Did galactic crash trigger solar system formation?

The formation of the sun, the solar system and the subsequent emergence of life on Earth may be a consequence of a collision between our galaxy – the Milky Way – and a smaller galaxy called Sagittarius.

New study says dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck Earth at ‘deadliest possible’ angle

“For the dinosaurs, the worst-case scenario is exactly what happened … because it put more hazardous debris into the upper atmosphere and scattered it everywhere, the very thing that led to a nuclear winter.”

Born in June? Here’s your birthstone

Happy birthday June babies! Your month has 3 birthstones – pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite.

How often are there 3 eclipses in a month?

Beginning on June 5, we’ll have 3 eclipses in one lunar month. It’ll be the last time this happens until the year 2029. From 2000-2050, there are 3 eclipses in one lunar month 14 times. Meanwhile, in a calendar month, 3 eclipses are rare.

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This month’s full moon comes on June 5

June’s full moon is at 19:12 UTC on Friday, June 5, but it will look full before and after that date. What makes the moon look full?

Has mystery of universe’s missing matter been solved?

Cosmologists have only been able to find half the matter that should exist in the universe. With the discovery of a new astronomical phenomenon and new telescopes, these researchers say they’ve just found the rest.

What’s a penumbral eclipse of the moon?

Even as a penumbral eclipse is happening in your sky, you might not notice anything different about the moon. On the other hand, very observant people can detect a dark shading on the moon’s face during a penumbral eclipse.

June 2020 guide to the bright planets

See all 5 bright planets in June 2020. Spot Mercury as dusk gives way to darkness in early June. Venus emerges from the dawn glare before mid-month. Jupiter and Saturn – now nearly at their best – rise mid-to-late evening and shine until dawn. Mars lights up the predawn sky.

NOAA predicts a ‘busy’ 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Multiple climate factors indicate above-normal activity is most likely, according to NOAA’s 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook.

How do hurricanes get their names?

The World Meteorological Organization manages the formal system by which hurricanes receive their names. Find hurricane names for 2020 here.

Farewell, Venus

Photos – taken through telescopes, or with other optical aid – from the EarthSky community. The brightest planet Venus is now in a thin crescent phase as viewed from Earth. Venus will go between us and the sun on June 3.

SpaceX Crew Dragon is docked with ISS

History was made again Sunday, with the successful docking of SpaceX Crew Dragon with the International Space Station. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are aboard. There are more activities to come, which you can watch online. Links here.

Proxima Centauri b confirmed as nearest exoworld

Researchers at the University of Geneva have confirmed the existence of an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun.