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Beach mirrors sky over Lincolnshire, U.K.

When a thin film of water covered this beach, it looked as if people (and dogs) could walk in the sky.

Lavender field under the Milky Way

Lavender, lavender, lavender and stars! Grafixart Sam captured this image on a summer night in the Provence region of France.

4 planets from Hong Kong

Photographer Matthew Chin captured planets Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in the sky over Yuen Long, Hong Kong on September 6, 208.

South Carolina sunrise

Fran Aquino captured Monday’s sunrise on Garden City Beach, South Carolina. Gorgeous!

A sun halo, sundogs and more

Halos around the sun or moon aren’t uncommon, but this is a really special one. Thanks to Martin Male, who captured it from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Telescopic view of 4 planets

These 4 planets – from west to east, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars – have been dominating our evening sky. They’ll stay up throughout September.

Mars’ gala summer has ended

Mars – the world next-outward from Earth in orbit around the sun – has been brighter these past 2 months than since 2003. It’s still bright, but will soon fade. Here are a few recent images of Mars at its best.

Moonlight over Black Waterfall, Iceland

Svartifoss – the Black Waterfall – on Iceland’s south coast is a popular destination for hikers and tourists. It drops from a crescent-shaped cliff made of black basalt columns.

Saturn and its rings

Beautiful capture of Saturn and its major rings – and even the gap between the rings, known as Cassini’s Division – from Tom Wildoner.

Hello, universe

A composite image of star trails with our Milky Way galaxy, and more, by Karthik Easvur.