Large earthquakes rock New Zealand. Tsunami warnings issued.

New Zealand has rattled from 3 very strong earthquakes in less than 8 hours. Tsunami warnings are in effect for parts of the Pacific, including Hawaii.

Astronomers spy a nearby, blazing hot super-Earth

Most exoplanets orbiting close to their stars don’t have atmospheres. But Gliese 486b – orbiting a red dwarf star only 24 light-years away – does. It’s close enough to see well. Astronomers will be watching it!

Asteroid Apophis flies by this week. You can watch online

You can watch online as the notorious near-Earth asteroid Apophis brushes past Earth on March 5-6, 2021. This flyby is a precursor to the tantalizingly close sweep Apophis will make in 2029.

Watch ISS spacewalk March 5

On Friday, March 5, two astronauts will perform the 2nd in a pair of International Space Station spacewalks to ready the station for solar array upgrades. How to watch live.

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Giant iceberg breaks off Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica

A giant iceberg, about twice the size of Chicago, broke off from Antartica’s Brunt Ice Shelf in late February 2021.

Earlier spring snowmelt in Alps threatens microbes in soil

A new study suggests that spring snowmelt in the Alps is occurring earlier in the year, and the earlier warming – due to climate change – threatens vitally important microbial communities in alpine soils.

Asteroid dust in Chicxulub crater seals deal on dino extinction

Scientists examined rock cores taken from the Chicxulub crater in Mexico, site of the asteroid impact that triggered dinosaur extinction, and found iridium, a telltale sign of asteroids.

Gulf Stream at its weakest in over 1,000 years

A new study suggests that the Gulf Stream – an Atlantic Ocean current that plays a large role in shaping Earth’s weather patterns – is weaker now than at any point in the last 1,000 years.

What are cloud streets?

Cloud streets are a manifestation of Earth’s atmosphere in motion. They’re normally seen by satellites looking down on Earth, but sometimes they can be seen from the ground as well. See cool images here!

NASA selects 16 futuristic space technology concepts

NASA has selected 16 cool new futuristic space technology concepts for further study. Four of them are from NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), including a railway system on the moon to move cargo.

Is this the world’s tiniest reptile?

Meet the nano-chameleon, a new contender for the title of world’s smallest reptile

March 2021 guide to the bright planets

March 2021 features 4 bright planets! Mars is the only one to shine in the evening sky. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all appear in the east before sunrise. Venus – the brightest planet – hides behind the sun this month.

World’s oldest DNA sheds light on mammoth evolution

A mammoth tooth uncovered from the Siberian permafrost yields the oldest DNA yet discovered and provides insight into the evolution of the giant beasts.