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View larger. | Michael Jaeger shares this amazing picture of Comet Catalina as seen from Austria on November 24, 2015. "I see a faint third tail between the two (main) tails", reports Mr. Jaeger.
Science Wire | Nov 30, 2015

Try for Comet Catalina this week

It’s up before dawn, a small fuzzy patch of light in binoculars. It’s still just below the limit for viewing with the unaided eye, but may improve.

Video still from Dishdance, part of project Skyglow
Science Wire | Nov 30, 2015

Dishdance, a tribute to radio telescopes

This new and beautiful video – called Dishdance – is part of project Skyglow. It’s a beautiful timelapse medley of radio astronomy facilities.

Partial solar eclipse of March 8-9, 2016 via Fred Espenak/ NASA GSFC.
Science Wire | Nov 30, 2015

Solar eclipse to unite science students

The global nature of science – and challenge of global communications – will bring together university students in Indonesia, Japan and elsewhere across the world during a 2016 solar eclipse.

Science Wire | Nov 27, 2015

Video: EarthSky News with Deborah Byrd

Catch up with all the news you can fit into outer space with EarthSky.org’s Deborah Byrd, LIVE on Slooh Wednesdays at 4 PM ET (2100 UTC). Or watch right here!

Science Wire | Nov 26, 2015

Does eating turkey really make you sleepy?

Many believe that turkey is high in tryptophan, which causes that drowsiness you feel after a big Thanksgiving meal. True?

Video still from Blue Origin of the November 23, 2015 successful soft landing of the New Shepard rocket.
Science Wire | Nov 24, 2015

Blue Origin soft-lands a rocket!

And Jeff Bezos, which founded the private spaceflight company, sends his first-ever tweet. Congratulations, Blue Origin!

Science Wire | Nov 24, 2015

Paris climate summit: Why more women need seats at the table

Including more women in international climate negotiations will lead to better results. Here are 15 climate champions already making a difference

Image source: thevane.gawker.com
Science Wire | Nov 23, 2015

Weather-related natural disasters are up

With COP21 poised to begin in Paris, a new UN report suggests that weather-related disasters were nearly twice as frequent over the past decade as two decades ago.

Northern lights, desaturated, by Mike Taylor Photography
Blogs | Photos | Nov 23, 2015

Will you see colors in an aurora?

If you live below 50 degrees N. latitude, auroras are likely to be low on your horizon, and you’re less likely to see vivid colors.

body insides
Science Wire | Nov 20, 2015

How a year in space changes bodies

Astronauts are spending a year aboard the International Space Station, and researchers are looking at what happens to their bodies at the molecular level.

This image shows Volcano Island, located in the middle of the Taal caldera, formerly known as Lake Bombon or Lake Taal. Image credit: George Tapan
Science Wire | Nov 18, 2015

Top 10 most dangerous volcanoes

At the number one spot is the Japanese island of Iwo Jima.

Science Wire | Nov 17, 2015

6 million years of human evolution in 1 minute

Mesmerizing reconstructions of long-lost human ancestors – created using fossil discoveries and forensic techniques – from a 2013 book published by Yale Press.

Artist's concept via NASA
Science Wire | Nov 15, 2015

Asteroid buzzed Earth this weekend, hours after discovery

Discovered on Saturday, closest just hours later, this small asteroid came closer to Earth than weather and television satellites orbit.

Video still via of reentry of object WT1190F, via the International Astronomical Center (IAC) and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency.
Science Wire | Nov 14, 2015

Mystery object WTF has come home

It was the first time astronomers knew just when and where a piece of space debris would reenter Earth’s atmosphere. It was last night, over the Indian Ocean.

Scared of Friday the 13th?  An irrational fear of this date is called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga is the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named).   Image via Kelli Marshall
Science Wire | Nov 13, 2015

2015 has three Friday the 13ths. What are the odds?

November 13, 2015 presents the third of three Friday the 13ths in 2015. Here’s the story behind 2015’s trio of Friday the 13ths.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.03.33 PM
Science Wire | Nov 13, 2015

Video: Why your body is amazing

Some fun for a Friday, from the guys at AsapScience.

Blogs | Nov 10, 2015

Happy Diwali! Hindu festival of light

The Hindu festival of Diwali is November 11, 2015. It’s a festival of light! But can you see the light of Diwali from space?

Image credit: NASA
Science Wire | Nov 09, 2015

NASA is recruiting astronauts

Want to be an astronaut? NASA is seeking explorers for future space missions. Here’s what it takes and how to apply.

Mysterious light sailing across the sky on Saturday night, widely seen across the U.S. West.  This image is a still from a video (profanity alert!)
Science Wire | Nov 08, 2015

Saturday night’s mystery light not a UFO

People in Los Angeles and various states in the U.S. West saw the mysterious light. It was confirmed as a Naval missile test off the California coast.

Science Wire | Nov 07, 2015

Weather disasters linked to climate change

Thirty two groups of scientists in 20 countries analyzed 28 weather disasters in 2014 – and found half of them linked to human-caused climate change.

6.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile on November 7, 2015.
Science Wire | Nov 07, 2015

6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Chile

Strong earthquake along coast of central Chile. Same approximate region as much more powerful quake, two months ago. No tsunami warning. No immediate reports of damage or injuries.