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See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter

Monday and Tuesday nights, the waning moon and this planet were near each other and the 2 brightest things in the night sky. Photos from the EarthSky community.

Cloud shadow on nearby clouds

Like all objects illuminated by sunlight, clouds cast a shadow.

Vibrant sundog

A sundog – a piece of a larger halo around the sun or moon – is caused by tiny ice crystals in the upper air.

Sliding stone, Death Valley

Here’s a beautiful image of a sliding (or sailing or slithering) stone at Death Valley’s famous Racetrack Playa. Cat Connor caught it on Christmas Day 2014.

Leo and Chinese guardian lions

An earthly lion guards the gates, while, in the sky, a celestial Lion – Leo – ascends. Astrophotographer Jeff Dai of China tells the story.

Rat-shaped cloud, with virga

“What was interesting … was the development of a small upside-down cumulus on the underside of the cloud head from which delicate curtains of virga could be seen descending.”

Wicked fast aurora

Photographer Tommy Richardsen called it ‘wicked fast,’ saying it started a second or 2 before he clicked the shutter button, and faded before the 13-second exposure was over.

California sediments pour into the sea

Drought plagued California and much of the American Southwest for nearly 5 years before this year. Now satellites see swollen rivers dumping sediments into the sea.

March 4 moon hides Aldebaran

The occultation by the moon of Aldebaran – brightest star in Taurus the Bull – was visible from North America. Great set of photos here from the EarthSky community!

Star party fun

An astronomer’s red headlamp leaves a streak on this time-exposure photo of the northern sky.