Sun activity: BAM! Big blast on the southeast
June 4, 2023 sun activity. An incoming active region on the southeast gave us a big blast from beyond the solar horizon.
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Visible planets and night sky for June 2023
June's visible planets: Venus and Mars are in the evening sky. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are in the morning sky. There will be a gathering of the moon, 2 planets and bright stars on the June solstice.
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Comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon is sweeping through southern skies

Comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon was discovered at Mount Lemmon Observatory in 2021. It's currently in the southern skies and might become bright enough for binoculars.

Biggest monster star! And the heaviest stars

How big can stars get? How does our sun compare to them? And how did the biggest monster star get so big? Meet the biggest and most massive stars known.
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Will Betelgeuse explode in ‘tens of years’?

Betelgeuse will explode as a supernova someday. It's close enough that it'll shine brightly during the day but far enough that Earth won't be in any danger.

Full moon in June mimics path of December sun

The June full moon - the Strawberry Moon - occurs on the overnight of June 3, 2023. Watch its path across the sky. You'll see it mimics the December sun.
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1st-ever Mars livestream! Watch the replay here

The European Space Agency broadcast the 1st-ever Mars livestream on June 2, 2023. Watch it here.
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Venus after sunset: Greatest elongation this weekend

Venus after sunset will next reach greatest elongation on June 4, 2023. Look for a blazingly bright object in the sunset direction in evening twilight.

First SpaceX Starlink launch for June. Watch here

SpaceX’s first Starlink launch for the month is currently scheduled from Florida between 9:48 - 13:28 UTC on June 4, 2023. Watch the livestream here.

Super-Earth and mini-Neptune in synchronized dance

Astronomers say they've discovered a super-Earth and mini-Neptune exoplanet system where the orbits of the 2 worlds are synchronized in a cosmic dance.