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More evidence for a 9th planet

Is a hypothetical large planet – far beyond Neptune – causing a tilt in the sun? Plus, evidence for a 9th planet based on “extreme Kuiper Belt objects.”

Hot Jupiters’ cloudy nights, blistering days

The distant exoplanets known as “hot Jupiters” orbit their stars so tightly that they’re perpetually charbroiled. Plus they keep one face toward their stars.

ESA’s Mars craft landed, but not softly

“We have data coming back that allow us to fully understand the steps that did occur, and why the soft landing did not occur.” Meanwhile, the orbiter is A-OK.

Juno in safe mode for Jupiter flyby

A sudden safe mode halted planned data collection during the spacecraft’s perijove – or closest point to Jupiter – on October 19. Next perijove December 11.

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Small Magellanic Cloud orbits our galaxy

Small Magellanic Cloud resembles a luminous cloud, but it’s really a dwarf galaxy, orbiting our Milky Way. Here’s how to see it, from Earth’s Southern Hemisphere.

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2016

Look here for information about all the major meteor showers between now and the year’s end.

What did dinosaurs sound like?

The discovery of the fossil vocal organ of an ancient Antarctic bird suggests that dinosaurs couldn’t sing, but maybe honked.

Where’s the moon? Waning gibbous

The Northern Hemisphere’s Hunter’s Moon – and the 1st of 3 supermoons in 2016 – has come and gone. The moon is now waning and rising later at night.

Animation: Schiaparelli’s descent to Mars

Computer-generated animation of the descent of the Schiaparelli lander to the surface of Mars. Real one will happen this Wednesday, October 19.

Is asteroid 2016 HO3 a second moon?

No, it orbits the sun. But its orbit keeps it as a constant companion of Earth, and it’ll remain so for centuries to come.

The sound of climate change

Two scientists have set the CO2 record at Mauna Loa – world’s longest-running measure of atmospheric carbon dioxide – to music.

What is the Brocken Spectre?

The Brocken Spectre is your own shadow, cast on mists below you, when you are mountain climbing. The shadow may appear enormous and has a ring around it.

Asgardia, the nation state of space

Russian businessman Igor Ashurbeyli believes that an orbiting space station has the potential to become a sovereign nation in space.