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Latest snow on record for thousands of US locations

What’s the latest date that measurable snow has fallen in different parts of the United States? Check this interactive map from NOAA to find your record latest snow.

Find the Lyrid meteor’s radiant point

The radiant point for the Lyrid meteor shower is easy to spot, near the bright star Vega.

April 21 is Astronomy Day

A beautiful chart from astronomer Guy Ottewell, showing the evening sky on Astronomy Day 2018. Plus links to Astronomy Day events and other info.

1st quarter moon is April 22

This 1st quarter moon will offer gorgeous telescopic views for those taking part in Astronomy Day. Then it’ll conveniently set, leaving the sky dark for this weekend’s Lyrid meteors.

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Lyrid meteor shower: All you need to know

In 2018, April 22 is the peak morning. Try April 21 and 23 as well. The moon, near the 1st quarter phase, is out of the way.

New study suggests violent origin for Mars’ moons

It was thought Mars’ 2 small moons – Phobos and Deimos – might be captured asteroids. But new work suggests a violent birth for the moons during a colossal impact.

TESS planet hunter on its way

“It’s the beginning of a new era of exoplanet research.”

What is an exoplanet?

Humans have been speculating about their existence for thousands of years, but ours is the 1st generation to know, with certainty, that exoplanets are really out there.

See it! Moon sweeps past Venus

Wonderful photos from the EarthSky community of the moon’s sweep this week past the brightest planet, Venus.

Was another civilization on Earth before humans?

How do we know earlier industrial civilizations on Earth didn’t rise and fall long before humans appeared? That’s the question posed in a new scientific thought experiment.

March 2018 in top 6 warmest on record

Last month wasn’t as hot as March 2016 or March 2017, but it’s in the warmest 6 since modern record-keeping began in 1880.

Green moon on April 20, 2018? Nah

For weeks, people have searched for this post more than any other at EarthSky. No, there won’t be a green moon on April 20, 2018. It’s a joke, y’all, with its roots (ahem) in cannabis culture. :-)

The search for the sun’s lost siblings

Our sun’s sibling stars could be scattered across the sky. Astronomers are sifting through newly released data in the GALAH Survey – a galactic archaeology survey – hoping to find them.