Now scheduled for Wednesday: Mars helicopter’s 1st flight is delayed

If successful, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity’s upcoming flight will be the first powered, guided flight on another planet. The earliest test flight is now scheduled for Wednesday, April 14.

Egyptologists unearth a 3,000-year-old ‘lost golden city’

The long-sought “lost golden city” of Aten has been found near Luxor, Egypt, in the Valley of Kings. “The mission expects to uncover untouched tombs filled with treasures,” the scientists said.

Beta Centauri is a Southern Pointer Star

Beta Centauri isn’t as famous as Alpha Centauri, but together, these brilliant Southern Hemisphere stars have inspired legends and guided mariners.

The closest extragalactic fast radio burst yet?

Astronomers detected a new, nearby, repeating fast radio burst, originating from a spot near the great spiral galaxy M81.

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5 ways fish are like you and me

Fish are more like humans than you might realize.

Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano still erupting

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala is still erupting, spewing rivers of lava and ash clouds. See photos, video, and satellite images.

Alpha Centauri, star system closest to our sun

Our closest stellar neighbors are the 3 stars that make up the Alpha Centauri system. They lie just over 4 light-years – about 25 trillion miles or 38 trillion km – away.

Juno finds a new auroral feature on Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft – whose mission in orbit around Jupiter was recently extended to 2025 – has been used to discover a rapidly expanding auroral ring at the very fringes of the Jovian magnetosphere.

Scientists detect X-rays from Uranus

For the first time, scientists have detected X-rays being emitted by the planet Uranus. The discovery was made by a new analysis of data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

The Coma Cluster contains thousands of galaxies

Myriads of galaxies, visible only to those with medium-to-large telescopes, shine among the stars in the “Realm of the Galaxies.” Study of the Coma Cluster of galaxies aided in the discovery of dark matter.

International Dark Sky Week is April 5 to 12

Celebrate dark night skies and help limit light pollution by raising awareness through the annual International Dark Sky Week, April 5 to 12, 2021. Find links to global events here.

Newly-discovered dino named the ‘one who causes fear’

Around 80 million years ago, as tyrannosaurs ruled the Northern Hemisphere, Llukalkan aliocranianus – or the ‘one who causes fear’ – flourished in the southern continents.

An image of a piece of the cosmic web

An international team of astronomers has mapped a piece of the cosmic web without using bright quasars for the first time. They did it by turning a powerful instrument to a single region of the sky for hundreds of hours.