The night the stars fell

Check out this old engraving of the November 1833 Leonid meteor shower. It’s one reason this shower – due to peak this weekend – is so famous.

Sun pillar over Indiana

Charlie Winstead in southwest Indiana said, “Looked like there would be an interesting sky at sunrise, so headed out to shoot … While en route, I noticed the sun pillar.”

See it! Moon sweeps past Saturn

The young moon passed Saturn in the early evening sky this weekend. The EarthSky community caught some beautiful views. Photos here.

Awesome new Jupiter close-up

This new Juno spacecraft image shows magnificent swirling clouds in Jupiter’s dynamic atmosphere. The craft was about 4,400 miles (7,000 km) from the planet’s cloud tops on October 29, over about 40 degrees north.

Pleiades ascending

The radiant point for the ongoing Taurid meteor shower is near this little, misty, dipper-shaped cluster, called the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters.

See it! Moon sweeps past Venus

The waning moon swept past the brightest planet – Venus – in the east before dawn Tuesday morning, November 6. EarthSky community members from around the world captured them.

Sunburst on a fall morning

Rasmi Syamalan said that where she is, in Ohio, it’s been cool and sunny, with fall colors about to reach their peak.

Moon is waning, but Venus is waxing!

Venus is near the waning moon early this week. Yet if you followed Venus with a telescope in the coming weeks, you’d find it’s a waxing, not a waning, crescent.

Scientists now processing images of asteroid Bennu

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft – launched from Earth in September 2016 – has begun acquiring images of the mission target, primitive asteroid Bennu.

Patagonia moon

Thank you to Grafixartphoto for this image of the moon reflected in a glassy lake in Torres del Paine, a national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia on October 23, 2018.

Sun halo over Zimbabwe

Scientists call them 22-degree halos, because their radius is approximately 22 degrees from the sun. This one was seen over Africa, whose mythology about sun halos matches North American skylore.

This morning’s moon, over Hong Kong

Here’s this morning’s bright moon – together with the stars we in the Northern Hemisphere see as “winter” stars – over Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

Meditating under the light of Jupiter

You might still catch Jupiter in the coming week, before Earth’s faster motion around the sun causes the giant planet to fall into the sunset glare.

Las Vegas morning moon

Have you been enjoying the daytime moon? Bettina Berg captured a grackle in front of the moon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Airglow over Alberta, Canada

Green waves of airglow over Alberta, Canada.

See it! Hunter’s Moon 2018

Photos from the EarthSky Community of the glorious full Hunter’s Moon in the October night sky. Thanks to all who submitted!

Meteors over Montana

The Orionid meteor shower peaked last weekend, and many of the meteors were drowned in bright moonlight. But John Ashley managed to catch a few dozen in the narrow window between moonset and dawn Sunday morning.

Venus is going, going …

Venus will sweep between us and the sun (inferior conjunction) on October 26. Check out this photo – taken just 5 days before inferior conjunction – of Venus as a slim crescent world.

Big Dipper over Grand Gulch, Utah

The Big Dipper over a pool in the Utah desert, caught from a canyon littered with the rock art and ruins of Ancestral Puebloans.

Light pillars over Whitefish Bay

When there are ice crystals in the air around you, you might see light pillars. They’re the result of light reflecting from the crystals suspended in the air or clouds.