Falling Starlink satellites following Falcon 9 fail

A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched Thursday night exploded. It was carrying a Starlink satellites that failed to reach their proper orbit and are now expected to make a fiery reentry.

Map shows extreme heat hammering U.S. coasts

Extreme heat has hammered the U.S. already this summer. Take a look at a map of the states and read more about the heat on the East and West Coasts.

The Penguin and the Egg, interacting galaxies from Webb

The Penguin and the Egg are 2 interacting galaxies that will one day merge. Webb released this image for its 2nd anniversary of science observations.

Visible planets and night sky guide for July

Visible planets and night sky guide for July 2024. Tonight, the 1st quarter mooon hangs near - for some locations, passes in front of - the bright star Spica.

Sun news July 13: Magnetic storm at Earth, M flare on the sun

Sun news for July 13, 2024. Sun activity is moderate due to an isolated M1.4 flare from an unnumbered sunspot region. A chance for auroras later today!

SpaceX Starlink launches for July temporarily grounded

SpaceX Starlink launches are temporarily grounded after an in-flight failure with the 2nd stage of a Falcon 9 rocket. FAA has grounded the Falcon 9 as it investigates.

Manhattanhenge in 2024: See it tonight and tomorrow night

Each year around May 29 and July 12, New Yorkers watch for Manhattanhenge, an alignment of the sunset along city streets. Get ready for it on July 12 and 13!

Denisovans coexisted with modern humans on Tibetan plateau

Scientists reported that an extinct species of humans, known as Denisovans, coexisted on the Tibetan plateau with modern humans.

Summer Triangle star Deneb is distant and luminous

When you gaze at the bright star Deneb, you’re gazing across thousands of light-years of space at one of the bright stars of the huge Summer Triangle asterism.

World Population Day 2024 is today, July 11

Today is World Population Day, organized by the UN and observed on July 11 every year. This year's theme is "To leave no one behind, count everyone."