Lineup of 6 planets soon to grace our morning skies
There's a lineup of 6 planets in the morning sky in early June. Will you see all of them? Find charts and observing tips here.
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Visible planets and night sky guide for May and June
Visible planets and night sky guide for May 2024. Tomorrow morning, the moon will hang very close to Saturn. Some sky watchers will see the moon occult Saturn.
Brightest Stars

Sun news May 30, 2024: Another X flare from returning monster sunspot!

Sun news May 30, 2024: Sun news May 30, 2024: Former active region AR3664 just fired off another X flare, sending a CME partially our way.

Dream Chaser spaceplane prepping for 1st launch

Dream Chaser Tenacity, an uncrewed spaceplane from Sierra Space, arrived in Florida on May 20, 2024, to prepare for its 1st cargo delivery mission to the ISS.
Brightest Stars

Alphecca, a jewel in Corona Borealis the Northern Crown

Alphecca. Gemma. Alpha Coronae Borealis or simply Alpha Cor Bor. They're all names for a single star, the brightest star in the Northern Crown.

Heat dome kills people and animals in Mexico

A heat dome brought record temperatures to Mexico, Central America and parts of Florida and Texas in May. Mexico has been hit especially hard.

Gliese 12 b, an intriguing Earth- or Venus-sized world

Gliese 12 b might have Earth-like temperatures or be more like a hot Venus. It orbits a red dwarf star, only 40 light-years away.

Watch the Boeing Starliner 1st crew launch, possibly June 1

The 1st crewed Boeing Starliner launch to the International Space Station was postponed to June 1 due to a rocket issue. Get updates here.

Find the Keystone in Hercules, and the Hercules Cluster M13

Let the bright star Vega guide you to a famous star pattern in Hercules - called the Keystone - and then to the Hercules cluster, aka M13.

Webb solves mystery of puffy exoplanet WASP-107 b

Why does the puffy exoplanet WASP-107 b have a density similar to a marshmallow? New findings from Webb show it is hot on the inside due to tidal heating.