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Why is Earth’s spin axis drifting?

As Earth rotates, its spin axis — an imaginary line that passes through the North and South Poles — drifts and wobbles. Scientists now have, for the 1st time, identified 3 reasons why.

Birds flying south. How many will return?

Contrary to popular thought, birds wintering in the tropics survive the winter better than birds wintering in the U.S. That’s despite the fact that tropical wintering birds migrate 3 to 4 times farther.

Which bird migrates the farthest?

Over its lifetime of about 25 years, an Arctic tern can fly nearly 3 times the distance from the Earth to the moon.

Pablo Neruda and cosmic beauty

Neruda wrote: “Every day you play with the light of the universe.”

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JAXA confirms 2 rovers landed successfully on asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s space agency JAXA said the pair of tiny robots – released by the Hayabusa2 space probe – touched down Saturday on asteroid Ryugu. See the images here.

All you need to know: September equinox

We have an equinox coming up on September 23 at 01:54 UTC. That’s September 22 for clocks in North America. Details here. Happy autumn (or spring)!

Harvest Moon 2018 coming up September 24-25

The moon is waxing toward full. It’s nearly time for the autumn equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. That means this hemisphere is due for lovely Harvest Moon rises, soon.

A new way to launch rockets without fuel?

Conventional rockets – with their onboard fuel – are expensive and dangerous. A new “quantized inertia” concept might make rocket launches cheaper and safer. The concept has just received $1.3 million in new funding.

Why your equinox sun rises and sets due east and west

How is it possible for an equinox sun to rise due east – and set due west – for everyone around the world? How can you visualize it? Illustrations here.

Here’s what closed Sunspot Solar Observatory

Federal court documents this week revealed an FBI investigation of a janitor suspected of using Sunspot Solar Observatory’s internet connection to send and receive child pornography.

Were the 2 Magellanic Clouds once 3?

A new study suggests that the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds – small satellite galaxies to our Milky Way – might have once had a 3rd companion.

Day and night exactly equal at equinoxes?

We’re coming up on an equinox, a word that means “equal night.” Days and nights are nearly equal across the globe now. Nearly, but not quite. Here’s why.

Full moon is September 24-25

Here’s why a full moon looks full.