teacup

Nicknamed the Teacup because of its shape, this quasar is causing a cosmic storm in a distant galaxy. The source of the squall is a supermassive black hole buried at a galaxy’s center.

Jupiter or Earth?

Swirls in Jupiter’s atmosphere and in Earth’s Baltic Sea look a lot alike. That’s because the motion of fluids on both planets are governed by same laws of physics.

Venus, Saturn, Jupiter

These 3 planets – 2 very bright ones and a fainter one – are lined up in the early morning sky now, nearly equidistant from each other.

Frozen waves on Lake Michigan

Frozen waves on Lake Michigan, in a photo by Glenn Hughson.

Galaxy with a tail

This striking image shows just a part of the spectacular tail emerging from a spiral galaxy nicknamed D100.

A sign of spring

A bluebird on a snowy day in Massachusetts is a sign that spring is coming.

Moon, Mars and me

Niko Powe waved a sparkler at the starry sky. He wrote, “Sirius, Orion, Hyades, Pleiades, the moon, Mars, and me.”

Hot air balloon at sunrise, over Morocco

Sunrise in Marrakech, Morocco, on February 27, 2019, taken from a hot air balloon. Photo by Ming Bow.

Light painting

Beams of light across the night sky on a lonely Florida highway.

Snow roller in New Hampshire

Have you ever heard of snow rollers? We hadn’t either. They’re like the snowballs people roll to make snowmen. But, instead of people, nature rolls them.

Virga and cloud shadows over Africa

Virga is rain that falls but doesn’t reach the ground. It helped create this spectacular scene over Mutare, Zimbabwe, on March 5, 2019.

Bright streak of iridium flare, plus inset showing satellite's track across sky.

One of the last Iridium flares

Only a few of the original, sometimes-glinting Iridium satellites are still in low Earth orbit. They have 3 reflective panels that occasionally catch the sun and produce a visible flare lasting between 5 and 20 seconds.

North Star over New Mexico

Polaris – aka the North Star – is in the center of the great turning wheel of stars in this photo. It’s the star around which the entire northern sky appears to turn.

See it! Photos of moon and morning planets

The moon has swept past the planets that are up shortly before sunup this week. The EarthSky community caught the early morning sky scenes.

Curved streak of a rocket launch, with a palm tree in front.

The next big leap

SpaceX took a giant step this weekend with the successful launch of its Crew Dragon demo capsule, its first spacecraft designed to carry humans.

Lunar halo over Mobius Arch

A lunar halo over one of the natural arches in California’s Alabama Hills.

Green dragon aurora over Iceland

Do you see the dragon in this green aurora that appeared over Iceland earlier this month? It’s an example of what’s called pareidolia.

Touchdown marks on asteroid Ryugu

A new image from Japan’s Hayabusa-2 spacecraft reveals a large, dark, irregular spot where the craft landed on asteroid Ryugu’s surface last week.

Andromeda galaxy via robotic telescope

James Figge of Delmar, New York captured this image on February 23, 2019 – from the comfort of his home – with the Harvard-Smithsonian 6-inch robotic telescope in Arizona.

Rainbow and anticrepuscular rays over English coast

“A delightful rainbow which particularly caught my eye as it framed the anticrepuscular rays on the horizon,” said photographer Alec Jones.