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See it! This month’s full moon

Ben Zavala wrote: “August 26 full moon rising above the Bank of America Plaza and hiding behind some clouds. Dallas, Texas.”
Stefanie Bush used an IphoneX to catch the moon in the midst of anticrepuscular rays over Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, Florida. She wrote: “I found it to be really lovely.”

View larger. | Dennis Schoenfelder in Alamosa County, Colorado, wrote on the morning of August 26, 2018: “I had not been able to get a look at the Sturgeon Moon due to clouds and this morning fog. The fog cleared just in time.”
View larger. | Infrared photo of a moonset – August 26, 2018 – in Tucson, Arizona. Eliot Herman wrote: “This is an infrared HDR captured with a Nikon D7100 converted for 830 nm cutoff by Lifepixel. The Sturgeon Moon was setting with the Earth’s shadow, and as it did the bright moon cast shadow bands.”

Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project in Rome, Italy, captured the moon on August 26, 2018, and wrote: “With its light flooding the sky and covering everything else up there at night, the full moon is not the best friend of an astronomer, unless it offers something unique. Living in Rome, this happens often, as last night, when we saw the full moon rising above the Colosseum, an unforgettable view.” Read more.
There was a moon and a street lamp … Photo taken August 26 by Susan McClure of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
August 25, 2018, moon from Terry Lee Smith, who wrote: “… smoky full moon in Tyhee, Idaho. Our air quality has been extremely poor for the past several weeks due to the numerous wildfires.” You’ll often see a red moon or sun low in the sky, but wildfire smoke is causing high red moons and suns across North America now.
View larger. | And speaking of the moon and fires … Peter Lownstein has been telling us about some spectacular wildfires seen from his home in Mutare, Zimbabwe – in southern Africa – too. He wrote: “Smoke haze from burning vegetation has for the past few days been obscuring the moon while close to the horizon. This evening, there was an unusual full moonrise, with the moon shining through some trees and making them appear to burn before it emerged from them. The red glow in the first image (top left) was mistaken for fire until the moon appeared above it.” Hand-held Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 in sunset scene mode with up to x60 zoom magnification.
“Moon Bloom” – August 26, 2018 – from Jacob Baker at Massasoit State Park in Massachusetts.
View larger. | Eyad Khailany, in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq, captured the full moon on August 26, 2018, and wrote: “The moon is too bright for any photography settings to reveal its striking details and terrain features. By using several photography settings and filters, the glare would subside and be reduced allowing the subtle colors and detailed features to come up. The digital post processing can then enhance colors and sharpen the image into this clarity.” Celestron SC 8″ with 6.3 focal reducer. Canon D 40 (full spectrum/modified) with set of filters. Multi frames with different settings stacked with RegiStax 6; processed, color enhanced and denoised with PS; GIMP2 and

Bottom line: Photos of the August 2018 full moon from the EarthSky community. Submit your photo here.

August 28, 2018
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