Uncontrollable China rocket hurtles towards re-entry

China’s Long March 5B rocket successfully reached orbit as planned. The core stage, however, also reached orbit, and may now be one of the largest ever to make an uncontrolled reentry back into Earth’s atmosphere.

Chinese rover Zhurong to attempt to land on Mars this month

The Chinese Tianwen-1 mission’s Zhurong rover will attempt to land on the surface of Mars in mid-May 2021.

NASA expects upcoming space telescope to find 100,000 new worlds

NASA’s Roman space telescope mission – launching sometime in the mid-2020s – is expected to find at least 100,000 new exoplanets orbiting other stars, say astronomers.

SpaceX Starship prototype soars 6 miles up, then lands upright

SpaceX’s test flight of Starship SN15 went off without a hitch today, May 5, 2021. Following 4 Starship prototypes that exploded upon landing after their high-altitude flight tests, the SN15 landed safely.

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Photos from 2021’s Eta Aquariid meteor shower

Check out these pics from the annual Eta Aquariid meteor shower. The peak morning was likely May 5, 2021, but the following morning, May 6, might be good, too.

Map of Milky Way halo reveals dark matter ocean

The gravity of the Large Magellanic Cloud – one of the Milky Way’s satellite dwarf galaxies – is collecting stars behind it in a trail, like the wake from a boat, as it travels through our galaxy’s halo.

Florida bill says companies like SpaceX retain ownership of fallen hardware

In and around Florida, at least, no more “finders keepers” once a new bill becomes law on July 1. The Spaceflight Assets bill affirmed by the Florida legislature in late April 2021 requires that anyone who finds “reasonably identifiable” spacecraft parts make a “reasonable effort” to notify the hardware’s owner.

The length of a day on Venus is always changing

Scientists have used radio waves to precisely measure Venus’ spin rate and tilt on its axis. We knew the Venus day was exceedingly long, but now we know that the length of a day on Venus regularly changes in length!

Best mornings for Eta Aquariid meteors likely May 5 and 6

In 2021, the forecast calls for the greatest number of Eta Aquariid meteors to fall before dawn on May 5. If you’re clouded out, try the morning of May 6.

What Proxima’s massive flare means for our chances of alien neighbors

In May 2019, astronomers measured the largest flare ever from Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun. What do such flares mean for possible alien life, on a planet in the Proxima Centauri system, only 4 light-years away?

May 2021 guide to the bright planets

Mars is the only visible planet out after nightfall. You’ll find it descending in the west each evening in May 2021. Also watch for brilliant Venus and little Mercury low in the west, for a brief time after sunset. Bright Jupiter and ringed Saturn grace the morning sky.

How jellyfish swim

Check out the videos in this post to see the hypnotic pulse of swimming jellyfish. Their gentle movement belies a complex flow of water that make these creatures highly energy-efficient swimmers.

Space rock found on Earth traced back to origins on Vesta

In 2018, a small asteroid crashed into Earth, and scientists recovered pieces of it in a Botswana game reserve. Now the scientists have determined the space rock’s origin: Vesta, in the asteroid belt.