Does phosphine on Venus mean … life?
2 research teams say they found more signs of phosphine on Venus. They also announced a tentative detection of ammonia: another possible biosignature gas.
Polaris Dawn: An all-civilian record-breaking mission
Polaris Dawn is an all-civilian mission, using a SpaceX Dragon capsule to set a record for highest orbit of Earth and perform the first commercial spacewalk.

Artemis: 1st human mission to the moon since Apollo

The Artemis missions plan to return humans to the moon. The next phase, Artemis 2, will carry four astronauts around the moon in late 2025.
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Apollo 11 landing and footsteps on the moon 55 years ago

This week is the 55th anniversary of humanity's historic Apollo moon landing and the 1st human footsteps on the moon. Here is the story in pictures.

Frog saunas could help frogs threatened by fungus

Frog saunas could help saved threatened frogs from the chytrid fungus, which has brought 90 species to extinction. Here's how you can help.
Brightest Stars

Summer Triangle star: Vega is bright and blue-white

There's a noticeable star pattern called the Summer Triangle in the east on July and August evenings. Its brightest star is blue-white Vega.
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Visible planets and night sky guide for July

Visible planets and night sky guide for July 2024. Look for Hercules the Strongman in the evening sky between the bright stars Vega and Arcturus.

Evidence for intermediate-mass black hole in Omega Centauri

A new study finds strong evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole - an elusive type - in the Omega Centauri globular cluster.
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Clusters Nebulae Galaxies

M6 and M7: Open star clusters in the Scorpion’s Tail

M6 and M7 are star clusters near Scorpius’ stinger. But you’ll need a dark sky to see these faint but stunning stellar aggregations.

The electromagnetic spectrum: It’s more than visible light

The light our eyes can detect is only a sliver of the light out there. The electromagnetic spectrum describes all the wavelengths of light, seen and unseen.