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Human World

Artist's concept of worlds in space
Blogs | Apr 14, 2014

Why is Mars near the moon on eclipse night?

A total eclipse moon has to happen at full moon. Outer planets are always near the full moon in their month of opposition. Mars reached opposition April 8 …

Lunar eclipse illustration courtesy of Luc Viatour
FAQs | Apr 14, 2014

What is a Blood Moon?

A lunar tetrad – four total lunar eclipses in a row – begins on the night of April 14-15. People are calling it a Blood Moon eclipse. Here’s why.

Lunar eclipse via Classical Astronomy.
Blogs | Apr 13, 2014

A Christian astronomer talks about Blood Moons

Some books say the upcoming series of eclipses is a harbinger of dire events. Jay Ryan, astronomer and Christian, explains why he’s not persuaded that “Blood Moons” are a sign of apocalypse.

Unusually warm sub-surface water in Pacific 2014
Blogs | Apr 08, 2014

Warm water in Pacific could spark a monster El Nino in 2014

Scientists are watching a giant mass of sub-surface water in the Pacific. When this water reaches the sea surface, it could set off a powerful El Nino.

Sentinel-1A liftoff
Blogs | Videos | Apr 07, 2014

If you could ride a rocket to space, here’s what you’d see

Cameras mounted on the upper stage of a Soyuz rocket last week looked earthward during a satellite launch.

Photo cedit: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Science Wire | Apr 04, 2014

New atomic clock won’t gain or lose a second in 300 million years

The NIST has launched a new hyper-accurate atomic clock for the U.S. time standard called NIST-F2. The clock uses a ‘fountain’ of cesium atoms to determine the exact length of a second.

Science Wire | Apr 04, 2014

Computer maps 21 distinct emotional expressions

… even seemingly contradictory ones, like “happily disgusted.”

7.6-magnitude earthquake April 3, 2014
Blogs | Apr 03, 2014

Another powerful earthquake rocks northern Chile

For the second time in two days, a powerful earthquake has struck Chile. Today’s quake was 7.6 magnitude. It’s considered an aftershock of the 8.2-magnitude quake on April 1.

March 29, 2014 X-flare via NASA SDO
Blogs | Videos | Apr 01, 2014

Aurora alert for April 1 and 2

The first of three sets of solar particles are now en route to Earth and are expected to deliver glancing blows to Earth beginning April 1 and into April 2.

Science Wire | Mar 31, 2014

Breakthrough in invisibility cloaks, stealth technology

Scientists can create artificial nanostructures that can ‘bend light.’ But the challenge has been making enough of the material to turn invisibility cloaks into a practical reality.

Cyclone Hellen on Mar. 29, 2014 via NASA
Blogs | Mar 31, 2014

Tropical Cyclone Hellen crushing parts of Madagascar

Meteorologists said Hellen was likely to be “one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever seen over the northern channel [of the southwestern India Ocean] since the satellite era (1967).”

Photo by Ted S. Warren via the Concord Monitor.
Blogs | Mar 27, 2014

What causes landslides?

The primary cause of a landslide is the influence of gravity acting on weakened materials that make up a sloping area of land.

Photo creditL Annie Lewis
Blogs | Photos | Mar 27, 2014

Miss the moon and Venus this morning? Photos here

Photos from friends around the world of the March 27 and March 28 pairing of the moon with Venus. Thank you, everyone, for posting!

Blogs | Videos | Mar 26, 2014

Video: Smart crow!

A BBC production shows a crow solving an 8-step puzzle to get food.

Graphic via Alan Cowen and Yale University.
Science Wire | Mar 25, 2014

Researchers can now reconstruct your memory of someone’s face

“It is a form of mind reading,” said Marvin Chun, professor of psychology, cognitive science and neurobiology and an author of the paper in the journal Neuroimage.

Image Credit: Jim Bowers, U.S. Geological Survey
Blogs | Mar 25, 2014

Top 4 facts about landslides

Last weekend’s fatal mudslide in Washington state obliterated the village of Oso, Washington and left a trail of devastation in its wake. On Tuesday, the death toll stood at 14.

Video still via Brad Josephs
Blogs | Videos | Mar 25, 2014

Video: Grizzly eats my GoPro

Brad Josephs, who captures video of grizzlies and wolves in Alaska, commented, “Note to self: when filming grizzly bears, never hide your camera in a fish.”

Satellite image, Indian Ocean, Saturday Mar. 22
Blogs | Mar 24, 2014

Flight 370 will make us rethink airline safety, says expert

An expert in atmospheric dynamics and aviation meteorology comments on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Image via Earth.NullSchool.net
Blogs | Mar 23, 2014

Ocean wave currents in the search for Malaysia Air Flight 370

We’ve all seen satellite images of possible floating debris from the missing jet. Why can’t we just fly to that spot and find it? The answer is ocean currents.

Click into a manatee gallery by Rebecca Jackrel
Blogs | Mar 21, 2014

Video: Are we loving manatees to death?

Manatee season at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Florida is November 1 to March 31. You can almost imagine the manatees breathing a sigh of relief.

Spring 2014 by Brian Abeling in Iowa
Mar 19, 2014

Photos from friends: Signs of spring

No matter what the weather where you are, enjoy these photos from EarthSky friends on Facebook and G+. Signs of spring 2014!