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2024 June solstice: All you need to know
The June solstice will happen on June 20, 2024. It's the longest day for the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day for the Southern Hemisphere.
Boötes the Herdsman and its bright star Arcturus
Boötes the Herdsman is a large constellation that holds one of the brightest stars in the sky, Arcturus. Only 3 other stars and the sun are brighter.

Sun news June 16, 2024: Eyes fixed on AR3712

Sun news for June 16, 2024. All eyes are focused on AR3712, currently the most active and interesting sunspot group. Stay tuned.

Spotted! Water frost on Mars volcanoes for 1st time

For the 1st time, an orbiting spacecraft has detected water frost on Mars volcanoes. The daily amount of frost could fill 60 Olympic swimming pools.
Human World

What does summer mean to you?

What does summer mean to you? Here are some of the answers you shared on social media. And tune in to our livestream on June 17, at 12:15 p.m. CDT.
Astronomy Essentials

Visible planets and night sky guide for June

Visible planets and night sky guide for June 2024. Tonight, look for the waxing gibbous moon near the bright star Spica in Virgo the Maiden.

Did Earth lose its protective bubble 2 million years ago?

About 2 million years ago, the solar system may have collided with a cold cloud of gas, shrinking the sun's protective bubble and exposing Earth to space.

What is the heliosphere and how can we measure it?

The heliosphere is a bubble of solar gas that extends outward and protects the planets from interstellar radiation. Scientists would like a probe to study it.
Brightest Stars

Rastaban and Eltanin, the Dragon’s Eyes, on June evenings

Look in the northeast on these June evenings, near the star Vega. You'll see Rastaban and Eltanin, the eyes of Draco the Dragon.

Rare juvenile T. rex discovered by young fossil hunters

A family fossil hunting in the North Dakota badlands stumbled across an intriguing fossil. Later, scientists identified it as a rare juvenile T. rex.