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M6 and M7: Open star clusters in the Scorpion’s Tail
M6 and M7 are star clusters near Scorpius’ stinger. But you’ll need a dark sky to see these faint but stunning stellar aggregations.
The electromagnetic spectrum: It’s more than visible light
The light our eyes can detect is only a sliver of the light out there. The electromagnetic spectrum describes all the wavelengths of light, seen and unseen.

Sun news July 18: Huge prominence, sunspot groups everywhere

Bottom line: Sun news for July 18, 2024. The sun launched a long prominence off the southeast limb (edge.) It's Earth-facing side is covered in sunspots.

Media we love: Archaeology from Space by Sarah Parcak

Archaeology from Space by Sarah Parcak explains how satellite imagery can reveal hidden antiquities from the Egyptians, Maya, Vikings and more.
Astronomy Essentials

Visible planets and night sky guide for July

Visible planets and night sky guide for July 2024. Look for Hercules the Strongman in the evening sky between the bright stars Vega and Arcturus.

1st lunar lava tube discovered by NASA moon orbiter

An international team of researchers said it has found the 1st evidence for an ancient lunar lava tube on the moon. It is located in Mare Tranquillitatis.

Dark comets could make up 60% of near-Earth objects

Dark comets are icy bodies that likely come from the inner band of the asteroid belt. Approximately 60% of near-Earth objects may be dark comets.

Scorpius the Scorpion is a summertime delight

The southernmost constellation of the zodiac is Scorpius the Scorpion. It's easy to spot on July evenings from most of the globe. It has a distinctive J shape.

JUICE mission to Jupiter to flyby moon and Earth

The JUICE mission will make a flyby of the moon and Earth on August 19 and 20, 2024. It'll be the 1st-ever double gravity assist. Read more here.

Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter 30 years ago

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter in 1994, 30 years ago, scarring the gaseous surface and leaving behind water that remained in the atmosphere for decades.