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See it! High tides and winter storms

High tides followed Monday’s supermoon, as Storm Eleanor plowed into Europe. Then a “bomb cyclone” hit the U.S. East Coast. Photos here showing winter’s power and terrible beauty.

Flower pointers to Magellanic Clouds

In this image from Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, 2 flax flowers point to the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds.

New Year’s fireworks?

The elongated tail of the dwarf galaxy Kiso 5649 – seen stretching away from the galaxy’s head and scattered with bright blue stars – contains at least 4 distinct star-forming regions.

See it! New Year’s supermoon

What a great way to start 2018!  Photos here from the EarthSky community of 2018’s closest and brightest supermoon. Thanks to all who submitted, and happy new year to all!

Celebrating the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters

Photos from Project Nightflight and others in the EarthSky community of the famous star cluster Pleiades. Look for this tiny, misty dipper in your night sky.

Pine Island iceberg under midnight sun

Satellite view of iceberg B-44 on December 15, near midnight.

Bright meteors of 2017, over Tucson

This compilation of images from Eliot Herman represents the best of more than 100,000 photos of meteors over Tucson, captured on 2017 nights.

2017 sky optics, Hong Kong

Even if you stay in one location – and a major city to boot – it’s amazing what you can see just by looking up.

Red kite

Graham Telford captured this image of a red kite on a cold December morning in Towton in Yorkshire, England.

X-ray image shows newly born elements

The elements that make up our bodies and everything around us are born inside stars. This new X-ray image shows them being released into space.