Why wildfires create red suns and moons
Red suns and moons have been seen all over North America in July 2021. The reason is drifting wildfire smoke. Here's why it happens.
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Russia’s Nauka module en route to ISS
Russia's Nauka module reportedly had some issues after reaching orbiting. It's due to dock with the International Space Station on July 29.

Mars and Regulus in conjunction July 29

The Mars-Regulus conjunction happens on July 29, 2021. Mars will be 0.7 degrees N. of Regulus. Watch on July 28, too, and look low in the western twilight.

Future sea level rise: When, where, how much?

Scientists have grown more confident about sea level rise projections for the next few decades, but competing factors make it hard to see far into the future.

1st moon-forming disk around an exoplanet

Astronomers have found solid evidence for a moon-forming disk around a distant exoplanet. It provides new clues as to how moons and planets form.
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Perseid meteor shower 2021: All you need to know

In 2021, the peak mornings for the Perseid meteor shower - August 11, 12 and 13 - will be moon-free. Now all you need is a dark sky!
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Delta Aquariid meteor shower 2021: All you need to know

Late July presents a nominal peak for the Delta Aquariid meteor shower, but this long and rambling shower is active from July 12 to August 23 each year.
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Find Perseid and Delta Aquariid radiant points

Every late July and August, two excellent meteor showers overlap. Here's how to find the Perseid and Delta Aquariid radiant points.
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Visualize the Perseid meteor stream in space

This visualization by Ian Webster and Peter Jenniskens uses NASA data to render the Perseid meteor stream in space. Don't miss this!
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9 weird transients from 1950 still unexplained

Astronomers in Sweden want to solve the mystery of 9 weird transients, glimpsed in a photographic plate acquired at Palomar Observatory in 1950.